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Everyone has been in a position where they have a crush on someone else and they can’t help but repeatedly look over to their crush to see if they notice you or not.

Chances are that you take the measures to get closer to your crush every chance you get. You have a conversation with your crush whenever you can. You do whatever it takes to spend more time with the person who catches your eye.

While everyone knows what they would do when they are chasing after a crush, it can be hard to tell when someone is crushing on you. Whether you want to see if the man you are interested in feels the same way about you, or you notice that a man in your workplace may be acting a bit differently toward you, it is important to get an idea of whether or not a man likes you.

There are a few things to think about when you are looking for signs he likes you. For one, there is always the unconscious body language. These are aspects that people cannot necessarily control and they often give subtle hints about their attention and what they are thinking.

There are a couple telltale clues in body language when a guy is interested in you. Likewise, you should consider how the man is acting. Chances are that if he is interested in you, he will go out of his way to talk to you, comfort you, and help you out when you need it, even if it might be a minor inconvenience to him. Knowing these signs can help you realize whether or not a man might be interested in you.

A Second Language: Body Language

Body language can sometimes be referred to as a second language or occasionally the language of love. People often act differently when they are interested in someone. No matter how good a person might be at acting and controlling their emotions and their appearances, there are a few things that are simply impossible to hide.

If you want to know whether or not a man is interested in you, the first thing to consider is always going to be his body language. First, there is the classic question of whether or not his feet are pointed toward you. In conversation, people tend to point their feet to whoever they are most invested in listening to. This isn’t always the case though, so it shouldn’t be an absolute method of checking whether or not a guy is interested in you.

Another clear sign is whether or not the guy seems to always be moving when he is near you. It could be that he begins tapping his foot, repositioning his arms, looking around, or any other type of movement. When people, especially men, are interested in someone, they tend to get flustered and forget what to do with their hands and feet. Because of this, they will often try and hastily figure out what to do with their hands and feet, which may end up telling you that the man seems interested in you.

When people, not just men, are looking and interacting with something that they like, their pupils will increase. It is believed to happen to help the brain take in every detail of what you are so invested in. This happens with people being interested in other people as well. If a man’s pupils seem to dilate when he is talking to you, and only you, then that is a good sign that he is interested in you and that it might be worth pursuing something with him.

During conversation, he may lean in toward you. While this could mean that you are quiet and that he is trying to listen in, this is another good sign that he wants to be closer to you and that he is more invested in what you are saying. Additionally, you should watch his eyebrows while he talks to you. When men are interested in someone, they have a tendency to move their eyebrows a lot more than usual. These are all unconscious body language signs that a man is interested in you, although some of them are harder to notice than others.

Listen to His Voice

Similar to the idea that there are unconscious body language signs that men give off when they are interested in someone, there are other signs that you can look for as well. For instance, men tend to deepen their voice slightly when they are talking to people that they are interested in. This is something that you can look for when you are trying to determine whether or not the man you are speaking to is interested in you.

Additionally, some guys may become shy or nervous when they are around someone that they like. Because of this, they can end up stuttering, stammering, and tripping over their words. If you notice that a guy is doing this only when he is talking about you, but other times he can speak perfectly fine, then there is a good chance that the guy you are talking to is someone who is interested in you.

Consider What He Is Saying

Speaking of listening to the man’s voice, you should also think about what the man is saying to you and how he is saying it. Chances are that if a man is interested in you, he is going to find all of the reasons to be with you and to talk to you about anything. He will probably ask you about your interests, your life, and if he is really bold, he may ask about your relationship status.

If you notice that a guy wants to get to know more about your personal life, it could be that he simply wants to be friends with you, but there is a very good chance that he wants to get to know you better because he is interested in you. This usually means that he is trying to get to know you better to see if you are someone that he does, in fact, want to pursue in a relationship, so if you are interested as well, this would be the perfect time to talk to him about everything.

Does He Go Out of His Way for You?

Finally, if a man is interested in you, then he will likely want to go out of his way to help you out in life. This could be as simple as making plans with you in mind or it could be as advanced as helping you install something inside your home. In the office, this could come across as bringing a coffee for you in the mornings, or it could be helping you out with a difficult work assignment if he realizes that you are struggling.

If you notice that a man is willing to forego whatever his plans may be to meet your plans, then there’s a good chance that he may be interested in you and want to spend more time with you. If you need assistance, chances are that a man who is interested in you will be the first one to volunteer with helping you out and making your life just a little bit easier. He may even give you gifts if he notices that you are feeling down.


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