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People with quadriplegia suffer from body paralysis or loss of function in their limbs. Often called quadriplegics, they can be the target of many wheelchair jokes. Although jokes can uplift the emotions of people around you, they can also hurt their sentiments if the joke is insensitive.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful when you’re sharing jokes with others. If you absolutely love jokes and are looking for a series of funny wheelchair jokes that will leave others laughing, you can find some really humorous material. However, you should avoid cracking them in front of those with disabilities as it can seem insensitive and hurtful.

“Why don’t people in wheelchairs make food according to a recipe? The recipe needs to go step-by-step.”

Here is a sarcastic wheelchair joke that can be quite offensive as well. In other words, quadriplegics in wheelchairs cannot follow a recipe because it needs to be done step-by-step, which such people cannot do.

“Why are people in wheelchairs not funny? Because they can’t stand up.”

This is another joke that is definitely entertaining. It explains why people with wheelchairs don’t have a good sense of humor because they can’t do stand-up comedy. Literally, it means that quadriplegics cannot stand because of their physical disability.

It’s okay to laugh at jokes, as long as you don’t take them seriously. Use this wheelchair joke with caution as it is insensitive and may offend others.

“Why are people in wheelchairs always being taken advantage of? Because they’re easy to push around and never stand up for themselves.”

One of those crude jokes you can’t help but laugh at. Quadriplegics can’t stand up and walk themselves due to their physical condition. Therefore, with the use of a wheelchair, they can move.

Sarcastically, the joke points out that quadriplegics cannot stand up. This makes them easy to take advantage of. Although it’s inappropriate to make fun of someone’s health condition, be cautious when making this joke.

“What did the ramp say to the man in a wheelchair? I’m inclined to help you get to where you need to go.”

One of the outrageous wheelchair jokes that are hilariously true. Wheelchair ramps are found almost everywhere. The use of a wheelchair ramp allows physically disabled and elderly people to move freely and safely inside and outside their homes.

It is a joke that correctly describes how ramps are inclined to help people in wheelchairs. There won’t be any offense taken in this lighthearted joke.

A lady goes to a therapist to talk about her failing relationship. Lady: “Doctor! My husband has been pushing me around and constantly talking behind my back when we are around!” Therapist: “That tends to happen when you’re bound to a wheelchair ma’am.”

A good sense of humor with a touch of sarcasm is always appreciated, right? Sarcasm is the perfect word to describe this joke.

The lady complained to the therapist about how the husband often goes back to backbiting when they are around, to which the therapist replied sarcastically that this is just a fact of life for the person who is in a wheelchair.

“What do you call a little person in a wheelchair? A midget spinner.”

Anyone with a good sense of humor can easily get this joke. The term “midget” is used to describe dwarfism in humans. In simpler words, people with really short heights are called midgets.

The word “midget spinner” is a self-made word inspired by the original word fidget spinner, which is a popular stress reliever originally designed to help people with autism and anxiety. The joke harmlessly targets people in wheelchairs who are short.

“I took my girlfriend’s wheelchair away. Guess who came crawling back?”

You might find this joke amusing if you enjoy cracking jokes and one-liners. The humor lies in the fact that the person took away the girlfriend’s wheelchair only to find out later that she had to crawl back since the person is quadriplegic and without a wheelchair.

What do you call a wheelchair bound Leo? HanDicaprio.

One of the witty wheelchair jokes with a pun. Leo Dicaprio (short for Leonardo Dicaprio) is a popular Hollywood actor who has starred in movies such as The Titanic, Inception, and so on.

A wheelchair user is a handicapped individual. For added humor, the joke cleverly uses the pun. The joke is sure to make someone laugh or at least get a few smiles.

An elderly woman had her purse stolen by a man in a wheelchair. And as he wheeled away she yelled “You can hide, but you can’t run!”

In this joke, the thief is handicapped and is in a wheelchair, which means the person has absolutely no chance of running away from the woman because of the physical disability. This is a great advantage for elderly women.

The joke points out the weakness of quadriplegics, which can greatly offend someone who is wheel-chair bound so make sure you share the joke with those who won’t take it seriously.

What do you call a hypothetical situation where two men in wheelchairs, wielding guns face each other, ready to fire? Well, you can’t call it a stand-off, that’s for sure.

This is yet another outrageous joke that makes one giggle their heads off. If two or more persons are in a situation where neither of them makes a move, it is called a stand-off.

Sarcastically, the joke demonstrates how two people who are wheelchair bound cannot be in a stand-off since they can’t stand.

While many wheelchair jokes and puns are amusing, there are some that can offend. In cases where jokes go too far, are mean, or are racist, we will silence them. If you feel a joke is too cruel, unfair or racist, please let us know.

Now that you’re aware of some of the funniest wheelchair jokes, you can share them with your friends and family who share the same humor and friendly banter as you. Remember to use the jokes with caution.


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