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A Bong is a well-known smoking device and holds a legendary statue among the smoking community. The earliest ones were found between 1100-1400 AD in an Ethiopian cave. Those were carved out of animal horns and primitive pottery.

However, the use of water in them is said to have originated from the Chinese Ming Dynasty. In the US, these devices have become synonymous with the use of Cannabis ever since the 1960-70s.

Today, you can buy different bongs from online shops ranging between $20-$500. As the use has increased over the years, the innovations have also grown. The focus manufacturers have today is in eliminating the unpleasant aspects of using the device to smoke. Hence, the popularity of these smoking tools today is at an all-time high.

Smoking from a Water Pipe – Why is it so satisfactory?

The water filtration process. It is the main reason why so many people love to light up a water pipe. The water traps the ash and prevents the debris from entering your mouth. However, it does not end with that, today’s advanced water pipes can trap more than just ash. Unlike smoking a cigar, you don’t inhale burnt ash and tar through this product.

Yes. Besides, it can also filter out harmful carcinogens and various smoke particles that contain toxins. On top of that, the water filtration system also helps in cooling down the smoke. It is something that regular smokers love because the smoke does not irritate or harm their lungs or throat.

So, the question is – why is smoking from these devices so satisfactory? Well, the answer to that is simple. You get a cooler, smoother, and better-tasting smoke due to the mechanism of these smoking tools.

Checklist of the Five most Unique Bong Designs

These water pipes can be of different types and materials. And most of them are available in online head shops from where you can easily explore and buy. The most common materials used are – Glass, Acrylic, Ceramic, Silicone, and Metallic.

According to public opinion of regular smokers in the US, glass, silicone, and ceramic ones are the top choices. That’s a choice they make based on how durable, affordable, and easy to clean they are.

Besides that, if you explore online stores, you will find a variety of unique designs, including –

  1.  The Straight Tube

Also known as the straight shooters, a Straight Tube has a long and straight neck. The neck is connected and fixed to the water chamber. This type of smoking tool is usually made out of high-quality glass or silicone. The downstem percolator can either be prefixed or removable, based on what product you choose. Having a straight and long neck makes these one of the most easy-to-grip smoking devices.

The most luxurious-looking ones can cost you around $120-$160 on average. The glass or silicone neck can vary in height and breadth. Even the thickness of the elongated neck differs from one product to another. The convenient shape of the straight tube water pipe makes it compatible with different creative attachments like tree percolators, splash guards, drains, etc.

  2.  The Beaker

The name originates from how the base looks. Yes, it looks like a beaker from the Chemistry lab. It is a classic water pipe having a wide beaker-like bottom or base. It is more durable and sturdier than a straight water pipe. So, when kept on a table, the beaker one is less likely to topple over.

The most exquisite-looking ones can cost you around $400-$530. There are varying sizes of the water pipe ranging from 10-12 inches to all the way up to 18 inches. The wide bottom of this type of smoking instrument ensures you have a better handle and smoke.

  3.  Recycler

Hearing the term ‘recycler bong,’ you might think that it’s made from recycled materials. But in reality, it is called so due to its system of continuously recycling the water inside it. Buying one of these smoking products online will give you more filtered and much cooler smoke. They are perfect for people who hate having a harsh hit or cough after taking a hit.

This type of product is a two-chambered percolator that provides an additional filtration layer. These are cheaper ones that you can easily get by spending $60-$110. If you want to have the most flavor-rich strain smoke that won’t burn your throat, then this is the one for you.

  4.  Zig Zag Bong

The best thing about this type of a stoning device is its design language. It looks fascinating regardless of what the height of the neck is. The unique zig-zag design ensures that water splashback can be avoided. Also, as the smoke travels through the zig-zag shape of the neck, it cools down considerably. A typical zig zag water pipe can cost you as low as $49.

Besides, these items have a better handling grip, enhanced durability, and heat resistance capabilities. So, if you want a gadget that will amaze your guests, then this is the one to go.

  5.  The Round-based

Do you know what the most simple and minimalistic-looking product is? It is the round base bong. This type of a water pipe usually carries an all-glass design, which is simply impressive.

If you buy them from trusted online stores, you will get a high-quality clear-looking glass. The bulbous rounded base of these products offers better practicality and stability. They can be a convenient option if you want a portable option for your collection.

These types of smoking devices can cost around $89 on average. They are insanely affordable and also one of the most common types that you will find.

Final Words

The use of bongs is significant in the US, especially among the youth. Federal laws vary from state to state but buying one of these is not illegal. People in the US are known for their crazy hobby of collecting unique designs. These smoking tools are available in plenty of online stores at different price points. They have different materials and different designs like the ones you read before.


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