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Planet Fitness is popularly known for having thousands of gym centers in every corner of the city across the USA. It’s not only affordable but also has many amenities to offer. Selecting a gym is a big decision when you’re applying for a gym membership for the first time.

You can consider the Planet Fitness membership cost, the available equipment, and the facilities, amongst other things, before making a decision. There are varying memberships and each comes with its pros and cons. This can provide you an idea whether it’s worth it or not.

Why Do People Choose Planet Fitness Centers?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gym nearby to kickstart your cardio workout regimen with the best cardio and resistance machines, Planet Fitness is the go-to gym that is open 24 hours. There are two different memberships to choose from. Each membership offers a variety of amenities, making Planet Fitness Center the ultimate choice for people who can’t afford an expensive gym membership.

What Is the Cost of Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet Fitness offers two membership options, so you can pick a membership package that fits your specific needs, budget, and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for a membership package that includes everything or one that won’t break the bank, you’ll find something that fits your lifestyle.

There is a “no-commitment membership” and a “black card membership.” Each membership holds different perks that you can benefit from.

Beginners searching for a gym nearby that has access to standard fitness equipment and are looking for the bare minimum will benefit from a no-commitment membership. You’ll also have access to free WiFi connection. The cost of the no-commitment membership is only $10 per month.

On the other hand, the black card membership is ideal for fitness fans who want to access unlimited gym centers, get fitness training sessions, take advantage of massage chairs, enjoy a hydro massage, have refreshing drinks, and buy discounted fitness products.

The membership cost is only $21.99 per month. Planet Fitness’s annual membership fee is around $39, and there is a signup fee of about $29. As for black card membership, the yearly fee is $188. Basic gym membership in most commercial gyms costs $30 to $40 per month, making Planet Fitness an affordable option for fitness enthusiasts.

Benefits of Black Card Membership

The premium membership allows you to access the gym equipment 24/7 at any of the gym center locations. You can use the massage chair to relax after a heavy workout; this can also help with post-workout soreness. The red light therapy machine lets your muscles relax and provides comfort. You can also use the tanning facility at the gym, if that is something that excites you.

Moreover, the discount offers on drinks, travel deals, and other merchandise with Black Cards makes it more than worth the price tag. You can also bring a guest with you every time, so it’s effectively a two-person membership. This means that for the price of one, two people can enjoy the facilities of the gym.

Other Additional Amenities

Additionally, Planet Fitness typically has a bar with a wide range of drinks such as water, Gatorade, pre-workout drinks, etc. They often offer free pizza nights or bagels on the house in the morning.

The locker rooms at Planet Fitness are well maintained and provide the convenience of showers and changing rooms. These lockers ensure that your items are safe, and you feel comfortable while changing and getting a warm shower after a strenuous workout.

The drawback is that Planet Fitness doesn’t have the option to hire a personal trainer. The staff gives you a walkthrough on using the machines and shows you around the gym. But if you require a personal trainer to guide you through each step of the way, this won’t be possible here.

Equipment Found in the Fitness Center

At Planet Fitness, you will find high-quality cardio equipment. Whether you are looking for a treadmill to run on or an elliptical machine to train on, you’ll find the right machine available for use. The gym equipment at Planet Fitness is new and well maintained.

You’ll find a series of resistance machines that include: chest press, ab machines, leg press, bicep curl machine, leg press, and pec dec. You won’t find weightlifting machines because Planet Fitness targets beginners who want to perform cardio workouts.

Since there is no option for personal trainers, they have prohibited exercises that can cause physical injury. At Planet Fitness, you are forbidden to perform powerlifting moves. This includes overhead pressing, rows, cleans and jerks, and of course, deadlifts. You are also not allowed to work out in supersets during any exercise.

What’s the Fee for Planet Fitness Membership Cancellation?

Cancellation fees depend on your membership type and the length of time you choose to stay as a Planet Fitness member. You would not be subjected to cancellation fees if you selected a “no commitment” membership. You can cancel at any time.

No cancellation fees will apply if you’ve been a member of the classic or Planet Fitness black card for more than a year.

Can You Freeze Planet Fitness Membership?

You can freeze your Planet Fitness membership for three months if you cannot work out due to illness, injury, or another health condition. Otherwise, you’ll have to opt for membership cancellation.

Pros of Planet Fitness Center Membership


Planet Fitness gym centers are inexpensive and won’t cost you a fortune. The memberships are affordable for anyone who wants resistance training and cardio workouts. You can access any gym anywhere across the nation and use high-quality equipment. This ensures that you can continue exercising anywhere you go in the country and maintain your fitness routine.

Enjoy Additional Benefits

Not all gyms offer the luxury of massage chairs, tanning beds, guest passes, food, and other perks. By choosing Planet Fitness, you can beat the post-workout stress and let your body relax.

Cons of Planet Fitness Membership

No Weight-Lifting Machines

The equipment at Planet Fitness is suitable for those who wish to burn fat and stay fit. There are no machines for muscular strength improvement and body lifting. Powerlifting, deadlifts, and other extensive exercise are therefore banned. A lack of free weights and heavy dumbbells, as well as the absence of a squat rack, make training here impossible for a serious lifter.

No Fitness Classes

The gym does offer some pretty basic circuit classes, and the employees can guide you on how to use the machines. However, there is no yoga, Zumba, Bootcamp, pilates, etc. Hence, if that is what you are looking for, then Planet Fitness might not be the right choice.


Planet Fitness is an excellent choice for people looking for decent cardio equipment or who need to combine tanning and massage services with a gym membership. You can start an active lifestyle at Planet Fitness without feeling judged by your physical appearance or feeling body conscious. You can work out at ease at your own pace.

Just choose the Planet Fitness membership that best suits your requirements and fulfills your needs.


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