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There are some medical issues that people can joke about with their friends or even their doctors. However, cancer is not one of them and adding humor to the subject could actually result in an angry reaction. Those who have survived the illness or lost loved ones to it may find cancer jokes quite offensive and hurtful.

Despite that, you can sometimes hear or come across a few that might bring out a smile or lift people out of darkness.

Some individuals crack jokes about the illness to lighten the mood or add a different perspective to an otherwise gloomy situation. You can actually find some dark cancer jokes that may put a humorous spin on it!

“Started smoking for this girl who told me she was into people with cancer. Turns out she was talking about zodiacs. Anyway I’ve got three months to live.”

This joke might get a few gasps at the end but you might be able to get away with cracking it among a few friends or family members. Its humor is derived from how easily people can misunderstand each other. While the girl clearly said she was into people “with cancer,” the other person took it for the disease instead of the Zodiac sign, which was a more logical explanation.

They went too far and developed a habit of smoking, which led to the deadly diagnosis. The joke can be quite funny and even have an important message if you consider it. In the end, the cause of the illness is smoking, which can certainly have a negative impact on the health of a lot of people in the long run. So in a way, you could use this joke to send out a message to your friend or loved one who is trying to quit!

So I went to the doctor’s office and the doctor said, “Pick a star sign, any star sign,” so I said “Aquarius,” and the doctor said, “Nah mate you’ve got cancer.”

It does have a lot of dark humor and draws a comparison with the “star sign” again. You could have a lot of people cringing or backing away in horror at the joke. There is quite a unique spin on the way a doctor gives their final diagnosis to the patient.

While you could crack up your friends who are doctors or in the medical community, it could also be taken in poor taste. This is mainly because getting such a diagnosis can change a person’s life and affect their loved ones deeply as well. In the end, the joke could come off as insensitive and hurt people as well.

I don’t see why people say dealing with cancer is hard. I’m already on stage four.

This is one joke that can get a few angry or judgmental stares from people in a hospital corridor. However, sometimes, people turn toward humor as a coping mechanism or to bring a smile on their loved one’s face. The joke makes a play on the final stage of the terminal disease, which is often considered the most serious.

In a few cases, those who are diagnosed with stage four cancer may not make it or have a limited time left to live. While this is not something that you or anybody would want to joke about, the humorous spin might lighten the mood or cheer up a friend.

I am currently working on eliminating all cancers. Virgos are next.

It might take a while before the joke sinks in! If you consider some cancer jokes, you will realize that a lot of humor comes from the confusion between the disease and the Zodiac sign. This joke makes a play on that too and while people may initially think that you are talking about the illness, the punch line might just take them by surprise.

You can crack this one anywhere without worrying about offending or hurting anybody. In the end, the joke might be a bit dark as well as it does talk about “eliminating cancers,” which basically means people who are born between June and July.

If you have friends or family who share the Zodiac sign, you might want to be slightly careful before making this joke in front of them.

“What’s the difference between me and cancer? My dad didn’t beat cancer.”

Find yourself cringing a bit at this joke? Well, you might not be the only one. While the joke is a nod to someone surviving the disease, it does take a dark turn with the punchline. The person might have beaten the illness but their father succumbed to it. This may be quite triggering for people who have lost parents to this terminal condition.

It is important that you consider the audience very closely before cracking such a joke. You don’t want people judging your sense of humor or walking away in anger.

Doctor: I’m afraid you have cancer and Alzheimer’s. Patient: Hey, at least I don’t have cancer!

There is a lot of dark humor in this joke and at the expense of two very serious diseases. It makes light of the condition of memory loss, which people may experience in Alzheimer’s. While the doctor gives the patient a diagnosis for both the illnesses, they quickly forget about the cancer. This joke can be considered quite offensive and is best avoided in public or at a work party.

Your colleagues or boss may judge your sense of humor or might even regret their decision of socializing. If you are looking for some new material to amuse a few close friends, then you can share this joke with them and there might be a few smiles.

If you think about it over time, cancer jokes are not something that people take lightly or want to laugh about. The subject is close to a lot of individuals who are going through their journey as a patient or giving care to a family member suffering from the illness. Despite that, people can use humor in such situations and you may even find a cancer patient cracking a few jokes about their illness.


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