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Chances are that if you are interested in movies, you may also be interested in the people who act in them. After all, learning about the personal lives of those who act can be extremely interesting.

From humble actors who live just about the same life as everyone else to the actors who live in grandiose mansions, every actor and actress has their own life behind the scenes of film. This is no different for people who act in adult films as well. There are many people who take a liking to particular actresses and actors and want to know about where they come from, what their life is like outside of their career, and so on. If you are interested in the adult film actress known as Sandra Otterson, then you are in luck, as there is a fair bit to learn about her and how she became the star that she is today.

The world of adult entertainment is a little bit different than the world of traditional acting. More often than not, the places and origins where these actors and actresses came from is not quite as formal. However, for some people, this makes it a bit more interesting to learn about the actresses and actors.

Some well-known actors and actresses don’t necessarily work with a studio, but rather work with their own website and brand, creating a unique way of showcasing what they have to offer for their fanbase and clientele. One interesting fact about Sandra Otterson is the fact that she has her own Twitter account that she takes requests from, unlike other adult film stars that work with studios.

Who Exactly Is She?

Sandra Otterson, known by her stage name as “Wifey,” is an adult film actress for her own website, Wifey’s World. She runs this website with her husband, Kevin Otterson, who is also an adult film actor known by the name of “Hubby.” The two have been married since the mid-1980s and were high-school sweethearts. Together they produce adult content for their hundreds of thousands of fans.

Sandra Otterson was born on May 15, 1965 in Oregon City, Oregon, USA. While she currently does adult film for her own website and brand, she also played a minor role in the movie Occupant in 2011. She is approximately 66 inches tall and her star sign is a Taurus.

With this being said, her main claim to fame is her website Wifey’s World. This adult site focuses on her and her husband’s intimate escapades for her hundreds of thousands of followers. She also promotes her content on her Twitter, allowing people to get snapshots of her most recent content and get updates on what she is working on.

How Did She Become Famous?

Her fame in the adult film industry started in 1997, when her husband began sharing explicit images of her in a chat group. Her husband would often censor her eyes and refer to Sandra as “Wifey” to obscure her identity. With her looks, she began to gain popularity almost immediately. This popularity continued as she began to post more images. She decided that the next best course of action would be to set up a website that caters specifically to this type of content.

In 1998, her website and brand were known as “Wifey’s World” and she remains active there today. Her website is considered to be one of the earliest websites where one could view amateur adult film. This isn’t the only thing that she does though, as her brand also involves sharing images of both her and her husband dating as well offering their own mail-order home movie business. All of these combined helped to launch her into fame in the adult film industry.

The content that her website offers falls under the category of “amateur” and it generally involves various sexual activities. There is also an interactive webcam where viewers can request Otterson to do specific things. While the website featured just the two of them for a very long time, there has been a recent addition to the website showcasing other adult film stars who work in the same category and want their content to be seen. This “Friend’s Spotlight” offers aspiring stars their own chance at fame from the viewers who are watching Wifey.

According to Sandra Otterson herself, the goal of setting up Wifey’s World was not necessarily to make money, but rather to offer a more “authentic” experience for users. According to her, she was not satisfied with most mainstream pornography as it often seemed as if the woman was “faking” things.

Instead of following suit, she wanted to offer a completely realistic experience without faking any portion of her films. This type of content was not unheard of at the time it first launched, but it did become very popular and it still remains popular to this day. Even as far back as in 1998, her website pulled in just below half a million hits per day and it has only grown in popularity since then.

What About Finances?

Many people are curious about just how much money she has made during her time as an adult film star. After all, she is one of the most popular and one of the earliest stars, so it would stand to reason that she has earned a fair bit, right? While this is certainly good speculation, Sandra’s goal of her website was not to earn money. She didn’t want to hire and pay actors to pretend to enjoy activities for the viewer’s pleasure, but rather, she wanted to create an authentic experience. She considers her website to be less of a business, and more of her expressing her love for her husband.

Her website does offer subscriptions and premium content, depending on how much money viewers want to pay to see her. This is where she gets a good bit of her money from. She also sells “Wifey Worn” outfits which are sold for anywhere between $75 and $150 depending on the article of clothing.

Her website also has a variety of accessories to offer, ranging from Wifey-themed playing cards, pens, videos, and other objects. Overall, it is speculated that she is worth approximately $5,000,000, although it is difficult to know for sure, as she and Hubby do not want to reveal their financial information.

What About Her Personal Life?

As with many adult film stars, Wifey prefers to keep her personal and home life as private as possible. Wifey and Hubby have remained married to each other for more than 30 years and they have no intentions of splitting up. It is known that she has at least one child, but it is not known how old that child is or if there are any more.

There’s a very good chance that Wifey does not want her personal life to be made public, especially considering the profession that she has chosen. In the end, she is a successful adult model, and both her and her husband have created a legacy out of their website together.


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