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Jokes on topics such as marriage and old people are funny and amusing but can get boring at times, and that’s where the mighty poop jokes come into play.

Jokes on poop spark excitement and can immediately lighten the mood as it is one of the most unique and hilarious topics people can joke about. Although, you should be warned that poop jokes are only safe to crack with people with whom you are comfortable, as otherwise, it might not leave a very good impact on the listener.

It’s time to get started with some incredibly funny jokes about poop!

What do women and toilet paper have in common? They both deal with a lot of crap.

Let’s be honest, women do have to deal with a lot of crap on a daily basis, be it inequality or being undermined for every effort they make. So does the toilet paper, but the thing is that it’s the purpose of the toilet paper to do so.

Women become a victim of different problems every day, and just like the toilet paper becomes the victim of someone’s poop, women also have to deal with quite similar stuff. However, it’s just that the “crap” they deal with is not stinky. This was the common point between women and toilet paper, but the difference is that no one feels sorry for toilet paper as it is its duty to deal with crap.

Why did Tigger stick his head in the toilet? To look for Pooh!

If you are aware of who Tigger and Pooh are, then you must have had a great childhood, and you might also know that these two were best buddies. Moreover, to understand this hilarious joke, you should know that Pooh is the main character and his name also means “Poo” (meaning poop).

Tigger sticks his head inside the toilet to find Pooh because that’s where he belongs, and it is the designated place where people poop. In this joke, the word “pooh” has two meanings: one where it is a character “Winnie the Pooh” and second where Pooh is referred to as “Poop.”

Why did the man bring toilet paper to the party? He’s a party pooper.

Everybody has that one friend in the group who sucks the life out of a party with their presence or their antics, but in this joke, the man gives a new meaning to the term “Party Pooper” by bringing toilet paper to the party. Seriously, who brings toilet paper to a party?

But the reason he is called a party pooper here is that toilet paper is used for cleaning poop, so they have tried to create a relation between the word “party pooper” and “toilet paper.” Toilet paper isn’t one of the things people bring to a party, and the one who does bring it as a joke is officially a party pooper as he could have brought something better, but he chose to go with the toilet paper.

Why did the lady stop telling poop jokes? Everyone told her that they stink.

Cracking jokes is an art, and not everybody has the potential to excel at it, as there are many things to take under consideration before you tell the joke. So, in the joke, the lady’s choice in poop jokes must have been horrible and would’ve made other people disgusted, and that’s why she stopped telling her stinky jokes about poop.

You have to be careful when cracking poop jokes as not everyone knows the best shit jokes, and some people might crack the ones that are too dirty to handle. Stinky jokes about poop are not funny to many people, but there are still some people who seem to enjoy them.

People who tell you they’re constipated are full of crap.

Well, most people cannot disagree with the statement mentioned above because constipated people don’t poop for days, which means only one thing, they have all that crap inside them for all those days. So, the phrase “full of crap” is not used here to offend constipated people; instead, it is just stating the fact that constipated people are full of poop.

Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.

Who would have known that the perfect definition of love lies in the depths of shit jokes? You don’t have to force a fart, and if you are forcing, then it’s not a fart; it’s poop. Similarly, in love, if you have to force it to keep it going, it is not love; instead, it’s just a waste of time; therefore, it is crap.

This relation between love and fart in this joke is explained wonderfully, and the probability of finding such an incredible definition of “Love” is quite low; furthermore, it is also the main contributing factor to why we love this shit joke.

Children are like farts. Your own are just about bearable, but everyone else’s are horrendous.

Humans are a bit selfish when it comes to farts as they will happily fart in the middle of a crowded place, but when the other does it, they pull a disgusted look. Similarly, when your own child cries, you have to deal with it, but when it is somebody else’s child, there is nothing more tortuous than their wailing and screaming.

So yes, children indeed are like farts, and this comparison is undoubtedly the winner in today’s poop jokes listing. So, the next time someone farts around you, confront them and when the children cry around you, run for your life.

Jokes have never failed to put a smile on people’s faces, but the shit jokes are absolute gold material if you want to laugh out loud. Furthermore, these are some of the cleanest jokes on shit we could find, and these won’t make you barf or be disgusted as they are picked carefully to avoid such situations.


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