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Nice is an attractive coastal city in the south of France. Located on the Mediterranean coast it is renowned for its scenic beauty and mild climate. Its vibrant culture, tasty cuisine, historic monuments and attractions and beautiful beaches attract visitors.

A popular tourist destination, Nice boasts several attractions, including the Promenade des Anglais, the Cours Saleya market, the Matisse Museum and the Massena Museum. The city is also a hub for art, music and nightlife, and is renowned for its many festivals and events.

But let’s talk about the beautiful time of year – winter. What should you expect if you decide to visit Nice during the cold season? The weather is mild enough, starting in December it can drop from +6 degrees to +12. But more often it stays at 18 degrees. For locals, this is already considered cold, but for most tourists, it’s perfect weather. Now that you understand the weather, what should you do in Nice? You’ll have a great time, don’t you doubt it! Before we tell you about it in detail, let’s solve the important question of transport.

The main tourist arrivals are at Nice airport. How to proceed after that, so that organizational issues do not interfere with the travel process? You can order a Nice airport taxi and make your trip as comfortable as possible thanks to AtoB airport transfer. There are different types of car classes, professionally trained drivers and a fixed price. Now let’s explore winter Nice!

The Coast

All the most interesting life in Nice is along the road that runs the length of the city along the coast. This impressively sized promenade is always packed with people. In winter it’s even better than in summer because just imagine.

You fly into Nice, in winter, from colder climes and find yourself in the most comfortable climate for winter, walking around the picturesque tourist spots, without the crowds of other tourists. Once you hire an airport taxi and get there yourself you realise how convenient it is.

The Streets of Nice

As you drive around Nice be sure to take note of its streets. They create a very pleasant and quirky atmosphere. Regarding the weather, it can be cloudy and rainy one day, but the streets of Nice are a place where bad weather can not spoil – on the contrary, it creates its charm. 

After a nice walk, you can visit the unique establishments of this wonderful city. If you’re a dessert lover, visit the original Fenocchio. Here you’ll be fed ice cream, but there’s a nice twist on the flavours: ice cream flavours include jasmine, violet, lavender, chewing gum, spinach and even Coca-Cola.


100% the title of this paragraph came as a bit of a surprise to you and that’s great – this means we recommend unique places to tourists.

After wandering the streets of Nice, you can rent AtoB airport transfer and drive a few kilometres to the lovely village of Eze. This village is located on the top of a mountain where the road follows a serpentine path near a cliff. This history gives you a beautiful view of the bay. The views are steep while you are there.

Eze is almost tourist-free in January, so you can enjoy the views and walk around peacefully, taking beautiful photos. You can also explore the narrow old streets, the church, and the many shops with interesting stuff (for souvenirs). And see a unique place for Nice – a garden with lots of cacti, costing 4 euros. The road in this garden leads to the very top of the mountain with a beautiful view of the coast.

How to Spend the Evening?

After an active day, you wouldn’t want to take an airport taxi to your room and go straight to bed. We want to advise you of a great restaurant you can visit in the evening. Boccaccio is a great place to eat in substantial portions. There’s seafood pasta, shells and more.

Cultural Development

Wherever you go, you’re bound to get in touch with the good things in life and get a dose of culture. This is why a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art is a must. Why modern? Because when you come to a foreign country people tend to look at older constructions.

A visit to the Museum of Modern Art will show you over 400 paintings by American and European avant-garde artists. The visit is free, so feel free to take AtoB airport transfer and enjoy the beautiful pop-art object and its filling inside.

Phoenix Park

If you just want some peace and relaxation, but also some originality in the place you’re in, you can rent a car (the place is close to the airport) and drive to the vast Phoenix Park. There you’ll see many collections of flowering and arboreal species. It’s all very carefully maintained in the park’s greenhouses and outdoor areas. You will also see some interesting animals, but we will not say what they are – it is a surprise.


The Observatory of Nice is a great place to brighten up your holiday. It will be very easy to get there by airport taxi and then a short walk to the top of the mountain (where the building is located). A bit of history: it was founded by a French banker, who was an avid amateur astronomer (he funded the whole thing).

Now it’s merged with a science research centre, where you can watch and listen to a guided tour (available Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 14:45). A very nice bonus is the view you get of Nice as well as the coast and its surroundings.


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