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There couldn’t be a bigger paradox than the two words, rape jokes. While people do tend to crack jokes about it at times, there is a high chance that they might be incredibly offensive.

Since the humor is considered inappropriate, it is always better to be mindful about this subject. Rape jokes can be triggering for victims and encourage perpetrators as well.

However, some people or comedians may argue that they draw attention to the matter and can start a debate or discussion between them. There are some inappropriate jokes that you may come across that could make anyone cringe or back away in anger.

You may even have heard some of these before!

“I accidentally called my wife the wrong name when I was making love to her the other night. I’m glad she was sleeping.”

It could take a minute for you to realize how serious and dark this joke is. In fact, most people may not even know what is wrong with this one. This joke revolves around the common “myth” that women lose their bodily autonomy after marriage. Simply put, the husband has a right over the wife so they do not have to ask for consent.

A sleeping wife cannot give you her consent, and you really don’t have to be a genius to put it together from the punch line. The joke is highly inappropriate and could rightly lead to angry reactions. If someone is using this anywhere, it’s best to call them out on it.

“I saw a man trying to rape a girl, I decided to help. She didn’t stand a chance against both of us.”

Does it sound confusing? Well, go over it again and cringe. The reason you might get confused is that the use of the word “help” can make people assume that it will end differently. This joke finds humor in the helplessness and hopelessness of the victim. It is actually very disturbing and should not be told in the presence of a young audience or children.

“My girlfriend is so ugly when two guys broke into her apartment, she yelled, ‘Rape!’ They yelled, ‘No!’”

The joke glorifies rape and is quite inappropriate as well as disrespectful. If someone is defending their right to put it out there, you should protest against it. There is no humor in calling someone “undesirable” and then relating it with such a sensitive subject.

It objectifies women and girls, and makes light of what they have to face in difficult situations. This is one joke that validates the crime as well so it must be retired as soon as possible.

Where Is the Humor?

There is almost nothing funny about rape jokes and the ones above are some examples of those which are sickening and triggering. Despite that, you can also find a few jokes on the subject that may not leave you red with anger but actually get people thinking.

Surprisingly, some rape jokes are not as inappropriate and can be discussed or told in an audience to bring the issue to light.


“Are you guys ready to hear my rape joke? I’m gonna tell it anyway. Whether you like it or not. That’s my rape joke.”

This joke highlights the big problem that has led to several debates, consent or the lack thereof. The fact that the joke is being told regardless of whether the audience wants to hear it reflects the act of rape that disregards the victim’s lack of consent.

It may not make you laugh, but this joke essentially points out a flaw. It’s a clever way of easing into the dark topic of rape by first putting forth the main issue. Rape is unforgivable because it is forced upon an unwilling person.


A football team trying to avoid the coach’s “no rape, rule.”

“Can we rape at away games?” No. “What if it’s Halloween and she’s dressed like a sexy cat?” No. “What if she thinks it’s rape and I don’t?” Still no. “What if my mom is the DA” – district attorney – “and won’t prosecute, can I rape?” or “If the girl said yes to me the other day, but it was about something else?”

The joke was featured as a skit in the Amy Schumer Show and highlights denial and refusal of some men who refuse to understand the concept of consent. It reflects how people encourage the rape culture by not holding men accountable. The humor sheds a light on men using any irrational excuse to force themselves on women and looking for a way to get off the hook.


“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some parts of our bodies were detachable? Just think about it. You get home from work, it’s getting a little dark outside, and you’re like, ‘I’d like to go for a jog…but it’s getting too dark, oh! I’ll just leave something at home!’… [There’s] just so much freedom—you could do anything. You could go visit a professional ball player’s hotel room at two in the morning.”

It may take a while for you to understand what is being conveyed here. This joke actually emphasizes how scared women must feel to associate their freedom with detaching a part of their body. A part of their body, if removed, would make them safe. This highlights how most girls or women do not feel secure when stepping out for work or exercise.

These jokes are profoundly different from the ones that make light of the subject. While the former are extremely insensitive, the latter highlight the issue in a witty manner. They may not make you laugh, but they’ll definitely encourage people to talk about the matter.

Rape isn’t funny and rape jokes shouldn’t exist at all. But that would be in an ideal world, where humor based on offense is problematic.


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