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eBay continues to be the largest auction website on the globe with millions of listings running every single day. It can be a great place to find anything that you have been looking for, from clothing to automobiles to sports cards.

If you are a seller, creating an auction that leads to a quality sale can make all the difference in the world. And part of that involves knowing what size photos for eBay are best. The right picture can be just what the auction needs to draw in interested parties for further bidding.

What Size Phots for eBay?

So, what size photos for eBay make for the best auction? There are a few important dimensions to be aware of. The bare minimum for image sizes on eBay is 500 x 500 pixels, with the max being 9,000 x 9,000.

The average cover photo size for eBay is 1200 x 700 pixels. Having said that, the best size for an eBay auction photo is anywhere between 800 and 1600 pixels on one side. This gives the users the ability to click and zoom in to see the details of the product.

The clearer the picture, the better, which means getting something of a larger size. The zoom function is important depending on what kind of product you are offering. Giving buyers the potential to look at all the small details allows them to know what they are getting before they make the purchase.

What is eBay’s Image Policy?

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just upload any old photo to eBay. They have an image policy in order to ensure that all of the images used belong to the person who is making use of them. That said, there are a set of image policy rules according to eBay today.

  1. Images must comply with size rules. In addition to meeting the size requirements set forth by eBay, they must also meet the technical requirements.
  2. Users must have the rights to the image. It is imperative that users have rights to use that image or images. The image must not infringe on any intellectual property rights of a third-party.
  3. One image minimum. In order to list an item, users must have at least one image. They can also have up to 12 images, which can get a little more complex depending on what kind of listing you are creating.
  4. Images must be of the product. Images must not only be of the product itself, but they should be a real representation of the product in question. To meet the image policy, it is important that you do not crop out any of the item’s key details.
  5. Images should not show anything else. Make sure that the image is of the product in question and the product in question only. Images should not include things like superimposed logos, copyright marks or barcodes, or borders of any kind.

There are some placeholder images that are used to convey a certain message, like an item being out of stock. But this goes against the eBay image policy because information about item condition, delivery, or other seller information within that image is not advised. Finally, there are no watermarks of any kind allowed on images.

  1. Stock photos. Sellers can use stock photos but with some rules. The stock photos should be for items that are either completely new or are deemed to be in impeccable condition. This can be somewhat tricky, and it is not uncommon for stock photos to be rejected by eBay.

How to Re-Size Pictures on eBay?

Pictures can be adjusted if you know how to do so properly. The good news is that eBay has a picture size tool that allows users to re-size pictures before ultimately posting them as part of their listing. But there are some things to keep in mind.

When it comes to compression on an image, the more you put into the image, the less sharp that the image will appear. Having an image that is highly pixelated can have the ability to hamper your listing as a whole.

For this reason and more, it is advised to keep your re-sizing to a minimum. Whatever the case may be, you should try to get the best size image for whatever your listing may be. There are further guides pertaining to the size tool, which can become invaluable if you are a frequent lister.

Taking Good eBay Photos

Taking a picture for eBay is simple. Taking a good picture for eBay takes a few helpful tips. First of all, make sure that the product in question is clean and looks as good as it can before you take a picture. This one is kind of self-explanatory.

Make sure that you set your camera to the highest possible resolution so that you pick up all the requisite detail. Images should be taken from multiple angles to give buyers little doubt as to the product’s condition and quality.

Don’t apply any filters as this can distort what the buyer sees. You want to present the item as accurately and clearly as possible. If you sell a lot, keep your image style consistent. Finally, invest in a tripod to give your pictures more stability.


eBay can be a great place to list some of those items that you don’t feel like taking to a local merchant or selling in a garage sale. Besides, the audience is much larger than in any other format, allowing sellers to reach a larger and more diverse audience.

Part of creating a successful auction listing means having the right pictures. Knowing what techniques and size photos to get the best photos for eBay can make all the difference in the world.


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