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There are a ton of cool add-ons, particularly within specific apps, that can make using them a lot easier. For WhatsApp, a popular messaging app that is free for users to utilize, having the extractor can be crucial.

But what is the WhatsApp web extractor? This is your guide for WhatsApp—what it is, how it works, and what the web extractor can do for you.

What is WhatsApp?

For those who don’t know, WhatsApp is popular around the globe, a great tool for messaging, sending texts, making voice calls, and more. It is owned by Facebook and is considered to be one of the most popular messaging services around the globe.

It offers users the opportunity to send messages without having to use cellular-data networks. Where WhatsApp shines is that it just needs a Wi-Fi connection to both send and receive messages, as well as make calls, all for free.

It is a tool that can allow users to remain connected from anywhere in the world without having to shell out for an expensive cellular service. It is the preferred service of nearly 2 billion users because it can streamline communications no matter where or what device.

What Is the WhatsApp Web Extractor?

There are a few tools that can help make your WhatsApp experience a smoother one. For starters, there is an extractor extension offered by SoLetsTalkDigital, that can make it easy to download and upload all of your contacts through a simple CSV file.

The WhatsApp web extractor is not free, however. It does come with yearly and lifetime subscription options which allows users to sign up for the service at an affordable price. It is important to note that the subscription does require payment through Razorpay.

The cool thing about the web extractor is that it does not just simply download and allow for the upload of contact lists. It allows users to keep their groups separated, organizing contact lists in any way that the user wants.

But let’s backtrack for a minute and learn more about WhatsApp, what it can do, and how it might be useful.

How Does WhatsApp work?

Without a doubt, the biggest draw to WhatsApp is that it allows users to send not only messages but calls as well with only an Internet connection. Given how much more prevalent public Wi-Fi is, that can mean totally free messaging and calling depending on where you live.

Even better, there are no fees involved in signing up and there are no cellular data plans to worry about. It is simply a totally free service to use for everyone.

WhatsApp is very similar to other services like Messages by Google and iMessage, but there are some serious advantages as well. One of the most significant is that it has cross-platform functionality between iOS and Android.

Secure Messaging

Though it can seem quite basic on the surface, there is really so much that WhatsApp has to offer. Voice calls and sending and receiving messages are easy with WhatsApp. But even better, video calls are covered as well. You can even make group video calls, allowing for as many as eight users at one time to be on a single call.

WhatsApp users are also able to take part in voice messaging. Record and send messages effortlessly, whether it be to another person or within a group chat. The messaging is also as secure as it gets, thanks to end-to-end encryption. This is a secure communication standard that allows only the participants in the message to be able to read said messages.

Sharing Capabilities

Users of WhatsApp can also share both photos and videos effortlessly. Send photos, GIFs, and video without having to wonder if they will be pixelated or even not downloadable. That can happen regularly across SMS messaging, especially when crossing carriers and mobile platforms.

Document sharing is also made easy with WhatsApp. Any kind of document you can think of—particularly spreadsheets, PDFs, and even slideshows—can all be sent without having to utilize a separate document-sharing app or your email.

Using WhatsApp

Another major selling point of WhatsApp is that it is totally easy to use. Once you have registered for a new account, you can begin sending messages to groups and individuals alike. The icons are clear and easy to use, making it simple for even the most technically averse to use it without issue.

If that weren’t enough, there is WhatsApp Business. This is a dedicated business account that is meant to help entrepreneurs streamline their business and make communication as simple as possible. Business owners can showcase products while also connecting directly to both customers and vendors on a platform that is not only familiar but totally convenient.

There are a lot of messaging apps out there, and it can be difficult to tell them apart at times. But what separates WhatsApp from the rest is that you can not only download it for free but is also available to free on any wireless network.

You can hang out in any public space that offers Wi-Fi and gain access to your contacts, share messages, videos, pictures, documents, and so much more, all in the blink of an eye. All on an interface that requires little learning curve or time to get used to.


WhatsApp is a popular online tool that allows users to chat, make voice and video calls, send text messages, and so much more. Understanding its full capabilities can take some time, which includes the web extractor.

Before long, having the ability to import and export contact lists can prove to be invaluable. It is just one of the many things about WhatsApp that makes it an invaluable thing to have.


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