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Individuals who have red hair color are labeled as ginger and they may find it offensive when someone calls them ginger since there are various stereotypes associated with the term.

People have a belief that redheads display fiery personalities and are sexually deviant. Hence, ginger jokes have become increasingly popular. They are a perfect way to make others laugh when they are feeling down or upset.

Humor is a secret weapon to tease your friends around you. So, if you’ve got a best friend or a mate who is a hot redhead, we’ve got a collection of redhead and ginger girl jokes just for you!

Top 12 Funniest Ginger and Redhead Jokes

“What is the difference between a hot redhead and a terrorist? You can at least negotiate with the terrorist.”

There is a popular stereotype that revolves around the Gingers, which is that they get very aggressive. This joke is rooted in the belief that the redheads have got an attitude of their own and you simply can’t mess with them.

Not every ginger has got terrible anger, but for comedians, the truth doesn’t matter to them and they love to share their humor in the form of famous stereotypes. Make sure to use the angry ginger jokes with caution.

“How do you know that you’ve finally satisfied a sexy ginger girl? She unties you.”

If you’ve got a thing for sexual ginger jokes, this redhead joke is going to make you burst into laughter. Ginger girls are painted as individuals having weird fetishes and desires that keep them satisfied.

They have high expectations from their partners so they aren’t easy to please even though the opposite gender is highly attracted to them.

“How can a sexy ginger girl get the perfect partner to marry? They can’t. It’s impossible to get a soulmate without a soul.”

Another popular myth about a hot redhead is that legends say they are soulless and if they look you in the eye, they may steal your soul. This is a pretty dark joke that is insensitive and may hurt gingers.

The reality is that gingers have huge hearts just like other people with different hair colors and they will do absolutely anything for their loved ones.

“There’s a reason Annie was paying so much attention to when the sun was coming out. Because gingers can’t just walk out into the sun like normals.”

This is a hilarious redhead joke that is true. You may wonder why the sun isn’t a redhead’s best friend. It’s because people with ginger hair have fair skin with freckles that are much more prone to getting sunburned due to less melanin.

This explains why redheads usually avoid going out in the sun even if they are wearing sunscreen.

Hot Redheads don’t play hide-and-seek. They play “hide-and-pray-I-don’t-find-you.”

One of the hideous jokes that explain redheads having anger issues. They have got a reputation for being hot-headed and bold. However, the truth is that these traits don’t have to be exclusively a ginger head thing.

“I hate the Harry Potter franchise, it’s too unrealistic. I mean I’m not saying magic is impossible, everyone on my estate fights with sticks, there may even be the odd unicorn about, but who has ever seen a ginger kid with two mates?”

Harry Potter is one of the most popular science fiction movies of all time. While you may or may not be a fan of Harry Potter, this joke targets the main character in the movie who is a proud ginger.

Ginger heads are represented as reserved and socially inept, which means they may not have a lot of friends. However, they are also the ones who crave intimacy the most. Nonetheless, this joke points out the trait found in gingers.

“What do you tell a sexy ginger girl when she blushes? Your face is as red as your hair.”

Gingers are found to be the most attractive to the opposite gender. Not only because of their hair color but also how unique they are in terms of their personality. Their red hair is the prominent feature and draws more attention.

In the daylight, their hair looks brighter like it’s on fire. So, if you compliment a ginger, their face would go as red as their hair color.

“If you’re a ginger, your opinion is always invalid.”

If you prefer one-liner ginger jokes, this is one humorous punch-line that may be offensive to the gingers. So, make sure you use it with caution.

“What kind of beds do hot redheads sleep on? Temper-pedic.”

Everyone loves a bad pun and this joke is one great example of a hilariously bad pun that will make you laugh out loud. Redheads are commonly known for throwing tantrums and getting aggressive.

The tempur-pedic is a bed mattress that is made from Tempur material and has many layers so a person can sleep comfortably. What’s a better bed for hot redheads than temper-pedic?

“I hope they serve cookies at the Royal Wedding this weekend. Just to show how a touch of brown sugar makes a ginger snap.”

One of the outrageous ginger jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. If you’re someone who loves cookies but wants to keep their sugar cravings in control, the healthier option is the ginger snap cookies.

They are low in calories rich in antioxidants, which means that it reduces the risk of illnesses and keeps your heart healthy.

The humor in this joke lies in the fact that gingers are known to be hot-headed. They can snap at you easily when they are triggered. Make sure that you don’t provoke the ginger to anger with this joke.

“If you find a blond, a brunette and a redhead traveling together you shall tell them this joke to see who is laughing first. Do you have any bets?

Well, rumor says the blonde will be the last one…”

Jokes are made at the expense of groups. Apart from redhead jokes, you’ll also find blonde and brunette jokes. Each group is associated with different stereotypes.

If you’re someone who loves to crack out blonde and brunette jokes, you must be clever enough to understand this joke.

Blondes are labeled as dumb. That explains why a blonde would be the last one to laugh at a joke because they process slowly. No offense!

“If you trust a sexy ginger girl, she trusts you. If you do not trust her, you could be seconds away from death.”

Don’t ever doubt the heart of a redhead! According to the stereotypes, they are honest, bold, and get easily outraged. If you’re someone who is in a relationship with a ginger girl, you have got to handle them with care because they aren’t easy to deal with.

Jokes are a great way to make people laugh. However, most of the jokes can go way too far and are deemed to be politically incorrect. Therefore, make sure you use them with caution.


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