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When you are looking to take a break during or want to relax at the end of the shift, a little bit of humor can help you relieve stress. There are some jokes and formats that have entertained people for a long time. Little Johnny jokes have generated a lot of interest among a wide audience across the globe.

If you bring up one of these jokes in a crowd or gathering, it could instantly make you a hit! Since there are a lot of jokes with Little Johnny, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. A good Little Johnny joke could get you smiling after an extremely stressful day and lighten the mood.

Johnny and His Homework

  • Teacher: “How far have you gone with your homework Johnny?”
  • Little Johnny: “About 8 kilometers Miss. I went home with it and came back with it this morning.”

The fun in the little Johnny jokes is when Little Johnny takes everything literally. Had Little Johnny known what the teacher actually meant by “how far have you gone,” the reply would’ve been a bit different than what it actually came out to be. But then again, if he had known the genuine meaning behind the teacher’s question, this joke wouldn’t have existed to put a smile on your face.

Poor Little Johnny thought the teacher was inquiring about the distance he’d covered with his homework. Let’s be honest, we all had our confusions with idioms and phrases like these during our childhood.

Little Johnny’s Opinion on Spelling of Elephant

  • Teacher: “Little Johnny, how do you spell ‘elephant’?”
  • Little Johnny: “E-L-E-F-A-N-T”
  • Teacher: “No Johnny, that is incorrect.”
  • Johnny: “Maybe it is wrong Miss but you asked how I spell it.”

This joke clearly explains the difference between opinion and fact. Also, a round of applause for the confidence Little Johnny has in himself. Now, if you look at the teacher’s question from a little kid’s point of view, you’ll observe that it looks like the teacher is asking how Johnny would like to spell the word.

Moreover, you can see how the innocence drips from Johnny’s words as he accepts that he might be wrong, but that’s the nearest spelling he could come up with for “elephant.” That’s the case with opinions; at times, you may be wrong, so never be too confident when it comes to your opinions.

Little Johnny’s Straightforwardness with Teacher

  • Teacher: “Does anybody know what we call a person who keeps talking when nobody else is interested?”
  • Little Johnny: “A teacher, Miss.”

We doubt that children realize how witty and sarcastic they are when they are younger. The wit diminishes as age increases. Clearly, the answer the teacher was hoping for was “talkative,” but Little Johnny being the master of truth and honesty, gave the answer everybody else would have been too afraid to give.

This sums up that Little Johnny pays little to no attention in class, which gives him a lot of time to hit people with his cruel comebacks.

Little Johnny’s Dinner Prayer

  • Teacher: “Now Little Johnny, be honest, do you say your prayers every night before dinner?”
  • Johnny: “No Miss, my mother is a really good cook.”

Once again, little Johnny leaves the teacher shook with an extremely unpredictable answer. Little does Little Johnny know that prayer is a must regardless of the taste of the food.

Little Johnny sees prayer as a form of protection; therefore, he does not think his mom cooks bad enough that he would need to ask for protection of his taste buds from God. Well, we don’t know about the teacher, but Little Johnny’s mother must’ve been delighted to hear this later in the parent-teacher meeting.

Little Johnny’s Teacher’s Misinterpretation

  • Teacher: “Little Johnny, you are late to class again.”
  • Johnny: “But Miss, you said that it is never too late to learn.”

Here’s how you save yourself from a teacher with the help of their own advice like a pro. We should really start thinking like Little Johnny if we want the best for us. The way Johnny links his teacher’s lesson to justify his wrong acts is pretty extraordinary.

One thing’s for sure, Little Johnny implements his teacher’s advice in all aspects of his life, and this sometimes turns out to be in favor of the teacher, while at other times, Little Johnny gets away with all the bad things. You can be as good as Johnny, don’t worry, as it’s never too late to learn.

Little Johnny’s Essay

  • Little Johnny’s teacher says to him, “Johnny! Your essay on My Dog is exactly the same as your sister’s!”
  • “Did you just copy hers?” She asks.
  • Johnny says, “No, teacher, it is the same dog!”

Same dog, same essay. There are many Little Johnny jokes, but this one leaves us in fits of laughter every time. If you give it a thought, a brother and sister having the same dog are bound to write a similar essay, but a few alterations are a must as it is quite impossible to write the ditto essay as your sister even if you have the same dog.

Little Johnny really does know how to get out of bad situations smartly and ends up creating hilarious, witty jokes without even trying too hard.

After reading the jokes above, we wonder why the teacher has to deal with Little Johnny’s comebacks and witty answers most of the time. These were some of the best jokes we came up with to brighten your day.

It must be a fun experience to teach Little Johnny, but at times, it can get on your nerves when the students leave you speechless all the time. It’s hard to keep a count of how many Little Johnny jokes there are since the Internet is filled with them, but these jokes are the best ones we have heard so far!


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