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It can generally go without saying that it is difficult to know what men want in a woman. After all, there are so many different types of men out there, each with their own preferences, that it can be hard to think about what each one would want from you.

Unfortunately, you can’t always read a guy’s mind on what he wants, meaning that you will likely have to make some guesses and assumptions if you want him to look your way. With that being said, there are a few things that just about all men out there love in a woman. If you can implement these five lifestyle changes into your life, you can rest assured knowing that there will be more men than ever looking at you and wanting to get your attention.

There are two different categories to consider here. First, you are going to want to make sure that your personality is appealing to guys. Most guys love a girl who is confident in herself. While it isn’t a good idea to fake being who you are for the sake of getting a man to want you, you can always try acting a little bit more confident than you really feel to get his attention. The other category is going to include things that you can change easily, such as your clothing, your posture, and so on. By combining both of these aspects, you will surely figure out how to make a man want you.

  1. Be Straightforward and Confident

Of course, it isn’t easy to be confident. However, there are definitely ways that you can make sure that you come across as a confident, self-assured person. Most men out there will take notice of a woman who is proud of herself, her accomplishments, and her body. This doesn’t mean that you should show yourself off, but it also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to hide the best parts of yourself either, both physically and with your character.

Just about any place that offers relationship advice will tell you that loving yourself is going to be the first step in beginning a relationship with anyone, and it is also one of the beginning steps to having more confidence in yourself. Likewise, you shouldn’t try to play games with the man you are after.

Some people think that being coy, elusive, and hard-to-get is something that men appreciate, or that men should work to get your attention. However, this often drives men away and can be frustrating. Instead, if you want something from the man you are talking to, you should be straightforward about it. Doing these things will help a guy take interest in you, and want to be with you more often.

  2. Put Effort Into Your Appearance

Putting effort into your appearance doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wear outfits that cost as much as rent for a small apartment. It does mean that you should take a good bit of time every morning to make sure that you look your best. This includes making sure that your clothes are ironed out and wrinkle-free, making sure your hair is looking its best, and that your makeup is on point.

You should focus on your own style, and you should own your style as well. By taking care of your appearance and making sure that you put a good amount of effort into it each and every morning, men will see that you care about looking good and care about yourself. These are important qualities in a person, making you even more irresistible to men.

Whether a guy is more interested in appearance or a guy feels comfortable knowing that you care for yourself and your belongings, there are plenty of reasons why doing this can help make a guy want you.

  3. Talk to Him

This may sound about as obvious as it can get, but the first step to getting a guy to want you is to make him know that you are there, you are available, and that you are someone interesting to be around. If the man you are after doesn’t know about you, what you like, and who you really are, how can he lust after you?

The first step to getting anywhere is having a pleasant conversation with the man. If the two of you do not know each other very well, you can talk about anything from your working life to your favorite movies. If you and the man you are after know each other, you can begin to get a little bit more personal about what you talk about.

Maybe you can talk about sensitive topics and meaningful moments in your life. If you want a guy to want you, to lust after you, then you need to let him know that you are someone to lust after. There is no better way to do that than through conversation. Give the man a taste of what he can get if he does want to pursue a relationship with you.

Remember that during conversation, you should use the man’s name, as everyone responds positively to this. Depending on the mood of the conversation, you can choose to be somewhat coy and flirtatious, or you can be direct and straightforward. This will depend on the guy, what his preferences are, and how the overall flow of the conversation is going.

  4. Tease and Play with Him

This doesn’t mean that you should start trying to play hard-to-get or being mysterious, as this will often just lead to frustration on both ends. For you, you might end up wondering why the man isn’t picking up on the signs you are giving. For the guy, he might be frustrated because this gives mixed signals.

However, there is an in-between for being direct and for being hard-to-get. You can consider simply teasing the guy you are talking to and playing smaller games with him. For instance, if you know the guy’s favorite sports team, you could consider teasing him about that team’s losses. Playful teasing can be a great way to get his attention at first, and then later on as conversations escalate, it can turn into a flirtatious game between the two of you.

Once he realizes how much fun it can be to be around you, there’s a good chance that he will be wanting more. Just remember that all things need moderation. Too much teasing can come across as frustrating and not at all playful.

 5. Never Push Too Hard

One of the most important things to remember when you are trying to get a guy to like you is to remember never to push anything too hard, or it may come across the opposite way you intended it to.

For instance, if you are trying to come across as confident, but you end up taking things too far, then you may end up coming across as full of yourself. If you push too hard for your appearance, you could end up taking too long or overdoing your looks.

This is something that can turn down a guy’s interest right away. Rather than doing this, you should consider taking everything in moderation. You should be confident in yourself, but not overly confident. You should spend time on your appearance, but not half the day. You should talk to the man you are interested in, but you shouldn’t spill every tidbit of drama that you have overheard (unless he asks). You should tease him occasionally, but you shouldn’t tear down the things he enjoys and his interests. You should never push things too hard if you truly want men to be interested in you.


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