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From students and teachers to lawyers and office workers, everyone needs stationery supplies for their presentations and projects. And there’s no better place to get all the supplies you need than your local Office Depot branch.

However, if you are shopping for a big project or plan to buy office supplies for a whole year, you would want to get the right deals so you can save money. But if you don’t plan properly, you might end up paying more than you should.

Tips for Saving Money at Office Depot

When people buy things in bulk, they expect to get a discount, but that’s not always how stores work. It is not difficult to save money when buying something in bulk, but you must know how to go about it. If you follow Office Depot savings tips mentioned below, you will be surprised at how much money you can save when shopping for supplies.

Sign up for the Rewards Program

If you shop at Office Depot regularly, consider signing up for their rewards program. One of the many advantages of being in their rewards program is the member-only discounts you will get. There will also be 2% cash back on every purchase and dedicated customer support for the members.

Signing up for the rewards program isn’t complicated either, as you can get done with it within minutes by visiting the website of Office Depot( And the more you spend at the store, the more reward points you will get, which you can redeem at checkout to get a discount.

Subscribe to the Email List

Subscribing to the email list has its benefits as it keeps you up to date about the latest sales and discounts. If you join the email list of Office Depot, you will also get special discounts regularly. You will get 20% off immediately after subscribing to the list, so you won’t have to wait for long to start saving.

Office Depot also sends subscribers free gifts and coupons in emails from time to time. So, once you join the email list, keep an eye out for such emails to save more money at Office Depot.

Order the Catalog

Many people who shop at Office Depot regularly are not aware of the benefits of ordering The Big Book, which is the store’s online catalog. The catalog is a great way to stay up to date about the various products available at Office Depot. You can also learn about the new and upcoming products that you can buy from the store.

But the biggest advantage of ordering the catalog is that it comes with a year’s worth of discount coupons, gifts, and 12 qualifying purchases.

Shipping Discounts

If you have to ship something, you can turn to Office Depot to save money. The store not only ships your items but can also pack them for you. Office Depot offers regular discounts and coupons for shipping.

When you have to ship something, all you have to do is drop off the items at an Office Depot store and let them handle the rest for you.

Use On-Site Services

There’s a lot of equipment in your office that is rarely used but takes up too much space. The simplest solution is to use the services offered by Office Depot and save both your office space and money.

Office Depot provides various services at their stores, including paper shredding and printing. They also offer regular discounts on these services so you can save extra money if you decide to turn to the store instead of buying unnecessary equipment for your office.

See If Business Select Is for You

If you run a small business and need to shop at Office Depot regularly, you should try Business Select. The program has an annual fee, but its benefits far outweigh the price tag. You can not only get regular discounts and coupon codes, but you will also get early access to special deals on Black Friday.

Another great advantage for businesses is that Business Select offers a special discount on repair services. So, if you need your computers or other equipment fixed, you can save money thanks to the Business Select program. There’s a one-month free trial of Business Select, so you can try it to see if it works for you or not.

Check the Top Deals Page

Office Depot wants its customers to save as much money as they can, which is why there are multiple deals announced on the website every day. There’s also a Top Deals page that displays the best deals of the day. You will also have the option to check weekly picks on the website.

Before you begin your shopping spree at Office Depot, be sure to check the deals page. You can find plenty of good options there and save a lot of money while buying the items you need.

Try Manufacturer’s Coupons

Office Depot does not limit you to the store’s own coupons. When shopping at Office Depot, you can use the manufacturer’s coupons to save money on special items. You can find these coupons on the manufacturers’ websites or by signing up for their email lists.

Save by Recycling

If you have signed up for the rewards program, you can also save money by recycling used ink cartridges and other items. There’s no complex procedure to recycle your used toners and ink cartridges. And since you have continuous access to the support team as a rewards program member, you can ask them your questions whenever you want to get help regarding recycling.

Get the Credit Card

Office Depot offers multiple credit cards to its shoppers, which comes with many different benefits. You will get cash back when you purchase items with your Office Depot credit card and spend a fixed amount of money. But that’s not all because credit card holders will also get special discounts and access to exclusive offers so they can save more money.

Join the Affiliate Program

An affiliate program can be an excellent way to make money, but not all programs pay a decent amount to bloggers and influencers. If you are a blogger or a business that shops at Office Depot regularly, you can join the affiliate program and earn rewards every time someone purchases with your promo code.

The commission structure of Office Depot’s affiliate program is also very impressive, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for it.

Office Depot sells everything from stationery supplies and tech accessories to furniture and computers. So, whether you are setting up a new office or preparing for a college presentation, you can get everything you need from an Office Depot store.

Hence, there’s no need to waste your hard-earned money when saving it is so easy. All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned above, and you will save money the next time you shop at an Office Depot store.


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