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Animated movies and TV shows are made in different parts of the world. But there’s something about the Japanese animated shows, also known as anime, that makes them so popular. Everything from their storylines to animation style is unique. Even the anime with over 800 episodes has thousands of fans.

The majority of anime has been adapted from manga and video games. Often anime also makes manga popular overseas. Due to this reason, various manga has been translated into different languages.

The Best Anime Dad Jokes

Everybody pretends to get annoyed by dad jokes, but in truth, they are equal parts annoying and funny. People get mad that a dad joke made them laugh. But there are many well crafted dad jokes with the perfect punchline. You can’t help but enjoy these dad jokes and memorize them so you can share them with your friends too.

Since anime has become so popular in the English-speaking world, there are plenty of dad jokes about it. The best anime dad jokes are the ones that annoy weebs and make them laugh at the same time.

You can easily find some of the best anime jokes and puns to amuse people who are fans of the genre.

Sailor What?

Many people watch anime, but only a few of these shows are known all over the world. Sailor Moon is one of those anime that everybody has heard of. Even if you have never watched the show itself, you might have seen the characters on the Internet. Cosplaying as the characters of Sailor Moon is also pretty common among cosplayers.

But what if you mix a sailor with a cow?

“What character do you get when you cross a Sailor with a Cow? Sailor Moo.”

Now, this is the kind of joke that a dad would tell at a gathering and make their kid groan.

Death Note

Another anime that became popular all over the world is Death Note. The anime also had a western adaptation that was produced by Netflix. Although the adaptation wasn’t well received by fans, it promoted the show some more and attracted new viewers. Today, you can mention any character of Death Note on the Internet and people would know immediately who you are talking about.

Since Death Note is so popular, there are also plenty of anime jokes about it. The best one, however, is:

“What is common between Light from ‘Death Note’ and a lift? They are both L-evaders.”

If you are an L fan, we are sorry. But *spoiler alert* no one can deny the truth that Light successfully defeated your favorite.

You Only Get One Piece

Who doesn’t want a second piece when eating pie? In fact, if you are a lover of all things sweet, you would never be satisfied with just one piece of cake, brownie, or chocolate. But if you are an anime fan, you would have to listen to Monkey D. Luffy. So, what would he say if someone asks for a second piece?

“What does Monkey D. Luffy say when you want another piece of the pie? You can only have ‘One Piece.’”

No matter how badly you want another piece, you won’t be able to get through to Monkey D. Luffy because he only believes in One Piece supremacy.

There’s Poetry in Anime

If you are one of those people who judge others for the kind of anime they watch, then you are definitely a fan of the volleyball series Haikyu! The series revolves around volleyball players of the Karasuno High School Team and their journey toward the top. Although the manga has ended, the anime is still going on.

But even the fans of this anime couldn’t have thought of this joke:

“What is a volleyball team’s favorite form of poetry?”

“A Haikyu!!”

Now, isn’t that a great dad joke? It would definitely make your weeb friends laugh out loud. It’s all the better if it takes them a while to understand the joke.


The biggest reason some people don’t watch anime is the subtitles. There are also those who prefer watching dubbed versions of anime. But watching dubbed versions is considered a crime among anime fans. Only watching with subtitles is the right option.

But how does it work out for anime lovers? Is it easy to read subtitles? How can one get into it? The answer is simple: sandwiches.

“I know someone who’s a big fan of both anime and sandwiches. It really works out since she loves subs.”

The pun is definitely strong with this one. But hopefully, you know your anime language enough to figure it out on your own.

The Best Kind of Car

When you start watching content in a foreign language regularly, you end up picking a few common words. A lot of weebs know the Japanese words for things such as thank you, hello, brother, sister, and grandma. Since they can understand these Japanese words, they would also enjoy puns based on them.

“What kind of car would an anime character’s little sister drive? A Nii-san.”

Now, now, there’s no need to hate on this joke because Nissan isn’t a bad car.

Adult Joke

If you think adult jokes aren’t about taxes, then you are mistaken because what else would they be about? Filing taxes and paying bills is all there is to adult life. But wait, there’s one more thing, and that’s watching anime. So, here’s a joke that combines both adulthood and anime:

“Friend told me to stop filing taxes and go watch anime with him,

but this isn’t even my final form.”

Sigh, there’s no end to these tax forms.

Watching anime is quite fun. Not only does it introduce you to a new culture but it also expands your imagination. Many people ended up becoming artists after getting inspired by anime. The anime dad jokes don’t ridicule the people who watch animated shows. In fact, these jokes exist to promote anime. These jokes can turn more people into anime fans and increase the number of weebs in the world.


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