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Staying in touch during the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. Some of us haven’t visited our friends and loved ones for a long time. It can be hard to keep in touch when you can’t see each other face-to-face. Are you struggling to find the right words for the special woman in your life? We have collected the best goodnight texts for her.

The Sweetest Goodnight Messages to Put a Smile on Her Face

After a long, hard day at work, we all love to receive sweet little messages from that special someone. If you’re the last person she thinks of before falling asleep, that’s just a bonus. Maybe you’ll appear in her dreams, or she may wake up with you in her mind. Either way, receiving a goodnight text will definitely make her feel special.

Texts to Keep the Conversation Going

Sometimes you aren’t quite ready to finish your day without talking to your significant other. However, some days it’s hard to figure out what to say! Don’t sweat it. Asking her questions can provide you with plenty to talk about. It will also prove to her that you’re interested in her thoughts and feelings.

You could ask her a couple of questions about her day. This is especially good if you can remember some details about her life that you can inquire about. For example, if she had a big presentation at work, you could talk about how it went.

Example: Hi there, how was work today? I hope Angela wasn’t too annoying! Did Brett’s fish stink out the microwave again?

Texts to Break the Ice

If you know something she’s excited about, you could dive deep into it. What do you know about her interests and hobbies? What does she enjoy doing in her free time?

Example: Hey, I know you love films, did you see Hamilton yet?

Texts to Get to Know Her Better

If you haven’t learned much about her, you could ask her some ask her some questions to get to know her better. Talk about her favorite movies, TV shows, music, or about her family. You could make even some more off-the-wall questions. Ask, for example, whether she would rather have free wifi or free coffee forever.

Example: Hey! If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Make sure not to bombard her with questions. Who would ever want to feel like they are under interrogation? If she tells you personal details, make sure to share some of your life with her as well. This will build an even relationship based on mutual understanding.

Texts to Make Her Feel Good About Herself

Think about the woman you’re texting. What are some of your favorite things about her? Is it the way her eyes light up when she smiles, or how she always has the most exciting stories? Maybe she is very kind and always knows how to cheer you up. Whatever it is, try and make it personal to her, and not just about her body.

Example: I was thinking about you today. I don’t think people tell you enough what a thoughtful person you are, so I wanted to remind you. Thanks for being awesome!

Texts to Bring Out Memories

Alternatively, you could talk about some of the good times you’ve shared. Recalling a fond memory before bed can make someone feel happy and relaxed. Show her that you’re invested in your relationship with her.

Example: Today, I remembered that time you brought me some chicken noodle soup when I was sick – my favorite flavor! I wish I can be as kind as you are one day.

Texts to Tell Her You Miss Her

It’s okay to be vulnerable! Telling her honestly that you miss her can make her feel reassured if she’s missing you too. Don’t go over the top with this. Just keep it simple, and most importantly, be honest. Even if you can’t make plans to see each other in person, ask if she wants to hang out virtually.

Example: Hi. I hope it’s okay to say, but I’ve been missing you recently. I hope we can catch up sometime. Maybe we can FaceTime soon?

Flirty Goodnight Texts for Her

If you’re texting your girlfriend or partner, you might like to send some flirty goodnight texts from time to time. Ask yourself, how does it make you feel to think about her? What are some qualities that you find attractive in her? What would you like to do together when you see each other?

Example: I’m remembering the feeling of holding you safe in my arms. Can’t wait to see you again!

Texts to Make Her Imagination Soar

You could try and use words that describe the different senses. As well as sight, think about smell, touch, taste, and sound. Do you remember her voice? What do you usually eat when you’re together?

Example: When we hug, it reminds me of the warm summer day we spent in the park together—just you and me, with the sounds of nature all around us. I can’t wait to do that again!

Funny Goodnight Texts for Her

Maybe the woman you want to message isn’t your girlfriend. Perhaps she’s just a friend or an acquaintance. Some of the texts in this article will still work in this scenario. You can ask her questions to start a conversation. You can also text a compliment or two, as long as you make sure it’s appropriate for a friend.

One creative way to send a warm text without any potentially strange connotations is to send something funny. Maybe a friend posted a meme on Facebook, or you could search the internet for hilarious jokes. These work incredibly well if the topics are something she’s interested in, or they’re relevant to what’s happening in her life.

Example: Hey! Great to see you’re back from Switzerland! What was your favorite thing there? I don’t know a lot about that country, but the flag is a big plus.

Texts to Catch Up

If something amusing happened to you recently, you could write a goodnight text for her with a story about the event. It could even be something you saw on tv, as long as it makes an interesting story to read.

Example: So it was my birthday today, and, apparently, I complained too much about breaking my Xbox controller because I got five of them as presents!

Still Feeling Uninspired?

So you’ve read through all of our tips, and you still can’t think of anything to say? When in doubt, send her an adorable video! What’s her favorite animal? If you know she has a cat, perhaps you could send her a funny kitty vid. There’s even evidence that cute pet clips can be good for you!

Final Tips

The best messages come from the heart. If these examples don’t grab you, just be yourself and get that text sent. After all, what matters is making a connection

Finally, try not to be upset if she’s too sleepy to respond -your message will probably be the first thing she sees when she wakes up. Then it’ll turn into a wonderful start to her day!


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