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Unlike prehistoric times, the world does not run independently. Cavemen used to hunt down food for themselves, eat, and go to sleep. They did not have an economy to run, and they certainly did not have jobs.

The economy is supported by businesses, and businesses are run by owners who employ employees to do their work. Many places around the world pay special attention and care to their employees because they believe they are essential.

To be honest, they are right. Without employees, there wouldn’t be production of goods/services. Without that, there would be nothing to consume. Despite the fact that employees around the world do not get appreciation, they still continue to work.

What Is Employee Appreciation Day?

On the first Friday in March of every single year, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated. The reason why this day isn’t so popular is because most companies do not feel the need to celebrate and appreciate their employees. But why Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated in March?

According to HBR, most programs and ideas that are done to make employees feel recognized are often useless. This might be because these programs are done because the company’s policy asks for it. This makes employee recognition a formality, and a box that needs to be ticked in the company’s file.

The credit for Employee Appreciation Day goes to Bob Nelson. His book, 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, is a must read for managers and owners. Employees are essentially what make your business work, so if they’re not happy, then you can expect your business to fail in the near future as well.

Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

There are many different Employee Appreciation Day ideas 2021, but we have some in mind that are unique in nature and they’re bound to make employees feel appreciated as well.

Beach Day

Imagine being in your boring, dull-colored office every single day. Not only is that tiring, but it is also exhausting to see the same office setting without a change of view. In this circumstance, going to a beach and relaxing is an amazing idea.

Managers can make this more fun by keeping it a surprise. On Thursday, managers or HR managers can announce the picnic party and ask for the employees to gather their stuff for Friday. Not only will this allow employees to feel appreciated and valued but they will be able to take a breather or two away from work as well.

This is highly essential in jobs where there is constant workload. This can bring a lot of stress, and stress can disturb moods and lead to worse outcomes. A study claims that in 2019, in the United States, 94% of office employees reported that they are under stress at their workplace.

Event tickets

This point is highly relevant for young office workers. Event tickets could be to a concert of a pop sensation that is passing through town, or a baseball match that is due next week.

Or perhaps event tickets to a book fair. People have varying likes and making them feel accepted and loved in this situation will certainly make them feel appreciated as well.


The concept of memberships is enticing as well. A membership is a discount to clubs, studios, courses, gyms, and other places that are of interest to people. HR managers can give away memberships to their employees as a gesture of appreciation.

Let’s say one employee wanted to hit the gym but they couldn’t afford it. But now thanks to the membership, the person can receive a discount on the gym fee. This will definitely boost the morale of the office worker and they may feel appreciated and valued in their own workplace. Unlike programs and talks, this is something that will actually aid office workers. A motivated workforce will eventually bear fruit for the organization they work in.

Casual Week

Wearing the same suit and tie can be quite boring. To give employees some relief, managers can relieve some dress code policies. If employees are allowed to wear casual, but respectable clothes during work hours, then they may treat their office setting like their own home. Instead of feeling like an outsider, they may start to value it. Most importantly, it will relieve stress and help them feel like they are appreciated by their higher ups as well.

Cash Benefits

Since we’ve talked a lot about non-monetary ways to make your employees feel appreciated during Employee Appreciation Day, now it is important to mention a monetary way as well.

Cash benefits can be in the form of monetary perks that act as proof. The employee can take a look at it and know that their organization actually shows gratitude toward their work, loyalty, and service. However, managers should be keen not to subtract any cash benefits or bonuses from paychecks at the end of the month.

Jokes apart, some people are only motivated by cash. They only view things in monetary terms, so this can actually help them feel appreciated by their bosses.

Standup Comedian

Stress is a major factor that affects the mood in the workplace and employees who work there. To combat this, a standup comedian can be arranged to make the employees laugh. This will blow off some steam and allow them to understand that they’re not machines who just produce goods and services.

They will inevitably enjoy a laugh or two, then they may return to their work with a smile. When employers and owners do things that are only for the sake of employees, then this will automatically make them feel appreciated and valued. This will also bridge the gap between employers and employees, making them both feel close to each other.

Employee Valuation

Therefore, it is extremely important to make employees feel necessary and relevant. This works in the favor of business owners as well. The more valued they feel, the more motivated they will be to work. Motivation will bring in efficiency, and this will result in profits.

If you’re a business owner,after reading,you can find some ways you can make your employees feel valued.

All in all, Employee Appreciation Day is a great invention. It is a time when employees are also thought about, and they are also treated like other human beings. Just because they get a salary doesn’t mean they’re not humans. Employees, when treated right, and when treated fairly, come out to grant the most benefits to their own workplace.


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