The Future of Cash: Are We Headed for a Cashless Society?

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The death of physical money has been predicted for more than 60 years. People are often questioning the future of cash because online payments, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have surprised the world.

Regardless of the revolution imposed by eCommerce, payment apps, and fintech, it’s immature to call paper money and physical wallets obsolete.

Is Paper Money Going Away?

Do you remember when the last time was that you used physical money to pay for something? Are we already living in a cashless society? We almost are. A cashless society is free of cash, paper money, checks, coins, and even debit and credit cards.

The pandemic has a key role in bringing a significant decrease in cash purchases and highlighting how cash is becoming a thing of the past. However, a completely cashless society is still a long way from us.

Cash Is Still King

No matter how big the advancements in technology are, there is a reason we have been using physical money for years.

No Security Breaches

Whenever you make payments using physical money, there is no chance of any security breaches because the process doesn’t require your personal information and details. Customers themselves hand over the money. You are not vulnerable to any personal data theft either.

No Overspending

Psychologically speaking, paying with cash keeps you from overspending because you take a look at your wallet and realize that you have spent enough. Secondly, if you need more money, you need to go to an ATM to get more of it. Consumers are bound to think twice about the money they would spend.

However, that’s not the case when you are swiping cards. You just keep on spending money until you are out of it.

Less Marketing

While paying cash, you are cutting down the email marketing because you are not going to be asked about your potential information, that is, phone number and email address. As there is no information leaked for the telemarketing of retailers, you are protected from the data breach.

Money Fading Away

Nowadays, more and more money transactions are done with digital currency, which has made the latter a practical replacement for traditional paper money.

The Future of Cash

Gone are the days when you had to stand in queues to withdraw money from ATMs. Make easy money transactions anytime, anywhere without fearing your money getting stolen.

If your device or card has gotten into the hands of someone else, your account is safe unless the other person is a professional hacker. This then makes you wonder, is physical money fading away?

Fast, Mobile Payments

Although the money transaction through cash is quite fast over the counter, there are limits to it. Let’s suppose you need to make flat currency transactions internationally. It can take many days and even weeks if the money is a large sum.

On the other hand, amount and distance are the secondary factors in digital currency payments. You can send any amount of money from the farthest of places to the receiver, and it will be transacted in no time.

Decentralized and Autonomous

Everyone likes to have control over their hard-earned money without any central governing body or banks running the management. With digital payment, you are free to have direct and easy access to the contents of your digital wallet.

Easy to Track Expenses

If you want to track your expenses through digital payment, you can do so because there is a complete record of your expenditure data. If there is some scrutiny case, the user will have the proof.

Attractive Discounts

Online and in-store shopping offers you a number of attractive discounts, which is an idea executed by the government to promote a cashless society. You can get your favorite products at a discount rather than buying them physically and at an expensive rate.

Revolution in the World of Digital Payment

Samsung has introduced a chip that is no less than a wonder in modern technology. This chip holds the power to turn objects such as watches and bracelets into payment devices.

A new digital payment system launched by Amazon is under testing. It frees you from taking out any device, let alone your wallet. Replacing the clerks, there is an app to check you in whenever you make an entrance into the store. The store door has 3D scanners that record your purchased items and bill them to your credit card.

Users of MasterCard can use their fingertips and facial recognition to pay the bills. This technology uses the same scanners that are found on modern iPhones.

When Will Cash and Wallets Go Extinct Permanently?

The popularity of paper money is in decline, but dollars and cents are going to be in use in the foreseeable future. Modern mobile payment solutions have ensured that the demand for cash payment has disappeared.

Still, cash is the favorite payment option for elderly shoppers who don’t like to keep up with technology. Digital payment is not possible for low-income shoppers because most of them don’t even own a smartphone or bank account, so they pay through cash.

You will be surprised to see the number of shoppers who have doubts about mobile payment options. They only trust in cash transactions. However, cash does offer anonymity to criminals and terrorists.

The importance of wallets has been dead for quite some time now because modern smartphones can do their job. You can keep your money, family photos, driver’s license, loyalty cards, and much other wallet-y stuff on your phone. But this practice is not 100% universal.

How Cash Is Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Cash will not go obsolete even if every person switches to mobile payment methods. If you are not convinced enough, think of how many times the replacements of VHS technology have been developed. First with the CDs and then online streaming and whatnot. The progress in this department was immense.

Yet, the research results are astonishing because they reveal that VCRs are still played in more than 17% of American homes. Some people just like to stick to nostalgia, and keeping older technology, such as VHS tapes and video games, is one of the best ways to achieve that.

The advent of text messaging and email has revolutionized the world of communication, but still, people write letters to their loved ones. There is just a wholesome touch to it that digital development cannot possibly have.


One cannot predict the total cashlessness in society, but it will have its own pros and cons whenever it happens. It will allow free expenditure of money and more debt withdrawal but also deprive the kids of birthday cards from their grandmas.

No matter how much convenience and ease you achieve with digital money transactions, you will still have to sacrifice your privacy. However, it is supposed to bring more efficiency and regulation to the economy. Get ready to shake your illusion of intimacy and reality associated with cash money because digital currency is here to take over.


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