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If you and your friends don’t have laughing sessions, then are they even your friends? Having friends means you have got an unlimited supply of laughter, but even with friends, some days can be extremely boring. But if you and your friends have an interest in the military and navy, then we have a solution for your boring days: cracking military and navy jokes.

Navy jokes can supply you with the laughter that has been lacking drastically from your life, and you can even compete with your friends on who has got the best jokes in their minds.

Dad and Son have a conversation about joining the Navy. Dad: You want to join the navy? You can’t even swim! Son: But then in the Air Force no one can fly either.

In the joke, when the son asks his dad about joining the navy, his dad points out that he doesn’t even know how to swim, so the kid comes back with an even smarter reply, he says that if the navy requires you to know swimming, then the Air Force should also require people to fly.

There are a lot of kids who dream of joining the navy or military; however, they often forget that it requires a lot of skills to get into any of them. As it is already obvious, this kid is really smart, and who knows, he might actually get into the navy despite his dad’s discouraging reaction.

I’ve never understood the Navy’s color being Navy blue. I thought they were the aqua-marines.

All people in the navy have to wear a navy blue uniform, but many people collectively believe that the color of the navy should’ve been aquamarine because they monitor the marines like the seas. However, the navy color suits them way better since it’s the same color as their name, and in all honesty, the aquamarine color wouldn’t have been such a great choice.

The navy of almost all countries has navy blue as their official color, which is another reason why aquamarine wouldn’t be such a good idea. This joke has got incredible wordplay though, so this might come in handy on your boring days.

When I lost my pistol, the Army charged me $125. That’s why in the Navy, the captain goes down with the ship.

The most important thing to armies of all countries is teaching discipline and management to their soldiers, so if someone in an army shows irresponsibility by losing a weapon such as a pistol, they are charged with a hefty amount. In this joke, when he loses his pistol and is charged with $125, he realizes why the captain of the ship always goes down with it when it’s drowning.

This person is insinuating that if the captain were to come back after the ship had gone down, he would have been charged with a lot more than just $125 so the better option for the captain is to go down with the ship rather than pay the huge penalties.

I was hesitant to join the Navy Cadets, afraid I wouldn’t make any friends. But need not worry. We were all in the same boat.

Making friends in a new workplace is a tough job, so this person was hesitant to join the navy just because he wasn’t sure if he would get along with everyone else; however, later, he found out that all of them were in the same boat, which means that the other navy cadets were also not so sure about getting along well with others.

The phrase “in the same boat” means “to be in the same situation,” but in this context, this also means that they will be in the same boat from now on as they are a part of the navy. Navy jokes like these will light up any boring event you are privy to in a matter of seconds, and if your friends play along and throw in some more jokes, the event is going to be memorable.

The Navy is beginning to recruit blind men. They are sending them out to sea.

When you hear about the navy recruiting blind men, you should be happy for them as they are sending them out to the sea (see). This isn’t just a navy joke, but it is a combination of a joke and pun, which makes it even more hilarious.

As it is quite clear from the joke that by “sending them to sea,” what they actually mean is that “they are sending them to see” because the men they recruited are blind. This is one of those jokes that people grasp after a while, and these kinds of jokes are the ones that make people laugh the hardest.

What has more ships than the navy? Anime fan bases.

When someone says the word “navy,” ships and sea are the first pictures that come to our mind since the navy is all about ships as the navy serves the country by protecting the waters. But there is one more thing that has even more ships than the navy of any country, and that is anime fan bases.

Anime fan bases have a huge crowd, and due to the increase in anime series and movies, the number of ships has also increased. In this context, the term “ship” is used when fans like a couple from a series or movie together. So, if you like a couple in the pop culture world, you ship them, and anime certainly has a lot of them.

Who knew the military and navy could get this hilarious? Cracking these jokes with your friends is surely going to be a major mood lifter, and within no time, a boring day will turn into an entertaining one.


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