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You may have come across the term “humor therapy” at least once in your lifetime but if you haven’t, it basically means spreading smiles and laughter with the aid of humor. Jokes are a way of changing a person’s mood after a long and tiring day.

A variety of jokes are told on different subjects, including humor about hell. If you are looking for the funniest jokes about hell to share with others, there are a lot of good ones that could crack anyone up!

“What does my head and hell have in common? They both have demons in them.”

The famous one-liners are back in stores! This is one of the hilarious jokes about hell that is actually true. Demon is the evil spirit who is an offspring of Satan. Several religious scriptures believe in the existence of demons, and it is universally believed that they dwell in hell.

It’s also believed that every person has a demon inside of them. That is what head and hell have in common.

“Why did Stephen Hawking go to Hell? – He couldn’t get up the stairway to Heaven.”

It is one of the corniest jokes that is hilariously bad. Stephen Hawking was a British scientist who is popularly known for his contributions to physics and cosmology. You may already be familiar with his work or the Oscar winning movie made on his life, The Theory of Everything.

In his early 20s, he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) that affected his speech and caused muscle weakness. Due to his condition, Stephen Hawking was bound to a wheelchair.

This is a sarcastic joke that answers why Stephen Hawking went to hell. It is quite dark and makes light of his disability as well. You may want to avoid cracking this one in front of people you do not know. It could result in angry stares from the audience or eye rolls too.

“Why is ‘boring as hell’ an expression? Hell is always lit 24/7.”

This is one of those ironic jokes about hell that is quite harmless and can work very well with youngsters. “Boring as hell” is basically a metaphorical expression that means someone who isn’t interested. “As hell” is often used in everyday conversation, that too at the end of the sentence you put more emphasis.

Speaking of hell, it is believed that it will be filled with people who have sinned and that it will be one of the scariest places with scorching heat and a blazing fire.

The joke makes fun of the expression “boring as hell” since hell will always be lit. The lit in the joke means light and it’s commonly used to describe excitement.

“I’m thinking about taking a vacation to hell. After all, everybody’s always telling me to go there.”

This joke is amusing in the sense that people commonly use the expression “go to hell” to express their anger when they are offended or someone provokes them. The joke implies that the person is thinking of going on vacation to hell because everyone has been telling the person to go there. This means that the person definitely is on everybody’s nerves.

“My wife converted me to religion; I never believed in hell until I married her.”

Another crude joke that will leave others gagging or offended too. Marriage can either be hell or heaven depending on the person you’re marrying. If you’re marrying the right person, your life wouldn’t be less than a heaven, otherwise you’ve definitely signed up for hell (sarcastically speaking). Believe me or not, marrying the wrong person can definitely make your life a living hell.

This joke hysterically explains why the person never believed in the concept of hell until they got married. It makes light of the relationship when one partner might be going through a difficult time.

“Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they’re eating sandwiches.”

The term “hell” has different meanings depending on the context it is used. Aside from the concept of hell in religious inscriptions, hell is used to express anger, joy, and frustration.

Everyone finds it to be a major turn off when their older parents eat while taking long deep breaths. The noise would simply bother anyone and the joke explains why it isn’t any less than a hell.

“Two dead bodybuilders meet each other in hell. Dude 1: Hey there man, you know where I can get a protein shake around here? Dude 2: There’s no whey in hell.”

According to the religious scriptures, it’s said that nobody would be able to recognize each other when they are in hell whether they are friends, family, or any loved one. There will be so much chaos that nobody will ask about their family members or friends. They will only think about themselves. 

It is one of the amusing jokes about hell that reflects the common belief of religious people. Whey is a protein found in curd and it’s also commonly used to make protein shakes for fitness athletes who want to have a strong body.

In the joke, the “whey” is referred to as “way” and it means that there is no way in hell. You might be able to get away with this joke as it is not particularly offensive. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t end up hurting anyone.

Having learned about the funniest jokes about hell, remember that religion is a sensitive subject and that making jokes about someone’s religion may incite anger. Therefore, it is important for you to consider your audience before cracking such jokes. In case you know people who are quite religious or firm in their beliefs, you should avoid humor that makes light of them.


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