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Having a good laugh every once in a while is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can help relieve stress and can go a long way in alleviating exhaustion or fatigue as well.

If you think about it, great comedy is all about keeping it simple. While witty puns and clever jokes can certainly crack everyone up, sometimes clean ones work just as well.

There are some incredibly funny jokes or one-liners that will either make you laugh out loud or throw up your hands. If you are looking to find a few good clean jokes for adults, your search ends right now!

“Why is no one friends with Dracula? Because he’s a pain in the neck.”

As most people may already know, Dracula is the original vampire. The character is notorious for attacking human beings and draining their blood. This joke is a clever play on words by indicating that Dracula has no friends because he is a pain in the neck.

The phrase is commonly used to describe irritating or annoying people but in this joke, it is quite literal. Nobody wants to be friends with Dracula because he has a tendency for “biting” necks. While the joke may leave your friends or family members rolling their eyes, it is bound to bring out a few smiles.

“What time do you go to the dentist? At tooth-hurty.”

People usually visit the dentist when their teeth hurt. So this clean joke has the best play on words that you might come across. The question is at what time you will go to the dentist, but the answer doesn’t make sense when you read it the first time. The faster you read, the easier it will be to understand.

When you say “tooth-hurty” quickly, you will realize that it sounds like “two thirty.” So the visit is scheduled for a specific time that has been conveyed quite creatively. Furthermore, the two-word answer even has the reason for going to the dentist!

 “I entered 10 puns in a contest to see which would win. No pun in 10 did.”

This joke is among the best clean jokes, and has a clever pun in it as well. For some people, this joke might come across as slightly confusing at first. However, when you read it again, you will be able to figure out the punch line immediately.

“No pun intended” is something that people say to draw attention to a statement that may come across as a witty pun. It is also used to denote sarcasm at times but generally is taken quite lightly. In this joke, the humor is derived from the fact that 10 puns were submitted to a contest but not one of them won. You cannot help but laugh at the witty pun in the joke, which could be a good ice breaker as well.

“Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn? Because he always has a great fall.”

Now, this joke will lead to a few eye rolls but it will certainly be worth it! Most people are familiar with the fall of Humpty Dumpty since childhood. The joke assumes that Humpty Dumpty loved the autumn season as “fall” is synonymous with “autumn.”

This can make you wonder if the true intention of the poet who wrote Humpty Dumpty was to tell the readers about what a great time Humpty Dumpty had in the autumn season. It could be possible that a sudden change of imagination led to the use of “fall,” which means “to drop.” The best time to crack this clean joke is when autumn is just around the corner.

“Why can’t Elsa have a balloon? Because she will let it go.”

If you have children in the family, then you may already be familiar with Elsa’s character and the blockbuster song in the movie “Frozen.” The humor in this joke is a play on the lyrics of the song, “Let It Go.” While as adults, people are usually told to avoid holding on to grudges or bad feelings, it may not end that well with certain things.  

It is actually a really great message but one that might not be applicable in all aspects of life. The joke makes light of this with the punch line, which could bring more than a few smiles in a crowd.

“How do you measure a snake? In inches—they don’t have feet.

Snakes are reptiles that have no legs and have been a subject of research for years now. Feet and inches are commonly used units for measuring lengths. The joke is actually quite funny when you think about it.  

It brilliantly connects two different meanings of feet (heels and the unit of measurement) to convey a pun. This joke may crack up a room or have your friends and family rolling their eyes at you!

“Why did the picture go to prison? Because it was framed!”

It is best that you avoid this joke in front of people who work in the police field or are investigators. While it is quite a clever joke, you may end up attracting a lot of judgmental looks for your sense of humor.

As it is obvious, the punch line draws a comparison between picture frames and getting imprisoned for a crime falsely. You could use this joke at a family gathering or party and it could have some laughs too!

These clean jokes for adults might be quite useful to break through awkward silences in a room or to start up conversations as well. You may end up making your friends laugh loudly at dinner and even get through to a younger audience.  

If you want to relax after a tough day at work and just enjoy some peace of mind, you can go over some of the jokes to rejuvenate as well. Good humor can really work wonders in maintaining a balance in life.


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