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We are always skeptical of buying expensive items such as electronics and other equipment because they may break down and cost us even more than they initially were supposed to be. Most buyers want a guarantee that comes with their purchase to get their items repaired or replaced without additional costs.

Walmart records a high number of purchases annually and receives a bulk of complaints about their products malfunctioning. Angry and frustrated customers always want to fix their items without any hassle. That is when Walmart launched their Walmart protection plan, which offers their customers a guarantee that their products will work. Otherwise, they will receive a repair or replacement.

Things to Know About Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart offers this facility to assist its customers if their products are damaged. Having unsatisfied customers is every business’s fear, especially for retail giants like Walmart that have a reputation to uphold.

Lots of people ask, what does the Walmart protection plan cover? The answer is not simple and it depends on several factors. Most of the time, it protects your purchase from any damage or failure that arises out of “regular use.” It is not designed to protect your product if you use it for a purpose that the product was not intended for.

Walmart’s protection plan is another way to get its customers to buy an insurance plan that covers items that become faulty.

Who Provides the Insurance Plan?

Walmart has partnered with Allstate for its Walmart protection plan. Hence, if you purchase the plan, coverage will essentially be provided by Allstate.

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the country. They have a long-standing reputation for providing the best insurance coverage at affordable prices. They have a large clientele with a very satisfied customer portfolio.

How Does the Walmart Protection Plan Work?

Many people wonder how Walmart will provide them with any repairs or replacements through this plan. The answer is simple: when you buy an expensive product such as electronics, you should ideally purchase the Walmart protection plan.

If you purchase the plan along with the product, you will benefit from it greatly. If, while using the item, it gets damaged or malfunctions, you can file a claim. Walmart registers you for the plan once you purchase it. The process is easy and smooth, and customers do not need to take any extra steps.

How Can You File for a Claim?

There are a few simple ways to file a claim for your damaged products.

  1. Online

If you have a Walmart account online, you have to log in and it will direct you to SquareTrade, an Allstate site that allows you to file a claim.

  1. Phone Call

You can file a complaint via phone by calling their customer representatives, who will then file a claim on your behalf.

Once they receive your claim, they will evaluate it for its legitimacy. If they accept your claim, then the process is not complicated. You will receive a box from Allstate to return the product. Once you receive the box, you will need to pack the item in the box and send it back to them.

Allstate will determine the condition of your product. They will also check whether the product needs to be repaired or has to be replaced entirely with a new one. Either way, you will need to send the item back to receive a new one.

The Easy Way to File The Claim

Walmart and Allstate have made the process of filing a claim convenient for their customers. If you want your claim to be answered quickly, you should file for it online. The steps are as below:

  • Log in to your application and access the dashboard. Create an account if you have not made one yet.
  • Collect your item and receipt.
  • Add in the information required on the claim form.
  • Once you add the information, Allstate will respond promptly unless they require you to submit more information. In that case, a representative will call you and help you through the final steps.

Why You Should Get the Walmart Protection Plan

When purchasing the insurance plan, the big question is, is Walmart protection plan worth it?

There are several advantages related to the insurance plan. Allstate is a big insurance company that has been doing business for 85-plus years. This means that if you purchase an item from Walmart and if the Walmart protection plan covers it, chances are that under most circumstances, you are covered in case your item gets damaged.

Secondly, you can easily manage your insurance coverage online, from filing a claim to speaking to a customer representative. It’s a hassle-free process.

You can also conveniently save your purchase receipts online. This will ensure that you will not have to worry about losing your receipt when you file a claim. The app allows you to register a plan and scan your receipt in the application.

Allstate also offers around-the-clock customer support, which is essential if you have any emergency claims to file. You will also have the option to sell or transfer the plan to other people if you decide to sell your product to a third party.

Lastly, you can also opt for a full refund if you wish to return the item and cancel the Protection Plan within thirty days of the purchase. This makes the protection plan worth the extra bucks.

What Are the Weaknesses of the Walmart Protection Plan?

Firstly, it is entirely up to Allstate to decide to repair or replace the product. They may not be satisfied with the proofs you have submitted to them along with your claim and may call it an “accident,” not allowing you to avail yourself of the coverage.

Once you opt to get insurance coverage on Walmart items, you will have to pay an additional cost, sometimes up to $39. This is where many consumers back off, since they do not want to pay the extra charges.

It is vital to remember that you will always need a receipt to file the claim. If you have lost it and have not uploaded it on the Walmart Protection Plan app, you will not be able file a claim.

Lastly, in the protection plan only Walmart items are covered, making it hard to differentiate between the products since Walmart is a marketplace and sells other brands as well.

Key Takeaways

The big question now remains, should you buy a Walmart protection plan? The answer is not straightforward.

It depends entirely on you and how secure you want to be with a product. People have mixed reviews about the protection plan. It works well with electronic devices that cost an arm and a leg.

Hence, if you decide to purchase a TV or a microwave, chances are that you intend to use it for a long time. Then it makes sense for you to spend an extra $39 and get yourself a protection plan.

But if it’s an inexpensive item, it does not seem to be worth the cost. Chances are that you may not get the coverage because Allstate may label it as an “accident,” which is how most products malfunction or get damaged.


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