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Floki Inu is based on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Funny enough, it is named after billionaire Elon Musk’s dog, a Shiba Inu. That said, it is not being treated as a meme but as a real-life movement.

Since it came to market, Floki Inu has been consistent in its performance. As of December 2021, it had a market cap of more than $1 billion. For a cryptocurrency that hasn’t been around for even a full year at that point, that is a pretty impressive market cap.

More About Floki Inu

Even with all the hype, it is pretty cheap to buy. The peak value has been $0.0003359, achieved back on November 4, 2021. Like other cryptocurrencies, it has seen upward and downward trends, though it has yet to get close to its peak.

What makes it viable is its huge supply (more than 10 trillion tokens are in the supply chain). It and Dogecoin began as meme-based coins, but they have since become real utilities as coins. It is also one of the trailblazers when it comes to the metaverse and how the crypto market integrates.

How to Buy Floki Inu on Trust Wallet?

One of the places in which you buy is through Trust Wallet. Start by finding Floki Inu on Trust Wallet first. From there, it is about utilizing a few steps to get the Floki coin into your Trust Wallet.

It begins by purchasing BNB coin through Binance US or another broker that offers it. From there, you will need to transfer BNB coins into your Trust Wallet. From there, you can use the Trust Wallet’s DEX in order to exchange those BNB coins for the smartchain version of BNB.

After you have finished doing that, you will need to launch the PancakeSwap app, sync up the wallets, and then look for Floki Inu. Just make sure that you set your slippage for 10%, pressing “trade.” Just make sure that you have accepted the contract through Trust wallet. You should have Floki coin in your wallet ready to distribute as you please.

How to Sell Floki Inu on Trust Wallet?

Selling Floki Inu on Trust Wallet is very similar in nature to buying it. You will need the PancakeSwap app to do this, exchanging it back into the aforementioned BNB. This will allow you to make purchases through the Ethereum blockchain as you would have before purchasing the Florki Inu coin.

Applications of Floki Inu

There are several whitepapers and websites out there that have been dissecting Floki Inu to determine whether the meme-coin has a future. There are basically three different applications of the token that are worth offering.

The first is that the team is already developing a play-to-earn NFT metaverse game. This will be called Valhalla, in which crypto will operate as the preferred form of currency.

Just like any of the other recent cryptocurrencies to hit the market, Floki will also be used to create an NFT marketplace. This NFT marketplace will be known as FlokiPlace.

Finally, Floki’s platform, Floki Inuversity, will be there as an educational tool for anyone who wants to use it. Floki Inuversity is there to help educate people, not just investors, about the blockchain and cryptocurrency in general.

Is Floki Inu a Good Investment?

When it comes to just about any cryptocurrency, the main question comes down to whether it is a good investment or not. Floki has shown consistent growth and performance since the latter half of 2021. That said, it is still new enough that is largely considered to be a speculative currency.

All of the aforementioned “real-world applications,” things like metaverse games and the NFT marketplace, have not come to fruition yet. If Dogecoin, once thought to be a meme-coin, has taught us anything, it is not to underestimate similar coins.

Floki has also partnered up with an Italian football club, SSC, to feature their logo not only on the uniforms but the stadium as well. With partnerships like that, as well as with Inverse France, it shows that this is a cryptocurrency to be taken seriously. It also has a petition to get a listing on the world’s most popular exchange, Coinbase.

Floki could definitely be worth investing in because of the potential it has shown. Though it has yet to make a huge financial impact, it has the potential to become one of those coins that skyrockets in popularity seemingly overnight.

Hitting the $0.01 mark

Though it doesn’t seem like much for a coin to achieve a $0.01 price, it can be an important milestone. For instance, it took several years for Dogecoin to hit that mark and that only happened recently. Not only that, it only happened because of unwavering support from billionaire Elon Musk.

That said, it is hard to predict if Floki Inu will hit the $0.01 mark at all. There are plenty of reasons out there that could lead to a surge in pricing, especially if the market cap continues to grow, if the projects come to fruition, or if the currency becomes useful.

People can always choose to invest and see the price not rise. It doesn’t seem realistic that the price will see a huge rise any time soon, largely because it is such a speculative investment coin. But it certainly bears a close eye.


Some investors are on board when it comes to Floki Inu, the meme coin that has since gained steam as a legitimate investment. An important part of holding the coin is knowing how to buy, sell, and trade it.

With a simple guide, you can have all the information that you need to properly buy, sell, and trade, Floki Inu through the Trust Wallet app.


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