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There is a common misconception about rich people in the Bible. Many believe that the Bible condemns rich people. However, if you read it properly with understanding, you will realize that it is not true. Being rich is not a sin, but it does put a certain burden on you.

Are Rich People Evil in the Bible?

It is important to interpret the Bible verses properly so that you get the right teachings and do not end up misleading yourself and others. It is a common misconception among people that money itself is evil. Money itself is nothing. It is a man-made thing that cannot do anything on its own. A person who is in possession of this money can use it for evil or good purposes.

Another misconception is that all rich people are evil. Rich people possess wealth and they can choose to do good things or bad things with it. If a person commits crimes to collect wealth and forgets the difference between right and wrong in their love for money, then that person is evil. A person who uses their money for kind reasons, cannot be called evil.

Money tends to bring out the worst in people. They become selfish and ruthless. A person who fights these negative urges and stays on the right path, is a good Christian. It would be wrong to call them evil. It is extremely difficult for a wealthy person to pave their path to heaven because there is a constant urge to overindulge and overspend. However, only a devout Christian can stay true to their purpose.

What Does the Bible Teach About Wealth?

This is a question that most people wonder about. The Bible talks about how running after money and wealth is evil. Money itself or rich people are not innately evil.

However, when someone runs after riches, they can become more prone to committing sins and choosing unlawful means to gain wealth.

The Relationship of Jesus and Rich People In The Bible

This relationship is often not positive as He is reported to have said that a rich person will find a lot of difficulty with entering into paradise. When a person feels an intense desire for becoming rich, they tend to give into many wrong temptations.

A wealthy person basically sets a path of difficulty for themself. The Bible indicates that a rich person is judged with extreme strictness.

The Bible says that a person cannot be a servant to two masters and, in the same way, a person cannot be devoted to God and money at the same time. You cannot show devotion to wealth. That is a sin. Whatever God sends your way is a reward from him and it is His blessing upon you. If you strive for riches, then you may lose your way and end up as a rich person but with a bad faith.

What Makes Money the Root of All Evil?

The love for money pushes people to do negative things. There are many crimes that can be committed by a person who is blinded by the desire to become rich. They can commit robberies, commit murders, give and receive bribes, and so on. These are the major sins. Besides these, people can also become more comfortable with lying and fooling others.

The path to richness is paved with a lot of tests. Very few people can pass these tests to reach that point. This is where God judges a human being on the basis of what is in their heart. A person who only worships money will have a bad heart and wrong intentions. If someone attains a lot of wealth and uses it for the betterment of this world and mankind, then they have a good heart.

Money is called the root of all evil because the road to wealth is treacherous. Money itself can make a person extravagant and careless. It can make a person feel proud and become arrogant. These are some of the things that stem from money. Rich people indulge in unlawful activities such as prostitution, betting, and bribery. Most evil in the world exists or thrives because of money.

How Can Wealth Change Your Heart?

Since it has been established that wealth itself is not bad, it is important to understand how it changes your heart. For many people, wealth can turn their heart toward evil. It can make them feel that they do not need Jesus or God. It can make them feel like they are above all else. These thoughts are the road to self destruction.

Many rich people like making a show of their good deeds. These deeds are worse than bad deeds. God does not want them and they destroy your path to heaven. You should do your good deeds but do not publicize them. This will enable you to be good at heart.

A rich person needs to constantly reflect on the inside. This is a test for them. They need to see the reasons behind their actions. They need to be well aware of what is in their heart. A good Christian will not let their riches spoil their heart.

How Can Rich People Enter Heaven?

It has been established that rich people turn up the difficulty level of entering into heaven. They should treat their wealth as a test from God. They should see whether the presence of money turns them away from the teachings of the Bible or makes them want to give charity.

The Bible stresses upon the fact that a human should not depend upon something as flimsy as money. It can easily run out. A rich person should continue having a firm belief in God.

Entering heaven also depends upon how you use your wealth. If you use it for extravagance and wrong deeds, then you are doomed to hell. If you use it for good deeds such as church renovation and donations to hospitals then you are paving your way to heaven. What you choose to do with the wealth is the second most important thing after what wealth makes you feel in your heart.

Your confidence should always remain invested in God and not in your wealth. It is God who is the provider and He is the one who chooses you to help others. Money should not make you feel God complex. You have to serve God with or without the riches. With riches, you have to work harder because God is testing your devotion to your religion.


The misconceptions regarding rich people can greatly taint your perceptions about money. It is very important to study the Bible verses carefully so that you do not create any grave misunderstandings. Money is the root of all evil where the human lets it become the center of their existence.

Otherwise money can do nothing on its own. You need to keep your priorities straight as a good Christian with or without wealth.


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