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If there’s one thing that you can find on every social media website, it is funny quotes and memes. People really commit to jokes on the Internet. There are also jok-themed comic strips and elaborate drawings.

Every Internet user already knows how important memes are for keeping people sane. When bad news is coming at people from every angle, they can use a few laughs. But there should always be a limit on what you can and can’t laugh about.

Ginger Jokes

The word ginger is often used to refer to people with red hair. People with red hair are also called redheads. Only a small percentage of the population has natural red hair. The hair color varies greatly in hue among the gingers. The people with red hair often have fair skin color, freckles, and sensitivity to UV light. If you want to read funny redhead jokes, you can certainly find a lot of good ones easily.

Let’s get started!

Beware of Their Anger

According to a common stereotype about redheads, they are always angry. Their mood changes in minutes, so it doesn’t take long for them to get mad. The Internet has used this stereotype in multiple jokes about redheads. Here’s one of them:

“How to piss off a redhead?”

“Say something.”

So, you don’t even have to say anything rude to make a ginger mad. The moment you start talking, they will get angry. Now, imagine if you actually said something rude *shudders*.

Don’t Make Them Angry

Everyone remembers Hulk’s iconic line when he asks people not to make him angry because they wouldn’t like him if he got angry. When it comes to anger, redheads are no different from Hulk, even if they don’t have his power. They can do a lot of damage even without the power of Hulk.

“Never upset a redhead. It may be the last thing you do.”

So, if you value your life, keep your redhead friends happy. Don’t say anything to upset them if you don’t want to get a direct ticket for heaven today.

Behind You!

If you are making a joke about someone and they come up from behind you, you would feel embarrassed. But if the same thing happened with a redhead, you would fear for your life. There’s only one safe way of telling a redhead joke:

“How does every Redhead joke begin?”

“By looking over your shoulder.”

So, if you look over your shoulder before telling a redhead joke, you will be able to keep yourself safe from an angry ginger.

A Ginger Has Friends?

Another popular stereotype about gingers is that they are antisocial and don’t have any friends. Even friends of gingers make such jokes about them. Since the Harry Potter movies had Rupert Grint, a natural redhead, as one of the main characters, plenty of jokes have been made about it.

“Harry Potter movies are a bit unrealistic. There’s no way a ginger kid can have two friends.”

Sure, magic can be realistic, but people draw the line at a ginger kid having two friends. But everyone knows that in truth, Ron had a lot more friends and proved the ginger haters wrong.

Where Are the Souls?

One of the funniest jokes about red-haired people is that they have no souls. Even the redheads themselves use this joke on social media. People say that since redheads don’t have souls, they eat the souls of others. Every time they eat a soul, they get a freckle. Now, isn’t that an interesting theory?

“Why aren’t gingers allowed in shoe stores?”

“Because they steal all the soles.”

Well, it’s not their fault if they don’t have souls and have to steal some to make up for it. How about leaving some souls out for gingers like you leave cookies for Santa every Christmas?

Find Your Soulmate

If you are a romantic, then you would be a believer of the soulmate theory that everyone has an ideal partner. Some people manage to find their soulmates, while others end up spending their whole lives without one. But what about redheads?

“Why can’t a ginger marry someone?”

“Because he’s got no soul, mate.”

How can you have a soulmate when you don’t even have a soul? Now, that’s sad. But if a ginger is not a romantic, they wouldn’t even want to find their soulmate.

Ed Sheeran

No discussion about gingers can ever be complete without mentioning the English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran. He is one of the most popular redheads in the world. As a result, he also appears on funny redhead memes and jokes quite frequently. Here’s one where his name is also used as a pun:

“A woman saw her ginger ex-boyfriend Ed.”

“Sheeran away.”

Although the woman in the joke ran away, in truth, any woman would want to get the autograph of Ed Sheeran if she saw him instead of running away.


Ginger is a spice that is used in cooking and baking. Gingerbread is very popular all over the world. People make gingerbread men to celebrate Christmas. Due to the name of the bread, it also gets mentioned in jokes about gingers often. Here’s a joke about gingerbread and its makers:

“What do you call a bakery owned by a redhead?”

“A Ginger Bread-House.”

Jokes like this one goes to show that you can make a hilarious comment without offending anyone or making someone feel uncomfortable.


Every generation of people have a different thing that they are obsessed with. If you are looking for funny ginger jokes for teens, you need ones that talk about music and social media. Kids love these things these days and prefer jokes that they can understand.

“What type of music can’t ginger people listen to?”


Now, this is the kind of joke language that will be appreciated on Twitter.

The Redhead Population

If you are wondering what kind of funny ginger jokes for teens would be appropriate, then the answer is puns. Although everyone groans at a good pun, it does make them laugh. Bonus points for telling a pun if you are a dad.

“What is it called when two red hairs have a kid?”

“Ginger bred.”

You can save all the gingerbread jokes for Christmas and tell them when the whole family sits down to eat to get the most laughs out of them.

Favorite Drink

Each individual is complex and has their own likes and dislikes. Everyone cannot be added into a single category. But that’s something that happens a lot in jokes. People of certain communities, skin color, and hair color have certain stereotypes about it. Every other funny ginger joke is also based on a stereotype. But this one is a bit different:

“What is the favorite drink of a redhead?”

“Ginger Ale.”

If you like ginger ale but you don’t have red hair, then you should know that you are spiritually a ginger.

Pickup Line

A collection of jokes about gingers would be incomplete without a pickup line. The Internet can be very helpful in this regard. Even if you have no experience of dating and don’t know any good pickup lines, you can turn to the Internet for help. You would be surprised to see how many dating funny quotes and pick-up lines there are on the Internet. Here’s one about gingers:

“Girl, are you a ginger because you are on fire.”

The red hair color is like a fire, especially in the sunlight. You can make use of that fact for a pickup line. You can change this line up a bit and use it on anyone. But success is not guaranteed because it will all depend on your delivery and charm.

The Future

Everybody has certain expectations from their future. There are things that all of us look forward to. Since each person has different dreams and aspirations, the images of future people have in their minds will also be different. When it comes to gingers, here’s what they want from their future:

“What do gingers look forward to later on in life?”

“Grey hair.”

Since gingers are often made fun of because of their hair, they can’t wait for the future when they will have grey hair. In truth, every redhead will have different expectations from their future because they are just like everyone else. Here’s hoping that everyone’s future dreams come true.

Making jokes about every topic has become common, but it is important to keep the feelings of people into consideration. When making a ginger joke, be sure not to hurt the other person through your words. Always be mindful of everyone’s feelings and avoid rude and insensitive jokes. The jokes mentioned above don’t target the weak points of a person and therefore, are suitable for sharing with your friends and family members for a few laughs.


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