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Listing on eBay is still sort of easy, but it all comes down to having the proper pictures. The pictures tell the story, showing the condition of the product clearly to any potential buyers. Taking those pictures, however, is a lot easier said than done.

That is, of course, unless you have the right tips for creating the best lighting for eBay pictures. When you have a properly-lit photo, it will clearly showcase the item and ensure that the potential buyer has no questions about its condition or quality.

How to Take Good eBay Photos (Essential Tips)?

By now, selling on eBay is not exactly uncommon. There are plenty of eBay sellers who make their living on the eBay marketplace. They are able to do this partially because of the quality of the pictures that they take for their auctions.

If you are looking to take good quality pictures for your listings, then it helps to know a few tips. When it comes to finding the best lighting for eBay pictures, there are a few helpful tips that can get you taking pictures like a pro.

Create a Clean Background

Part of what goes into the lighting is the background that you choose. When you have a background that plays into the light, there are less issues with glare and it puts more of a focus on the item itself rather than the surroundings.

It is hard to argue with a background that is snow-white. Use a painted wall, some plasterboard, a large sheet of paper, or even a wrinkle-free cloth to pull this off. You can also buy or create a lightbox to solve any issues that you have with lighting and background.

The idea of using the simple but effective background is to eliminate any outside factors and put the focus on the item itself. Other colors that could work should be matte in nature. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you are not casting shadows that could be potentially confusing to the buyer.

Finding and Creating Even Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any good eBay photo. Some of the best photos have white or soft lighting. There are also some things that you don’t want in your image. Glare and shadows are among them as they can make it difficult to see some of the details of the item.

To even things out, try taking photos on a sunny day in an open area; the morning or afternoon is typically best. High noon is not advisable because you are more than likely to get some kind of glare. At sunset or sunrise, shadows are more prevalent.

A light tent or light box is going to be the best bet for getting smaller items shot. You can make your own with a few helpful guides out there or you can buy one for relatively cheap, all to give you the best possible lighting for your images.

Make Sure the Picture is Big Enough

There are far too many eBay auctions out there that have images that are far too small. Users have to squint to see what the item is, and they definitely are not able to see the small details of the image as they would if they were bigger.

Tiny and pixelated images will hurt your ability to sell the product. eBay has image requirements—500 pixels or so—and can go up to 1600 pixels long. Try to get as close to the latter as you can. This gives users the ability to click and zoom on the item, zooming in on some of the details in the process.

Stability is Your Friend

While the focus can be on the best lighting for eBay pictures, finding proper stability can make for a great picture as well. Most users take pictures using their smartphone, but it can be all too easy to have your hand move and create a blurry image.

Even the tiniest shaking can result in blurry photos. Even if you have “steady” hands, they will shake at least a little. So, it is probably a good idea to invest in a tripod. They are affordable, can be adjusted to different highest, and moved to different angles.

Most importantly, a tripod can help you to work with different product shapes and sizes. If you aren’t able to get one right now, prop your camera up in as stable a place as you can. You will see a difference in the way that your pictures look before they are posted to eBay.

Keep in mind that even having the camera in a stable location doesn’t mean that the photo cannot be ruined. Pushing the button can cause shaking, so using a timer is probably the best bet. This way, it allows for the perfect setup, and there is no need to hit the button.

There are a lot of little steps that you need to take in order to take the best quality photos for eBay. But in the end, it will result in the kind of eBay photo that is a quality like no other. See the difference that the right photo can make for your next auction by taking the right measures.


Selling on eBay can be potentially lucrative. While the item definitely drives the auction, there are things that can be done to bolster it. Having great pictures can really add to your listing, giving it clarity that some of the others lack.

With the right tools and tips, you can make sure that your eBay photos are the best that they can be. Before long, you will stand a cut above the fray and have the kind of listings that stand out in the best way possible.


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