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Pick up lines are a lifesaver when it comes to starting a conversation with a person you are attracted to. Pick up lines work most of the time, but redheads seem to be immune to their charm, and we have the solution for this problem as well.

As we all know, redheads are tough to please, so using a pickup line designed specifically for them is the only way to impress them. So, instead of trying to impress with the regular, boring pick up lines, opt for the unique pick up lines for redheads mentioned in this article.

   1. Hey baby, your hair is brighter than my heart.

Nobody can disagree with the fact that the color of ginger people’s hair is brighter than our whole future, which makes them the center of attention everywhere they go. So, if you see a redhead flaunting their gorgeous bright red hair, that is your time to shine and start a conversation with them.

The color and brightness of ginger people’s hair is what attracts people toward them, so complimenting their hair is something they always expect, but doing so in a creative way like the one in this pick up line will make their face go red. This is one of the most widely used pick up lines for redheads and never fails to impress.

   2. To me, redheads are like roses, because they are the only ones who can catch my attention.

Getting attention is probably the hardest thing to do for some people, but redheads don’t seem to have any problem in getting everybody’s attention as their fierce appearance is enough to turn faces, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. So, this pick up line compares redheads to roses, which is probably the most beautiful flower and a symbol of love worldwide.

Being compared to the symbol of love – roses – can melt anyone’s heart and can also create a soft spot for you in their heart; therefore, the probability of this pick up line being effective is a solid 100%.

   3. I hope your hair being fire red doesn’t mean you are too hot to handle.

The color of redheads’ hair is super close to the color of raging fire, and in some cases, it is almost the same. Having fiery hair has a lot of power that catches everyone’s attention, and in broad daylight looking at them can be like a dream.

There are people who dye their hair to make them look like ginger people’s hair, but they still can’t get the pure ginger look as one can never achieve the natural hair color of ginger people with artificial dyes. So, this pick up line can do wonders as it is directed toward redheads’ best features — their hair. 

   4. Are you a carrot? Because you make my eyes see better.

Among all the pick up lines for redheads, this one is everybody’s favorite as it is both vivacious and funny, which makes it the ultimate ice breaker. The color of redheads’ hair is similar to the color of a crispy and ripe carrot, and it is a fact that carrots help in improving eyesight, and this makes this pick up line the most effective one.

If your redhead crush is into funny guys, then you have a golden opportunity to pull them without even trying too hard by using this pickup line on them. Telling someone that their hair color makes you see better is both funny and flirtatious and is enough to melt their heart.

   5. You got no soul? That’s okay, you can have mine.

Redheads not having souls is one of the most popular and ridiculous rumors about them, but this rumor can be turned into a pretty effective pick up line if one has the creative power to do so. You can use this pick up line on a redhead and offer them your soul, which is a quite romantic move and will make them grin from ear to ear.

Redheads have always been made fun of for not having souls, so using it in this way will definitely take them by surprise in a good way. Buying and selling souls is impossible, so make sure you have a comeback for when she says “give it to me” because gingers can have very unexpected responses to this line.

   6. I read somewhere that the recessive gene that results in red hair will eventually be bred out of humanity. Wanna try to save it?

This pick up line may not be scientifically accurate, but it does have the potential to impress your crush and to get their number. This is one of those pick up lines for redheads that they won’t see coming but would really be impressed when you deliver it successfully. Just go up to your crush and propose the idea of saving redheads by getting together and breeding some more of them.

No ginger is going to ever turn down such a proposal, so make sure you are saying this to the right person who you won’t regret being with later in life. Furthermore, this pick up line will make you sound intelligent and flirty as well, which is an astonishing combination.

Wrapping up!

Impressing crushes can be hard, but impressing ginger crushes is even harder. But with pick up lines, wow-ing redheads is not a difficult task anymore, but it is important that you say these pick up lines with confidence as it is the key to securing a date by using pick up lines.

These pick up lines for redheads are all you need to impress your crush and make them blush instantly, so gather the confidence and make sure to pick them up through these amazing lines.


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