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There is very little that can interest a teenager and encourage them to look up from their phones. Surprisingly, good humor and jokes can go a long way in getting a smile out of youngsters. If you can pull the right joke out of your hat at a good time, you might even be able to hear some laughs.

While most teenagers will just shake their heads or dismiss the humor, there are a few jokes that can make quite an impression. It may be quite a challenge to find the funniest jokes for teens that could actually get a positive response. This is where it could be remembered to keep some good ones in mind.

Let’s begin!

“How Do You Drown a Hipster? In the Mainstream.”

It’s quite funny when you think about it and can surely get 13- to 15-year-olds laughing. When children are entering adolescence, some try to fit in while others look for ways to stand out. This joke takes this thought into context and adds humor to the idea of going against the norm.

After all, being “hip” or a hipster is about challenging pop culture. So the humor comes from the fact that hipsters don’t want anything to do with mainstream fashion, trends, or interests. While the joke can get a response from the crowd, you might hear a few groans or see some eye rolls as well.

“Why Do Pimples Make Horrible Prisoners? They Keep Breaking Out.”

This joke could go two ways, one being a laugh out of a worried teenager and the other, an angry comment or reply. The first one is quite likely since it’s quite difficult to ignore the humor that is directed toward tweens. Acne or pimples are a common problem that most youngsters face and they do have to deal with breakouts frequently.

The joke takes that into account and can certainly lighten up the mood of a gloomy teenager trying to avoid popping their pimples. It is certainly a good way to take their mind off the situation for a bit and get them to see the humor too.

“I Was Trying to Figure Out Why the Frisbee Kept on Getting Bigger and Bigger. And Then it Hit Me.”

This is one of the funniest jokes for teens and can get a smile out of a few adults as well. The humor comes from a game of Frisbee where people may get hit in the face as well. While most teenagers consider this to be a classic “dad joke,” it does bring out a positive reaction, almost every time.

Who doesn’t miss the fun in a game of Frisbee? It’s also quite hilarious to watch someone trying to catch it. The joke actually comes from that and highlights how the Frisbee appears bigger when it’s about to hit you.

“How Do You Find Will Smith in the Snow? Look for the Fresh Prints.”

Now, you might find the joke quite funny but it may be completely missed by a teenager. While Will Smith is an incredibly popular personality with a good social media following as well, the joke goes back to his sitcom, which made him a star. Some teenagers might not even be aware of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which aired in the early 1990s.

Despite that, it is one joke that may earn you some points with a lot of youngsters. With cast reunions and a catchy soundtrack, the show has managed to stay relevant through the decade. It also continues to attract a new generation of audience as well. So you could seem “hip” or “trendy” to a teenager and someone with good taste too.

“If You Have 13 Apples in One Hand and 10 Oranges in the Other, What Do You Have? Big Hands.”

It can be very difficult to keep a straight face with this joke. The format adds humor to a mathematics problem and will certainly get more than a few laughs from teenagers. This is one subject that does require a bit of fun and light humor could help you get through a difficult class.

Even if you are not teaching a group of youngsters, the joke may be a good way to break the ice while communicating with a teenager. It takes into account apples and oranges, which are commonly used to simplify problems.

You certainly can make a positive impression by mixing humor with a serious field of study and get a response from your teenage kids, even if it’s an eye roll!

“Some Kids Told Me They’d Give Me $20 to Hang Out with Them. Turns Out it Was Just Clique Bait.”

The joke actually makes quite a witty pun on “clique” and is bound to get more than a few teenagers laughing. In high school or even below, there is quite a pressure on most teenagers to join the right cliques or groups. Nobody wants to be sitting alone at lunch or at the library.

This joke makes a pun on that and adds humor to the idea of joining a group. It also highlights the idea of clickbait and makes fun of the fact that adults are likely to be drawn in by fake claims. You may want to save this joke for a large audience or big crowd.

Coming up with good jokes is not easy and humor is all about timing. If you can’t say the right thing at the right time, you could completely miss the desired response or reaction. With teenagers, getting a smile or a laugh is even tougher as most of them will be too occupied with their phones. At the end, you can try some of these jokes and get a laugh out of your tween sibling or children.


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