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Redheads are the rarest of all hair types across the glove. For a redhead to be born, both of the parents must carry a ‘’ginger gene’’ and even after that, only a 25% chance exists. They are one of the greatest miracles of nature and have unique physical and mental attributes.

If you happen to date a redhead, then you should be quite careful as you are playing with fire! That is to say, their red hair is a hint of what they possess. If you think about it, gingers are unique people who not only stand out for their appearance but personality traits as well.

Can Dating a Redhead Be a Bumpy Ride?

Well, yes! Dating a redhead is a bumpy ride if you are not careful about what you say. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid cracking a few harmless jokes at their expense. In case you are about to ask out a ginger or are already in a fiery relationship, there is a lot of humorous material that you could use to lighten up the mood.

You can find quite a few jokes on redhead dating that will either make you laugh rolling on the floor or might make you change your decision!

Redhead Dating Jokes

As stated above, redheads are the rarest of all and as a result, there are plenty of jokes made about them. These jokes are not meant to offend anyone or hurt your partner’s feelings. Despite that, you should make sure that the timing is right before cracking them or else there might be trouble in paradise!

If you are not dating a redhead, then raise your hand bro! But if you are one of the jerks who are dating them, then raise your standards!

This might be a slightly offensive one that could make your partner angry as well. But on a lighter note, it does have quite a humorous take on dating redheads. There is no need to be ashamed of yourself if you catch yourself laughing at an offensive joke. This would not cause any harm to your partner as long as you are loyal to them and do not think like the person who made this joke!

Furthermore, redheads are the most loving partners, although they are possessive and fierce in their relationships that does not mean that they do not deserve to be treated with respect and love. So if someone truly wants to raise their standards, dating a redhead would be a good start.

Why did redhead jokes become extinct? Because someone mistakenly told them to a redhead.

You might be able to get away with this joke easily and even get a smile or laugh at the punch line. It is commonly believed that redhead partners are not easy to deal with and can be short-tempered. The joke derives its humor from the fact that when someone told a redhead a joke about them, they most likely became very angry at it. In the end, this was the end of such humor as the person did not expect such a severe reaction.

If you want, you can share this joke anywhere without worrying about hurting or offending people. Even your partner might enjoy it as redheads can be quite temperamental at times!

Q:  What do the razor-wire and the redhead partners have in common?

A:  You need to handle them both with care!

This is one joke that might get a few angry looks from your partner. But you got to admit that it made you laugh a little, right? As it is known, redheads are not easy to deal with and might require additional consideration and care. While this joke might be slightly over the top, you can share it over dinner or to lighten the mood after a hard day.

The analogy of redheads with razor-wire is certainly the best part of the joke. It implies that if you do not handle them with the care they need, then you would have to face serious repercussions both in terms of physical and emotional injury.

Q: What is the difference between putting your hand in a blender and dating a redhead?

A: There would always be a chance that the blender is not working!

Before sharing this joke, try and make sure that your redhead partner is not around because if they are, you might be in a lot of trouble. While redheads are not really violent or angry all the time, you should be careful about cracking jokes that could hurt your partner.

The humor takes into account how people in relationships with gingers need to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing as it might lead to a loss of temper. Well, due to their fiery genes, they cannot control their wrath, and being their partner, you are the closest one who would first face their wrath.

Q: How does a person get to permanently remember the date of birth of a redhead girlfriend?

A: Of course, by forgetting it once in their life.

Now that is a joke everyone one of us can relate to, isn’t it?  But in the case of a person who is dating a redhead, it is a matter of life and death.

This joke pretty much describes the way a redhead deals with disappointment. Since they could end up throwing a lot of tantrums or even threaten to break up if you forgot their birthday. Now, that is something that will make you remember it for the rest of your life!

If you happen to be in a relationship with a ginger, it is you who would not separate from her but she will separate from you!

Is it a joke? Probably yes! This joke focuses on the unique personality of most redheads as they are known to easily detach from people. While you might not want to separate from your partner, the other person might feel differently. If a ginger feels angry or unable to continue the relationship, they can separate without feeling too bad about it.

In case you are wondering how this assumption became popular about gingers, well, the answer to that is quite interesting. Ginger was a character’s name in a popular American TV show. That character was a redhead, and soon after its ending, redheads were known as Ginger.

Q: How to start an argument with a redhead girlfriend? 

A: By just saying anything at all.

This might be relatable to a lot of people who are in relationships. As stated above, redheads or gingers can be hot headed, which is why one must avoid provoking them, particularly when they are already in a bad mood. However, the joke implies that redheads rarely miss the chance to get into arguments so all that you have to do is say anything.

Now from all the jokes and discussion, it should have been clear that dating a redhead is not a walk in the park!

Despite the fierceness that they possess, redheads are the most loving and caring partners who ever exist. Although they are a little possessive and stubborn, that does not mean that they are not meant to be dated or loved.

With the right amount of love and care, even a redhead can be your life partner and friend for life!


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