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Joking around with friends is nothing out of the ordinary and good humor can certainly add laughter to life in different ways. However, there are some limitations that people should be mindful of before cracking jokes, as some of them can be quite insensitive. While most individuals do not take offense to dark humor or jokes at their expense, some could get hurt as well.

If they target the appearance of people, such as those about gingers, you could get backlash from your friends or coworkers who are redheads.

Ginger Jokes to Know

A few jokes on gingers can go quite far and beyond, and even raise the question, “Is ginger offensive?” which is why it is important to be careful when sharing them. There is nothing wrong with having such an appearance or trait and you can find appropriate jokes on the subjects that could make everyone laugh out loud. Now, let’s take a look at the jokes below and separate the funny ones from offensive ones.

“What do gingers miss most about great parties? The invitation.”

As most people might be aware, gingers are infamous for not having friends and the reason for that is the frequent tantrums that they like to throw around over the slightest inconvenience. So, the lack of friends means that gingers also experience a lack of invitation to the parties, and not getting invited to one could be quite hurtful for them.

This joke on redheaded people is quite funny and slightly exaggerated as well. Gingers do get invited to parties and have friends too so it may attract quite a few laughs.

“What is the difference between a ginger and a terrorist? You can at least negotiate with the terrorist.”

Now, this joke might have people wondering, “is ginger a slur” since it’s been used in a negative context. Calming down redheaded people and negotiating with them can be one of the toughest things you do in your life, as they can be really obstinate at times. Negotiating with terrorists seems like a possible task, but with gingers, the probability of it going successfully is extremely low.

There are many other differences between a terrorist and ginger, but for the sake of making people laugh, the joke highlights the negotiating one. Furthermore, this joke may not be funny to some people as nobody likes to include terrorists in the joke, much less compare them to someone. So, on the scale from offensive to funny, this joke lies somewhere between the lines.

“What happens when you provoke an angry redhead? Ginger snaps.”

As discussed earlier, it doesn’t take long for redheads to turn into hotheads, and that is why you should be extra careful while in the same room with them. But have you ever wondered what happens when you upset an already angry redhead? Ginger snaps. This joke has an obvious play on words because ginger snaps can mean two different things.

Ginger snaps are famous nut biscuits, but in this case, the phrase “ginger snaps” means that they said something in an angry voice. This joke does not have any essence of offensiveness as it doesn’t hurt any person’s feelings, and that makes it a completely harmless and hilarious joke.

“How do you start a redhead joke? By checking over your shoulder.”

A redhead joke has the capability to crack up a crowd, but if you share it in the presence of a redhead, then the consequences that will follow might not be favorable. So, the first and foremost rule of telling such a joke is to look around the room and detect if there is a redhead in the room.

People fear the furiousness of redheads for a reason, so make sure you don’t get off on the wrong foot with them. This joke is also a funny one and does not offend a redhead in any way; if anything, this joke makes people realize how much dominance redheads have over other people. Crack this joke with your friends but don’t forget to keep looking over your shoulder for angry redheads.

“What do you call ginger at a wedding? Unwelcome.”

Weddings are probably the most wonderful time of one’s life, and not being invited to one is devastating. Since gingers don’t mix easily with people, they are often left out of weddings because people think their mood swings might not be a good touch for the weddings, but this isn’t true; nobody deserves to be left out of a wedding just because they are ginger.

This joke is offensive because everybody deserves to see what a fun wedding looks like and gingers being unwelcome in a wedding is straight-up ridiculous. So, make sure you refrain from cracking this joke as it may hurt the feelings of your redheaded friends and who knows, maybe gingers are their opposite selves in the wedding and make the wedding even more cheerful.

“Why are the Harry Potter films so unrealistic? A ginger has two friends.”

Harry Potter films are globally known for their great fictional storyline, but in this joke, they have pointed out a unique reason why these films are not realistic; the ginger boy has two friends. As mentioned earlier, gingers don’t have a lot of friends, and the whole friendship is difficult to manage with their mood swings, so the character of Ron – the ginger boy – in the movie is unrealistic.

Gingers are quite friendly, and anybody who says otherwise has not met one in real life, but they face difficulty while making friends for obvious reasons. So, this joke is not entirely offensive, but some people might laugh at it, so it lies somewhere in between funny and offensive.

“Why is Ron Weasley not afraid of dementors? He has no soul.”

Harry Potter jokes amalgamated with ginger ones result in absolutely hilarity. Just like this joke where they say that Ron Weasley isn’t afraid of dementors because he doesn’t have a soul. Gingers are notorious for being soulless, but obviously, this is pure hogwash and has nothing to do with reality, just like the characters in the books and movies.

“How can a ginger get the perfect partner to marry? They can’t. It’s impossible to get a soulmate without a soul.”

Once again, this joke is based on the myth that gingers don’t have souls, but this does not make it any less funny. Gingers can’t find soulmates because they don’t have souls, so they have to make a deal with the devil in return for their soul to get their perfect match.

You don’t have to get a literal soul to find your soulmate, so even if gingers didn’t have souls, they’d find their match quite easily.

Gingers are great people and great friends despite what other people say about them; they may have a bad temper, but they also have a good heart until you don’t do something to make them angry. Joking around them and about them can be a lot of fun if you have the right jokes.

Most of the jokes mentioned in this article are funny, and cracking them will bring no harm but make sure you don’t use the offensive ones as it would be plain rude.


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