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There is no shortage of jokes and memes on the Internet, but there should always be some topics off-limits. Every individual deserves respect for their personal choices. Religion is something that is very sacred and personal for the believers, which is why it is not the kind of topic you should be joking about. You can’t expect others to respect your beliefs if you won’t respect theirs.

Priest Jokes

Religious freedom is something that not everyone enjoys in this world. Many people in the world cannot openly practice their beliefs. The least we can do for them and everyone who has religious beliefs is not to target them in jokes. For the believers of Christianity, a priest is a highly respected religious leader. Just like their beliefs, people also don’t want their religious leaders to be the topic of jokes.

For many people, a priest is their primary connection with the religion. The priest is who people go to when they feel lost. In many parishes, a priest also acts as a therapist for people because he listens to their problems. Due to this reason, priests matter a lot to people.

Inappropriate Priest Jokes That Can Offend People

Internet users turn everything into a joke. You can find new memes on social media websites every week. But sometimes people forget that they can hurt others with their jokes. Religion is one of the topics that should always be off-limits. However, people end up making fun of such topics just to appear cool. In truth, these jokes just prove that the person sharing them is insensitive.

Sometimes, people try to defend themselves after making such jokes saying that they weren’t serious. But making jokes about someone’s religion is never okay. All the priest jokes on the Internet right now are not neutral. They are offensive in one way or another.

There are a few examples of jokes that you shouldn’t be making if you don’t want to hurt the sentiments of Christians:

  • “Why are priests called father? Because it’s too suspicious to call them daddy.”
  • “Did you hear about the new Exorcist movie? The Devil came to get the Priest out of the child.”
  • “What does a priest and a wristwatch have in common? They both start at 12.”

Jokes like these not only disrespect a religious leader but also make fun of issues such as rape and pedophilia. Neither topics should be made fun of or talked about lightly. These jokes are never appropriate, regardless of the type of gathering you are in.

Inoffensive Priest Jokes

It gets proven time and again that it is possible to make inoffensive jokes on serious topics. Whether it is religion, women, childbirth, or priests, you can make funny jokes without being disrespectful. You may find it difficult to locate inoffensive jokes, but it isn’t impossible.

You can find some priest jokes that are funny but not offensive. They could still get you into trouble with your practicing friends or family.

Stay in Shape

Priests are always in such good shape. There are hardly a few priests with weight problems. But no one has ever asked priests what their secret is. In truth, the secret is quite obvious, but we just never paid much attention. Here’s the secret for everyone to know:

“Why was the Catholic priest in such good shape?”

“He exorcised.”

See, how beneficial it can be to exorcise, eh, exercise* regularly. It can protect you from both ghosts and fat.

A Religious Bear

Everyone has heard of the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” But no one can truly understand the meaning of this phrase until they end up regretting what they wished for. When it comes to religious people, they want to be surrounded by those who share their beliefs. But not every religious person, or bear, will become your friend.

A Catholic priest is surprised by a bear in the forest.

The bear charges him and the priest quickly says a prayer, “Dear Lord, please let this be a nice, Christian bear!”

The bear scoops him up in his arms and quietly speaks, “Lord bless this meal that I am about to receive, amen.”

So, that was definitely a religious bear, but not what the priest expected.

A Rabbit?

The majority of religious jokes start with a priest, a pastor, and a rabbi walking into a room. There are different versions of this joke and each one is equally hilarious. But this one is a clever take on the joke as it makes you pause and think for a while to understand it:

A priest, a pastor, and a rabbit walked into a blood donation clinic.

The nurse asked the rabbit: “What is your blood type?”

“I am probably a type O,” said the rabbit.

Oh, the rabbit was definitely a typo.

Changing Profession

It’s not uncommon for people to change their profession. But what happens if a priest gives up on the church and becomes a lawyer? Well, the change can be explained through a joke:

“What do you call a priest that becomes a lawyer?”

“A father-in-law.”

Now isn’t that a nice pun?

Salad for a Priest

We don’t really know much about priests. What do they like and what kind of salad dressing do they prefer? The preference of a priest can be explained in a joke.

“What does a priest put on salad?”

“Lettuce spray.”

Now, this is the kind of pun joke that can make people laugh without hurting the sentiments of anyone.

Making jokes about things such as religion and religious leaders is not difficult, but it can hurt the sentiments of people. If you want to joke about a topic like this, make sure that the topic is not offensive. There are a lot of jokes that depend on puns and word play. These jokes don’t hurt the sentiments of believers.

So, if you just want to make people laugh, and not hurt their feelings, you can tell them the jokes mentioned above. But it is important to avoid inappropriate jokes at all times.


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