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Jokes have the tendency to make people laugh even in the toughest times but to achieve that, the joke you crack has to be the best of the best. Jokes based on old people and their antics are one of the categories of jokes that are illustrious for their ability to make even the most serious people laugh.

When people enter their old-age phase, they start doing things a bit differently than the younger people. Below are some of the best old people jokes you can read to your old parents or grandparents to make them laugh out loud.

What goes up but never comes down? Your age!

This riddle-based joke is hands down the best one as it is both short and funny. There are numerous things in the world that go up such as balloons, stocks, airplanes, and so on, but eventually, they do come down, unlike the age of a person. Once you have crossed a certain age, there’s no going back no matter what you do.

Even though there are numerous ways available to people to make themselves look younger, even then, they can’t go back to their previous ages. Since there is no way to back pedal when it comes to age, it is important that you make wise choices at every age.

Aging gracefully is like a nice way of saying you’re slowly looking worse.

If you are an aged person or you have people around you who are in their old age, then you must have heard people saying that “you’ve aged gracefully.” This may sound like a compliment, but this is just a polite way of telling them their looks are deteriorating but not as bad as other old people.

People aging beautifully is pretty rare, which indicates that old age makes your looks go from a solid 10 to 3. Now that you have a clear understanding of what that sentence actually means, make sure you have a savage come back for it up your sleeve all the time.

Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.

That’s some food for thought for the people who think that anything is better than old age. But as we all know that death is the alternative to old age, and no one would choose death over old age; instead, people will prefer to live a thousand years in old age rather than choose death over it.

So, the lesson in this joke is that old age isn’t as bad as it is made out to be; there are more frightening things other than old age, such as death. This was one of the dark old man jokes, and the best place to crack this joke is around people who hate old age.

How are stars like false teeth? They both come out at night!

People who are at that stage of old age where their teeth fall out have to use dentures to support their jaw and for chewing food. The similarity between stars and these people’s false teeth is that they both come out only at night. People who use dentures remove their false teeth when they are about to sleep at night, which makes them similar to stars.

You can crack these old people jokes that are filled with exceptional wit and humor in any family gathering to make everyone burst with laughter.

These are not gray hairs! They are wisdom highlights! I happen to be very wise.

The older people get, the more their wisdom increases, so the white hair you see on old people’s heads is not because of old age; instead, those are the highlights that display the wisdom they have received over the years. Therefore, people with full gray heads are winners when it comes to wisdom.

Assuming gray hair to be wisdom highlights is just another way of consoling oneself that they stand for something more than just indicating that a person has gotten old. Telling this joke to your grandparents is surely going to make them feel better about their gorgeous gray hair.

You know you’re getting older when you have a party and the neighbors don’t even realize it.

The parties people host in their old age are considerably different from the ones they used to have when they were younger as those parties used to have loud music and a lot of people. On the other hand, the parties people host in their old age have way fewer people and music in low volume that the neighbors don’t even realize that there’s a party going on.

The circle of your friends grows smaller and smaller as you grow up, so when you reach old age, throwing a party isn’t the same as it was when you were younger. So, consider yourself old when you come to know that your neighbors didn’t realize that you had a party.

You know what the young chicken said to the old, “You’re no spring chicken!”

The term spring chicken means “a young person.” In this joke, the younger chicken is referring to the older chicken and telling it that you’re no spring chicken, as in you’re not young anymore.

When people turn old, a lot of their abilities don’t remain the same as they were before, such as eyesight, stamina, and strength; therefore, they don’t remain a spring chicken, which means that their younger years end and their old age starts.

It is indeed possible to have fun with your grandparents or your older uncles and aunts, but you need to have humorous jokes up your sleeve to make that happen.

These jokes will surely make your time with older people a blast and will leave everybody in fits of laughter, so make sure you crack these old people jokes at the right place and time.


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