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How often do you say thank you in your life? Out of those times, how often is that thank you genuine? And why appreciation is so important. Saying thank you may sound simple, but it actually holds a lot of meaning. There are tons of ways to say thank you, but what’s the best out of all of them? Let’s talk a little about it.

Never saying thank you can make you look mean, cold, and stubborn. People who are not habitual of showing gratitude probably don’t make a lot of friends

Before talking about different ways to say thank you, let’s talk about why appreciation is important and why we need to inculcate more of it in our lives if we want to stay happy.


A study proves that just by saying thank you more often, you can protect your relationship and you can save it from sinking. It’s almost unbelievable how two simple words can make a difference. But relationship experts argue that saying thank you acts as support. Oftentimes, when people feel overwhelmed in relationships, they want to hear encouraging words.

During this time, the most fights occur. Partners are agitated, so they end up making rash decisions. If someone chooses to thank the other, then it can make them feel that their existence is important, and that they matter.

Say, a wife makes dinner for her husband. The husband thanks her wife for making dinner. This will wipe away all the struggle and mistakes that it took for the wife to make that dinner. Why do these two words matter so much?

Relationship experts also report that marriages can last long if partners show gratitude to each other. It may be as simple as acknowledging what they have done for them or letting them know that they are thankful for their presence in their lives.

Now that we’ve talked enough about why appreciation and gratitude is important, let’s head over to different ways that one person can say thank you to another.


This one’s pretty basic. You can visit a gift shop, or order cards online. Have them custom-built or write your personal message on them. Let’s say you’re thanking your husband for taking care of you when you were sick. Then you can write a heartfelt message on the card and give it to your husband. Not only does this cost less but it is an ideal gift to give someone who you want to thank,and thank-you cards and notes are still relevant today.

To be honest this sounds like a basic idea but it is much better than just saying thank you to the face. A thank-you note/card is a message that is written by the person in their own handwriting. In it, they can also mention an instance or scenario that is special to the relationship of the people involved. This can hold a lot of meaning.


Another unique way of showing gratitude is by taking the person out to dinner. Let’s say you’re a boss and you want to thank your team for all the hard work they have done through COVID. You can host a dinner at your house, or invite them somewhere outside.

A dinner is a very safe and formal way of showing gratitude. Many people might think that this is an extravagant way but dinners have a value that is beyond words.

Coupons and Discount Cards

As a means of appreciation, coupons and discount cards can also be gifted. These are discounts and perks that will inevitably help the person. This is applicable to job settings and definitely, people in the workplace need coupons and discount cards. Their budgets are limited, so they always appreciate discounts, vouchers, and coupons.

These could be online courses as well. Right now, there are tons of websites that offer online courses. A discount card to one could enable the employee to learn a new skill or two that can later aid in the workplace as well. So it’s definitely a win-win situation for their employer or manager.


To decide on a thank-you gift, you should first consider the person. What are their likes, do they appreciate fancy gifts, or do they value something that is simple and basic? These questions are necessary to ask if you’re thanking someone by buying a gift.

Buying a gift can be complex, especially if you’re trying to surprise someone. In this case it is ideal to ask around from their family or friends.

Going on a trip

This point primarily applies to people who are close to each other. Of course, people in an office setting can go on a trip as well. Appreciation in the workplace can be extremely important as it can result in a harmonious work environment. It can bring many positive changes in the moods of the people working with each other. Here’s why appreciation in office settings is essential.

With travel on the rise, it is a great idea to thank someone by taking them on a trip. It can be a beach, the mountains, or probably the United States. The reason why going on a trip is an excellent idea is because it does not end in a bit. Everything else that constitutes a thank you will fade rather quickly. However, going on a trip is in itself an adventure. Not to mention that travelling brings back memories, pictures, videos, and we can talk about them for days, months, and years to come.

There are many workplaces that offer yearly or semi-yearly trips to their employees. They do this to show that they appreciate all the hard work and efforts that the employees have done for the sake of the company.


Even though one might say words have lost their meaning in the 21st century, we still have a long way to go when people don’t appreciate appreciation. To some, thank you might mean nothing, but to the right person, it can mean the whole world. It sort of justifies whatever the person went through, and it is one of the most powerful phrases out there that people can inculcate in their lives.

Of course, doing this will result in happy personal relationships like significant others, family, and even workplace relationships involving friends, colleagues, and others.


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