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The minds of human beings are remarkable. We can come up with the most interesting stuff every day and still never run out of things to share with each other.

When it comes to jokes, the Internet has become the biggest source nowadays. Whatever topic you can think of, someone somewhere in the world would have made a joke on it and shared it on the Internet for you to enjoy.

The Best Head Jokes

If you have been on the Internet for a decade, you may think you have seen all the head jokes already. But the best thing about the Internet is that it never runs out of content. There’s always something new going on in the World Wide Web. Although old jokes are sometimes recycled, new ones are also added to the mix regularly.

Here are the best head jokes you may not have seen!

Puns Are Everywhere

You may think you hate puns and dad jokes, but you can’t deny how funny they are. There are plenty of head puns that you will need a few seconds to understand. That’s what makes them so hilarious.

“My school principal’s husband was talking about how she gives good blow jobs, and it makes sense, she is the head-master after all.”

Rock Music and Chill

Over the years, many new subgenres of rock music have become popular. But few things have remained the same about the world of rock music and its musicians. One of these things is headbanging, which can also work as a pun.

“What does a rock musician call oral sex?


Next time you headbang to your favorite rock song, you will definitely think of this pun.

The Government

No one can think that the government and oral sex can make an appearance in the same joke. But you would be surprised at the creativity of the people on the Internet. As long as a joke has unexpected elements, it will never be forgotten by the audience.

“What do you call an authoritarian government headed by a woman who loves to perform oral sex?

A dicktastership.”

Who knew that the Internet can even make dictatorship funny?

Airplanes and Stewardesses

There’s something about airplanes and stewardesses that inspires so many jokes. If you haven’t read any raunchy jokes about airplanes and stewardesses, then you have been missing out. It’s about time to catch up with this joke:

“I was on an airplane yesterday, and the gorgeous stewardess said to me, ‘would you like some headphones?’

I said, ‘yes please, and how did you know my name is phones?’”

It should go without saying that no one should make this joke in real life.

Escort Agencies

You may not know this, but escort agencies are still a thing. You can find an escort agency almost anywhere in the world. But the way an escort agency operates will be different everywhere. In some places, you can only book their services online, while in other instances, you can also get in touch with them through the phone.

“I rang a local escort agency and asked for a BJ,

They put me through to their head office.”

Well, at least you won’t have to worry about the blowjob now.

Strangest Places

Some people are adventurous when it comes to engaging in sexual activities. They like to find the strangest places on Earth for such activities. Although a swimming pool is not that strange of a place for sex, it definitely is one for a blowjob.

“What do you call a blowjob in the swimming pool?

Head under water.”

Now, this is the kind of pun that makes people groan for being too obvious. But if they didn’t think of it first, it’s their loss.

Lovely Banter

Married life is all about making jokes with your partner. If you don’t engage in lovely banter from time to time, your connection with your partner will begin to weaken. What’s great about banter is you can also incorporate jokes about sex and blowjobs.

“I told my wife I was so stressed that only a blowjob would help.

She asked me where I was going to find a dick to suck at this time of night.”

Now, this is the kind of joke that a wife can tell her husband to make him groan and laugh at the same time.

What’s Your Experience?

Not everyone on this planet has given a blowjob to someone. Many people are curious to find out what the activity means and how to engage in it. With this simple joke, you can explain everything to them:

“Have you ever given a blowjob?

They are a mouthful.”

Now, if they swear off blowjobs after hearing this joke, it’s their loss.

The Ultimate Pun

Who knew that the ultimate pun about blowjobs would come from a discussion between two whales? Don’t believe us? Here’s how it went:

“When two whales are swimming, one of them spots a fishing boat. He says to the other: ‘Hey, that is the boat that harpooned Frank, let’s get back at them.’

The other whale says, ‘Oh yeah? How?’

‘Let’s both go under their boat, and blow our blowholes as hard as we can to knock over their boat!’” They do that which sends all the sailors into the water.

The first whale then goes, ‘Now that they are all in the water, we should eat them!’

The second whale replies, ‘Woah, woah, woah. I was all for the blow job but I won’t swallow any seamen.’”

This is the pun that will either get everyone to stop listening to your jokes or make them more interested in your humor.

There are some jokes that you can’t tell in all types of gatherings, but that doesn’t make them inappropriate. As long as jokes aren’t disrespecting anyone, they can be pretty funny. So, don’t hesitate before sharing them with your friends and partner today if you want to make them laugh.


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