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When it comes to humor and different genres of comedy, you can be spoiled for choice. With popular memes and joke formats, you can find several good jokes that may keep you or your friends entertained. Sometimes, people also set up others on the Internet with pun traps.

If you think about it, you will be able to remember many such instances when a friend might have responded with a witty one-liner to a serious question. You can also easily get back at them by setting up some incredibly funny pun traps or a Bophades joke. At the end, you could certainly crack a few friends and get eye rolls as well!

Why Tell a One Liner When You Can Tell a Story?

Often jokes with ancient Greek figures such as Bophades rely on the ability to reel your audience in and make them realize that they aren’t getting trapped. This means creating an elaborate story line to hook the other person so it sounds authentic or credible. Once they become invested in the story and start to follow it, you can throw in the punch line.

It could also be a single word or phrase that doesn’t make sense in the context of the story. The absurd word or name would cause someone to raise a question, which in turn could allow you to respond with a childish answer. Typically, Bophades jokes rely on wordplay with genitals and are quite humorous as well.

For example, ligma and sugma are often accompanied by “balls” or “nuts.” Mostly jokes like these are accompanied by the words “HA GOT ’EM” to signify that your friend has fallen for the trick. Subverting their expectations and changing it from a serious story to a joke is what allows you and the audience to laugh along.

“Have you ever heard of the Greek hero Bophades?”

He was one of the heroes who fought in the Trojan War. His story is similar to the story of Achilles. When he was a child, his mother held him by the groin and dipped him in the river Styx, as to make him invincible in battle. However, just like Achilles, he had a weak spot.

His mother held him by the groin, so this was where he became vulnerable. In the case of Achilles, this was his heel. So, you may have heard of Achilles’ heel, or the Achilles’ tendon, but I bet you have never heard of Bophades “nuts.” A great setup, this joke requires that you remain serious for the whole part.

When you casually drop the question of the Greek hero Bophades, the audience may have never heard of the fictional mythological figure. This is where you can indulge them in your story and then end it by mentioning Bophades’ nuts. The sudden change from a serious story to a joke about genitals could have your audience wildly confused for a moment before the laughter breaks out.

“Have you heard of Imagine Dragons? Well, Imagine Dragons These Nuts Across Your Face.”

This is a tricky joke and you should set this up very carefully. Music is always a fun subject to discuss with close friends or colleagues. By mentioning certain bands or singers, you could easily find out who has a similar taste in music. It is exactly the banality of such a conversation that can make this joke an instant hit with the crowd.

Your friends might not suspect a thing if you randomly start talking about favorite bands or entertainers. This is where you can bring up the highly popular band Imagine Dragons, which your friend or co-worker might know about.

When they give a positive response to your question, you can quickly add in the punch line and take them by surprise. The humor comes from the unsuspecting nature of the joke and the casual build-up. 


The joke format is quite different from others and you will have to apply your knowledge of memes with this one. You may find it challenging to pull it off in person as Hyfil humor works best on social media. With such jokes, it is important to make sure that people are familiar with popular memes and know who Phil Swift is.

Hyfil is a play on the words “Hi, Phil,” which is the introduction to the monologue by Phil Swift in his Flex tape commercial that was later popularized by the meme community. The joke format is quite simple and can be set up in a casual conversation easily.

You can drop in a message saying that you might have “Hyfil.” When the other person asks you what that is, the answer may be quite elaborate.

The Hyfil Meme

As it goes in the commercial, the “Hyfil” jokes are all about responding as Phil Swift in the video of Flex Tape.

“Hi, Phil Swift here with Flex Tape! The super-strong waterproof tape! That can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair! Flex tape is no ordinary tape; its triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to the surface, instantly stopping the toughest leaks. Leaky pipes can cause major damage, but Flex Tape grips on tight and bonds instantly! Plus, Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive is so strong, it even works underwater!”

Bonus Jokes: Making pun traps is fun but there is a huge tendency to overuse the jokes and make a fool out of your friend repeatedly. They might not like that and that’s why you need more jokes on diverse topics. You need to brush up on your humor by adding a few great puns and expand your range as a comedian!  

Visual Puns

Sometimes double meaning jokes and puns can get a little dry, especially when we consider the growing use of memes and videos that circulate regularly on the Internet. It sure would be nice if someone compiled a list of visual puns that could captivate your audience and get them thinking about certain jokes for a long time.

Well, you may be surprised to discover that you can use a lot of witty and funny visual puns that may have everyone smiling. If you still insist on overusing pun traps and want to find some new material, there are a few good ones that do not have any humor related to genitals.

When you are out with a few close friends or invite them over for dinner, you could certainly bring out these jokes or set up pun traps that may lighten the mood immediately.

What’s a Henway?

Arguably one of the oldest pun traps of all time, this joke remains a classic. There are multiple iterations on how to get your friend to inquire about what a Henway is, but the one that works almost every time happens to be in the format of a story.

Person One: “A couple of days ago I was carrying groceries in, and had a tough time juggling the eggs, bread, and the henway.”

Person Two: “What’s a henway?”

Person One: “Roughly three pounds.”

It is a clean joke that you can use in front of an audience of all ages. It relies on the connection between Henway and Hen weigh. By replying to the question, you could subvert your friend’s expectations of further grocery shopping banter and make them realize that it was a trap.

Who’s That Pokémon?

Pokémon is by far the one of the most popular animated phenomenon to originate from Japan. Most people who grew up in the 2000s may have either heard of Pokémon or followed the series actively as well. The set up to the joke requires you to strike up a random conversation with someone where you could reminisce about the long-gone days.

After mentioning Pokémon, you could take things a bit further and dig up a picture of Gulpin or Rhydon on Google. Pokémon fans love getting quizzed on different activities and recalling names of popular creatures from the series. If they correctly identify Gulpin, you can reply with “Gulpin these balls.” In the case of Rhydon, you can reply with “Rhydon this dick.”

Both of the above pun traps rely on the innate and childish humor associated with genitals. In the end, you and your friend will be laughing at how easily they became a victim to one of these pranks.

What Is the Right Time for Sheepsay?

This is an incredibly popular pun trap that is surprisingly clean and quite humorous as well. You may crack up everyone in the room with this joke. It is quite simple as well and usually reserved for a younger audience.

When you ask this question about the “right time for sheepsay,” someone is bound to ask you what it is. In response, all you have to say is “baaa, baa, baaa,” and watch the other person roll their eyes at you!


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