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The world is a weird place and a lot of it has to do with the way people behave. Following your culture and living life the way you want without hurting others is the best approach. But going against the norm and doing unnatural things is definitely going to make you infamous.

Cannibal Jokes

Both vegans and non-vegans can put aside their differences and agree on the fact that cannibalism is wrong. But we can’t deny that it doesn’t exist. Throughout history, many people have taken part in cannibalism, either out of necessity or simply because they wanted to. The Internet doesn’t forgive, which is why there are hundreds of jokes on cannibalism.

Enjoy some freshly cooked cannibal jokes and puns!

What Is a Cannibal?

Definitions exist to explain what a term means. When it comes to cannibals, there is a simple way of defining them. The urban Internet defines “cannibal” in a way that is both true and funny.

“Cannibal (n.) Someone who is fed up with people.”

There are multiple similar cannibal jokes on the Internet. But this one uses the “fed up with people” phrase in the best way possible.

A Play on Words

Jokes that rely on puns and a play on words are always the best. Sometimes, they are not easy to understand, but that only makes them more special. Who knows what kind of food cannibals like and whether they cook their food or not. But this is the best thing about jokes, you can say whatever you want.

“Why don’t cannibals cook their food?”

“They prefer raw men.”

You are definitely going to think of this joke the next time you eat ramen.

The Taste Is Important

If you don’t like the taste of something, you won’t eat it, no matter how popular it is. Cannibals also have preferences that depend on taste, or that’s what we can assume. So, they won’t eat something that doesn’t taste right.

“Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?”

“Because they taste funny.”

Kids often use the phrase “it tastes funny” when they don’t want to eat something. But it also makes complete sense in this joke.

Favorite Beans

Who doesn’t like beans? Not only are they tasty, but they are also good for your health. The English are known for eating beans on toast. But even people outside of England have cans of beans in their kitchens at all times. Everyone has their own favorite beans, but what about cannibals?

“What kind of beans do cannibals eat?”

“Human beans.”

Well, now we know what kind of beans cannibals like.

Well Done or Medium Rare

Sometimes, a pun refers to not one, but two things. Double puns are funnier than simple puns. They catch you off guard, which is why they are so hilarious. Whether cannibals like well done or medium rare meat is also something that can be used in a double pun.

“The cannibal living next to me caught and killed a clairvoyant. He put her in the oven for only half an hour though.”

“Apparently, he likes his medium rare.”

Take a minute if you need to cope with the awesomeness of this pun.

What’s in a Shower?

Showering at someone else’s place can be exciting, especially if they have a lot of products in their washroom. You can try different hair and skin products and come out of the shower feeling like you made a trip to the salon. But what can you find in a cannibal’s shower? That’s the question here:

“What do you find in a cannibal’s shower?”

“Head and shoulders.”

Hannibal the Cannibal

Hannibal is a popular character that first made his appearance in books written by Thomas Harris. Today, Hannibal is the most popular onscreen cannibal. He is also known for making puns and jokes about eating humans. In the TV show Hannibal, the character often says the following line:

“It’s nice to have an old friend for dinner.”

A seemingly sweet sentence means something sinister when said by a cannibal.

Animal Cannibal

Cannibalism is pretty common among animals. The majority of carnivore animals have eaten others of their species at least a couple of times. That doesn’t make cannibalism okay for humans, in fact, it shows that it is an animalistic act and should be avoided at all costs.

Here’s a pun about a cannibal lion:

“It’s tough to swallow your pride. Unless you are a cannibal lion.”

In case you didn’t know, a group of lions is called a pride. More precisely, they are family units of lions.

Wholesome Cannibals

People often argue because they have different tastes. We have trouble coming to terms with the fact that others may not like the things we do. If we just accept the fact that everyone has different preferences and opinions, we will be able to live peacefully. If you need advice, you can turn to cannibals:

“Any cannibal will tell you, everybody has a different taste.”

Get Religion

All religious believers want to turn others toward the straight path. For that, they go from door to door spreading the message of God. They want others to believe so they can also achieve inner peace. Here’s how cannibals get religion:

“What happened when the missionary visited the cannibal tribe?”

“They got a taste of religion.”

Now, that’s an interesting way to get religion. But to each their own, right? Maybe for cannibals, this is the best way to get close to religion.

You may wish that cannibals did not exist, but the truth remains, that they do. However, this does not mean that we have to make an attempt to understand them. What they are doing is wrong and cannot be justified. The jokes mentioned above are just a way to make people laugh and nothing else. If you think someone around you can harm people, you should get in touch with the police. Cannibal jokes are just jokes and must not be taken seriously.


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