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When figuring out if a guy likes you through texting, you’ve got to be a bit of a detective. Sometimes he will come right out and tell you that he likes you.

However, more often than not, it’s up to girls to do a bit of sleuthing. But fear not! This step-by-step guide will help you work out if he’s into you over text.

Telltale Signs a Guy Is Interested Based on His Texts

The critical question to ask yourself is this: “Am I important enough in his life?” Everyone has competing priorities. However, relationships are a vital aspect that everyone should nurture to live a happy and balanced lifestyle. If you find yourself coming up last, after work, family, friends, or pastimes, beware. He might not be that into you.

But of course, it’s a complicated matter because you can’t expect his world to revolve around you. So how do you know if you’re a priority for him? Don’t worry. There will be telltale signs, and we can help you spot them! So get scrolling through your text history with him and see if you can answer the following questions.

Who Initiates Contact?

We’ve all had those relationships where we feel like we’re continually nagging someone or waiting for them to text back. Guys can be forgetful or oblivious, so try not to panic if this happens a couple of times. There may be a real reason he couldn’t reply. But if he’s always leaving you on “seen” or never initiating contact, that’s a sign he’s not that hot for you.

What you can do is back off a little. Let things cool down. This guy might be too used to having you initiate messaging. In this case, you might look a bit desperate if you keep going. But if he starts taking the lead, that shows that he’s making an effort to stay in touch with you. That’s a foolproof signal he actively wants you in his life.

If he texts you randomly with interesting or funny things throughout the day, he’s sending you a clear message! It means that he’s thinking about you during his everyday life and making you a priority. However, be aware of our exceptions below!

When Do You Text?

If a guy always texts you first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, rejoice! It’s practically a sure thing that he likes you! These are the times of the day we’re at our most vulnerable. It’s when we’re thinking of the people who are the most important to us.

Another critical factor is how long he takes to reply. If he texts you back quickly, it means he’s keen to get another message from you. You can infer that he’s prioritizing you in his life. If it always takes him ages to get back to you or suddenly stops texting, these are red flags!

Appreciate the little texts that make you smile. If you get messages from him throughout the day, it’s safe to assume that he likes you. You know what it’s like when you can’t get someone out of your mind. It makes you want to reach out and text them!

However, you can’t know for sure if a guy likes you through texting until you’ve analyzed what his messages say.

Is He Trying to Connect With You?

Is he asking you questions and sharing things about his life? That probably means he’s trying to connect with you on a level that’s deeper than friendship. If he seems to remember little details that you wouldn’t expect him to, he’s trying to get to know you. When you find a guy inquiring about your great grandmother’s maiden name, trust us, he’s obviously hooked.

In particular, pay close attention if a guy is texting you to ask for your advice on something. It’s hard for guys to be vulnerable, so if he’s asking for your opinion, that’s a great sign! The more personal things he shares with you, the more likely he is to be into you. Try to reciprocate these actions to make things even. 

Does He Text You Funny Things?

Funny texts from guys can mean a couple of things. Either they think of you as a friend and are just sharing a joke, or they like you. Funny messages are the most cryptic texts you’ll ever receive from a guy. You have to look closely at what the jokes are about.

If they’re texts that you find hilarious, especially if they’re inside jokes, it is a good sign. He’s remembering things about you and trying to make you laugh. However, if his funny texts are about something that you’re not interested in, he might not be paying enough attention. You don’t want to be with a self-centered man who just thinks about himself! 

Does He Send You Flirty Messages?

Let’s face it. The easiest way to tell if a guy is into you is if he’s sending you flirty messages. Sometimes they’re not very subtle! If you know a guy is flirting with you via text, you can just sit back and enjoy the conversation. Compliments, gentle teasing, and lots of emojis all mean that he probably likes you. Don’t be afraid to flirt back and see what happens.

But be careful, he’s got to follow through! If you only ever exchange flirty texts but never get round to meeting up, he might just view swapping messages as a bit of fun. So ask yourself the next question.

Do You Make Plans to Hang Out?

If you only ever text with your guy, the thing you’ve got going on is unlikely to blossom into a real relationship. If he’s initiating plans, that’s a sign that he might be interested in taking things to the next level with you. If he’s not talking about hanging out, try suggesting you meet up. If he immediately wants to arrange the time and place, it’s a strong sign that he likes you.

A sure sign that he’s looking forward to seeing you is if he texts you to check you’re still interested. This guy has clearly been thinking about spending time with you and hopes you are too. But a guy who makes last-minute plans instead of planning ahead might just see you as a convenience. And it’s even worse if he cancels!

When you do hang out, check that he still acts the same as he does when you’re texting. Is he still warm, flirty, and funny? Sometimes guys can be a little awkward at first, so don’t worry if he takes a little while to warm up. But if he’s acting differently or is very closed off, it’s probably a sign he’s not ready for a relationship.

What Does Your Heart Say?

Sometimes you just know. If you have a gut feeling that the guy likes you (or that he doesn’t), trust your instincts. Try not to get hung up on all the specific phrases he used. Zoom out, take a deep breath, and look at the bigger picture. If you can’t decide, ask your friends what they think. A second opinion is always valuable, and they might spot something you haven’t.


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