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If you’re desperately searching for a great way to calm your mind, connect with nature, and experience adventure like never before – your answer involves a sleeping bag, some tent pegs, and researching years of trial and error from other campers.

Camping happens on every continent, even the super cold ones! Before you head out to make friends with bears and catch your dinner (just kidding, don’t make friends with bears, there is a 97% chance they will eat you) – follow this handy guide for five of the most useful camping tips you will ever need.

 1.  Plan Each Trip

Nothing good happens haphazardly. Even the trips that have seemed random and spontaneous in the past, have likely all had some magical person planning each step in the background, whether you realized it at the time or not.

Properly planning your camping trips can allow you to choose the best spot, get the right gear, and find someone to show you the ropes if you need them.

2.  Seasonal Decisions

While it is possible to camp during every season, each season has its own unique set of requirements to make the trip enjoyable. For beginners, camping during the warmer months is highly recommended. That way you won’t need expensive gear to get you through the freezing temperatures.

All you need to camp during summer is bug spray, a waterproof tent, and a decent sleeping bag.

3.  Try Each Style

To know where you fit into the world of camping – you should experiment with the different camping styles. From tent camping to rooftop tents to hiring a camper, each has a unique take on what makes camping enjoyable.

Camping on the roof of your car is an experience like no other; it keeps you safe from wild animals and offers a closer view of the stars.

4.  Cooking Tips

Preparing meals in the great outdoors is somewhat trickier than cooking a meal at home. Have prepared meals as much as possible, and limit your meals to ones that are easier to make.

Pack ingredients that will last for a few days, like canned goods and dried fruit and nuts. You’ll need the extra energy to allow you to hike and explore the natural world around you.

A camp stove is a great investment if you plan to camp regularly. Coleman is the most popular camp stove manufacturer and they make fantastic budget options for beginners.

5.  Added Lighting

Getting around your campsite at night requires additional lighting beyond a basic flashlight. Invest in a headlamp for navigating your way through the forest at night, and buy an additional lantern or two for cooking and navigating your way around your tent.

The best kind of lights to use when camping is the kind that you can hang from your tent or a nearby tree.

To End

Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature and spend time outdoors. There is nothing like sitting next to the campfire, sharing stories while drinking hot cocoa. Make the most of your trip by buying the best gear, the higher quality items will last you for years to come and will see you through many camping trips.


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