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Butterflies themselves are a symbol of transformation. The metamorphosis, or transition from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and final emergence as a butterfly, serves as a reminder of change and adaptation.

Each butterfly is distinct and beautiful, but the white butterfly, of which several species exist, are often rare and hold greater meaning. While the symbolism varies slightly across cultures, the white butterfly always represents hope, change, joy, and love.

Stumbling across a white butterfly in the wild can be a beautiful experience, but what does it mean? Mythology, folklore, and spirituality may offer insight into the symbolism of these ethereal creatures. Whether it’s a sign from a departed loved one, a spiritual guide, an omen, or a symbol of hope and luck, the experience of crossing paths with one is unique.

The Symbolism of the White Butterfly

On its own, the color white symbolizes wisdom, purity, and spirituality. In combination with the meaning of transformation representative of its species, a white butterfly can symbolize the dawning of a new era, the ushering in hope and peace, or God’s presence.           

Often, crossing paths with a white butterfly can represent divine forces’ intervention, the butterfly itself a message from beyond. Perhaps it is a sign from a departed loved one, a symbol of peace and tranquility in a tumultuous or painful time. It is a reminder that life doesn’t end but instead transforms into something new and beautiful.

Dreaming of a White Butterfly

While coming across a white butterfly in the wild is special, experiencing one in a dream may hold a more specific message. If a white butterfly appears in a dream, it may be an omen of good fortune that indicates a positive transformation is on the horizon.

Seeing one can evoke emotions of joy and happiness, just as the turning of luck can bring forth new and exciting experiences. 

If the butterfly in your dream has transformed from chrysalis to adult and back, this may indicate a slow transition is about to take place in your life. Other interpretations of a white butterfly may be less positive and include the warning of a disease that may occur unexpectedly. Often appearing after a time of intense emotions or high anxiety, and may also represent a threatened passion or interest.

White Butterflies in Eastern Culture

In Japanese folklore, the white butterfly symbolizes selfless love stronger than death, as told in an ancient tale of lovers named Takahama and Akiko. In modern-day Japan, the moral of the myth has been retained, and a white butterfly sighting continues to hold special significance.

To the Chinese, the white butterfly is a reminder of a departed love one’s eternal love and should serve as a reminder that angels are among us. Those who witness a white butterfly in the wild are reminded of the enduring protection from above. Should a white butterfly enter your home, it symbolizes good luck and prosperity on the horizon. 

White Butterflies in Western Culture

In Native American culture, the butterfly carries a variety of messages. Unlike the black butterfly, which may indicate impending thunderstorms or a season of bad weather, the white butterfly is a symbol of good luck. Specifically for the Blackfoot tribe of the Great Plains, the white butterfly is associated with sleep and is often embroidered on infants’ clothing to help them sleep peacefully. 

In England, the white butterfly serves as a symbol of a dead spirit and immortality. Much like the Japanese, the English believe that the sight of one represents a message from beyond the grave and should be a reminder that the human spirit lives on even after the death of the body.

In Ireland, however, while the white butterfly still represents immortality, it only carries the soul of dead children. Not specific to the color white, the Irish legend holds that yellow butterflies, orange-tip butterflies, black butterflies, and green-veined butterflies can all carry out this task.

  • Yellow butterfly meaning: the yellow butterflies represent a new life in many cultures, also represent long life, good health, good fortune, and honest prosperity.
  • Orange-tip butterfly meaning: the orange-Tip butterfly is a prophetic message that your life is changing for the better.
  • Black butterfly meaning: the black butterfly represents change, transition, freedom, and rebirth.
  • Green-veined butterfly meaning: the green butterfly represents prosperity and fair attainments

Spiritual Meaning of the White Butterfly

The white butterfly has significant spiritual meaning across cultures and seeing one in dreams or the wild denotes a message of transformation from beyond. Some believe the white butterfly is the answer to prayers and a symbol of hope that changes are on the horizon.

In other cases, the white butterfly’s message may be one of God’s acknowledgment and a sign that your good work has been seen.

When used as a symbol of peace from beyond the grave, a white butterfly can be carrying the message, “I’m thinking of you.” The white butterfly represents the angels themselves, as both are ethereal and light beings sent from heaven. This should fill the receiver with hope and joy and be taken as a positive sign of love.

A White Butterfly in the Garden

While the spiritual meaning of a white butterfly is a positive one, for gardeners who find themselves coming across them frequently, they may be an indication of a pest problem that will harm crops. The cabbage white butterfly found in many parts of Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa comes in both a small and large variety. Both can do significant damage to cabbage plants in the caterpillar stage.    

Experts say prevention is the best cure for infestation, and butterfly netting is one of the best ways to protect plants. Even the invasive species of white butterfly may hold a special message for those who come across it, serving as a constant natural reminder that love and peace abound, and that transformation and change are possible in even the darkest of times. 

The Rarest White Butterfly

The wood white butterfly, native to the United Kingdom, is on the decline. This elusive species is becoming increasingly rare due to its wings’ frailty, the delicacy of which makes it difficult for the wood white to fly between woodlands to repopulate. Named for its stark white wings with wisps of gray resembling wood’s marbling, the wood white is an incredibly beautiful species. 

Despite an abundance of available food sources, the wood white has been on the decline since the early 19th century, and butterfly spectators have a limited time to witness their beauty first-hand. Only some parts of the United Kingdom currently boast the wood white populations, even though they were once thriving all over Europe. 


Cultures all over the world, and in several spiritual realms, the white butterfly holds special meaning. In dreams or while awake, it has served as a positive symbol of hope since the dawn of time. The white butterfly repeatedly appears in folklore throughout history and across the globe, and these symbols continue into the modern-day. 

While certain species decline, the interest in them continues to grow, and butterfly connoisseurs hunt for them in the wild. Even the invasive species of white butterfly may hold a special message for those who come across it, serving as a constant natural reminder that love and peace abound.


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