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Laughing is a healthy activity, and people often fail to find reasons to laugh on difficult days. This is when hearing or reading some great jokes can make quite a difference and lighten the mood as well. It doesn’t matter how bad your day is going, good humor can make it a thousand times better.

Redheads are often made fun of for their hair color and ability to turn red, and the Internet is filled with redhead memes and redhead quotes. If you are looking to crack a few at your friend’s expense or find some funny redhead jokes for any occasion, you are in luck.

Let’s get started!

What do you tell ginger when she blushes? Your face is as red as your hair.

A lot of people blush every day, but it goes unnoticed. When a redhead blushes, they paint the whole room red, so a ginger blush is entirely different from the normal blush. If you have a ginger friend or acquaintance and you see them turning red, that’s the perfect time to tell them how they successfully matched their cheek color to their hair color.

If you have observed closely, then you must know that it seems like redheads blush all day and every day, but that isn’t the case as due to their thinner and pale skin, their blush is always on display. So, it is quite hard to know if your redhead friend is blushing profusely due to their pale skin or because of something you said.

Should a redhead Ninja be referred to as Ginja?

Ninjas are still the coolest thing today, and one would love to be called a ninja for fun, but in the case of a redhead ninja, you can’t call them a “ninja”; instead, the term that suits better with them is “Ginja” so everybody knows that they are a redhead.

These innocent redhead jokes have the ability to make you and even your ginger pals laugh out loud, so next time you meet a “Ginja,” don’t forget to tell them how thankful you are for their services.

What do you call two redheads on Mars? Locals.

In the old days, the planet Mars was referred to as “the red one” due to its red appearance that is also the color of every redhead’s hair and face so, if someone sees two redheads on Mars, it would look like that is their original planet as it goes so well with their hair and face color.

Redheads are going to love these redhead jokes since they have excellent punch lines that can make every redhead burst out laughing.

Redheads pretend to be blonde by giggling incessantly and tripping on things.

People have always compared blondes and redheads even when they subconsciously know that the only difference that exists between them is their hair color. But there are some instances where blonde people, especially girls, tend to stand out of the crowd, like asking a lot of questions, tripping on things, and so on.

So, when redheads pretend to be blondes, all they have to do is imitate them by giggling continuously and being clumsy. Many believe that there is a considerable difference between a blonde and a redhead’s personality, and that is why redheads pretending to be blondes is so obvious.

Tell ginger that her hair looks like a volcano is erupting… (and observe how she erupts).

Redheads are known for throwing tantrums every now and then, but once you make a comment on their hair, they will swallow you without giving it any second thought.

If you are looking forward to testing this theory, then tell your ginger friend that her hair looks like a volcano is on the verge of erupting, the probability that you’ll get to finish your sentence is quite low because your redhead friend will erupt like a volcano when you are halfway through your comment.

So, before starting an argument with a redhead, a person should think a hundred times and should be sure that they can handle the temper. Moreover, the color of the volcano is red, which is another reason why the redhead’s hair was compared to the volcano in this redhead joke.

How to piss off a redhead? Say something…

As mentioned before, redheads have a bad temper, but they do get back to their good mood after a few minutes or hours, so people should watch what they are saying when they are around redheads if they don’t want any tantrums to be thrown at them.

However, if your intention is to annoy a redhead, then all you have to do, according to the joke, is say something, anything at all and that will enrage them. Let’s not forget that redheads also have a great sense of humor when they’re not angry, so crack this joke to your redhead friend to let them know that you can bear all volcano eruptions for them.

What is it called when two redheads have a kid? Ginger bred.

When two redheads have a kid, the chances are that the baby is also a redhead, so whenever two redheads have a baby, they are called “Ginger bred” (which sounds like Gingerbread). The meaning of bred is “procreating,” and “Ginger bread” is a type of cake that is made with gingers and treacle.

In this redhead joke, they use the “term ginger bred” because the two redheads had a kid, so once you realize what the punch line of the joke means, it will be quite hard to contain your laughter.

What do you call a ginger head kid who’s good at karate? Carroty kid.

Almost everyone has watched The Karate Kid at some point in their life, but what if the karate kid was ginger? He surely wouldn’t be called the “karate kid” as the term “Carroty kid” would be better suited. This is because the color of carrot and the color of redheads have a lot of resemblances, and the closest word to “karate” is “Carroty,” so this term works out both ways.

When you spot a ginger in a karate club, seize that golden opportunity and hit them with a joke, but the responsibility of what happens next is completely on you. Redheads are known to be quite temperamental!

What do gingers look forward to later on in life? Grey hair.

The only thing that people tend to notice about redheads is their hair color and how they turn red without any specific reason, and that’s what annoys redheads the most. So, unlike many of us, redheads look forward to old age as their hair won’t remain the same color anymore and will turn gray like everybody else.

This way, they wouldn’t have to deal with people commenting on their hair, which will lead to a decrease in tantrums and will give them peace of mind.

Redheads might have a bad temper, but they also have an incredible sense of humor, so if you share a great bond with them, then there is a 100% guarantee that your day is going to be filled with laughter. Moreover, these redhead jokes are funny enough to even make a ginger laugh, so don’t hesitate to crack these hilarious jokes in front of your ginger friends.


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