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Names and ethnicities are a popular source of comedy, however, one must be careful when joking about ethnicities. This is because it often transforms into racist remarks with attempts to reinforce already existent stereotypes.

Despite that, it does not mean that we should stop joking about them altogether. When you are with your Mexican friends and want to poke harmless fun at them, you may want to pull out a few good jokes.

There are some incredibly witty Mexican jokes that you will be able to find. Some of them are bound to get your friends laughing while others could make them cringe.

Let the politically safe humor commence!

“How Do You Call a Mexican with No Car? Carlos.”

Opening the joke with a question might get your friends to think about something very specific or a particular title. You may have to entertain a few answers before delivering the punch line. Most people would be caught by surprise by the answer that is hidden inside the question, and this could crack them up immediately.

The joke is a play on probably the most common Mexican name in the 2000s. Every Mexican knows somebody named Carlos in their family or social circle.

Who doesn’t remember the legendary Carlos Santana of the Santana brothers (if they don’t, maybe it’s time to change friends)? The humor comes from the play of words on car and loss, which makes up the name Carlos. To deliver this joke, give your friends a moment to think before giving the answer.

“Why Did the Mexican Install a Mousetrap? Tequila Mouse.”

To kill a- Tequila? This one is not so hard to catch. Everyone’s response to the question of why the Mexican installed a mousetrap would be, to kill a mouse or to catch a mouse. People who grew up watching Tom and Jerry will probably know how a mousetrap works. The question actually has quite an easy answer and your audience might just guess it correctly.

This joke comes in the form of subverting your audience’s expectations. When you say tequila instead of “to kill a,” most of them would immediately make the connection between the Mexican man and the drink. Everyone knows that Mexico is the world’s largest producer of tequila, made from the Agave plant, which is grown abundantly in Mexico. This is one liquor that Mexicans consider their own.

Those who have reached the drinking age might be aware of how proud Mexicans are of their produce. The country is the leading exporter of Tequila and this is what makes the pun work. Good puns don’t have to be funny, often you laugh at how seemingly absurd the joke is and how plainly obvious the connection is.

Bonus Puns: why only make puns about Mexicans and their culture? Your friends might think you only know jokes about one topic, so you should brush up on your jokes by reading all about Animal Puns. Here is a small pun that will tickle your funny bone. “How do you get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut.”

A tough crowd that doesn’t like animals? Are they booing you off stage and throwing eggs at you metaphorically? Worry not! Some great egg jokes will certainly bring out a few laughs, provided they get the joke. For example, why did the new egg feel so good? Because he just got laid! (Please use this with a mature audience).

Another great topic that you can joke about is TV shows. Most of us watch a lot of TV and are well acquainted with most of the stars. There are plenty of celebrity puns that you can make. One joke that could get you more than a few smiles from the crowd is, “how do you follow Will Smith in the snow? You follow the fresh prints.”

“What Is 6.022 x 10²³ in Mexico? The Avocado Number”

This joke is a really good blend of Chemistry and Geographical trade. It relies on the established knowledge that Mexico is one of the largest avocado producers in the world. The country is responsible for exporting nearly 45% of the entire world’s supply of avocados. It is well-established that Mexican cuisine relies heavily on avocados with guacamole being a very popular example of that.

The pun completes itself when we consider that 6.022 x 1023 is commonly called Avogadro’s mole. It is a play on Avogadro’s mole and avocado’s mole which can certainly make your audience think for a while. The joke seems quite humorous after you figure out that Guacamole has the word “mole” in it.

“A Mexican Magician Tells the Audience He Will Disappear on the Count of Three. Uno, Dos… Poof. He Disappeared Without a Tres.”

The joke is another classic example of good wordplay that you can use with anyone and doesn’t require some science knowledge to work. It’s one of those humorous Mexican jokes that could make you a hit with any audience given that most people are familiar with Spanish numbers.

Mostly, people do talk about their things disappearing without a trace. The phrase is also commonly associated with magicians. This joke makes a play on the word trace and the number three which is called “tres” in Spanish. It not only completes the countdown that began at the beginning of the joke but also provides closure to the sentence when used as “trace.”

“What Do You Call a Mexican Cat? A Purrito”

Well, it is quite obvious when you think about it. The joke is best used on a younger audience and could lead to a few laughs and eye rolls as well. It is a humorous play on Mexican cuisine and the purring sounds of a cat.

The burrito is a very popular dish in Mexican cuisine and is very popular in the USA as well, with burrito stands nearly at every street corner. Your audience will most likely know what a burrito is and by changing the letter B to a P, not only do you satisfy the connection to the cat but also prove that it’s a Mexican cat.


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