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A life without fun or laughter could be similar to the bland life in prison. Despite that, you can certainly find humorous material about the subject and add laughter to your dull life. It doesn’t matter how terrible prison may sound but when you read jokes about it, your tummy will hurt from laughter.

You don’t have to be someone who has experienced life in prison to enjoy such jokes. In fact, there are many prison jokes that can be an incredible serotonin booster for you and those around you as well. Just make sure you don’t crack these in the middle of the prison as the results might not be desirable!

My brother who has a stutter is in prison. It’s just heartbreaking knowing he will never finish his sentence.

There is no doubt in the fact that being in prison is terrible, but if you stutter, then being in prison is even worse as you won’t be able to complete your sentence. In this context, the word “sentence” can mean two things and this is what makes this prison joke the best of the best.

First, the prison sentence that the prisoner has been ordered to complete by the court and the second is grammar sentence as the prisoner with a stutter won’t be able to complete any sentence they speak easily. So, it is quite heartbreaking that the brother won’t be completing either sentence anytime soon.

After my wife died I couldn’t look at women for 20 years. But when I got out of prison, it was totally worth it!

After reading the first sentence, one must think of him as a poor soul because he couldn’t even look at another woman because of his love for his own wife but when you move forward you realize how the scenario actually went down. If this man was in prison after the death of his wife, this means only one thing; he was the one responsible for her death.

Even after spending 20 years in prison, his attitude doesn’t change and he says that not looking at women for 20 years was worth the wait but sadly, a married being prisoned for 20 years means that the good part of his life was over so it doesn’t matter if it was worth it or not.

I just got a new job at the prison library. It has its prose and cons.

This “prose” joke is an epic one and will definitely light up the day of prose-fanatics. If you have ever been to prison or have visited someone in prison, then you must know that prisons also have a library but this facility isn’t available everywhere.

 So, when this person gets a new job in a prison library, they say that it has its “prose and cons,” which means that the library has a lot of prose (written books) and some cons. Moreover, the phrase “prose and cons” sounds a lot like “pros and cons,” which means advantages and disadvantages, which indicates that this joke has incredible wordplay.

Why did Pepper go to prison? A-SALT

This is quite a hilarious joke with a witty pun in the punch line. The only reason people go to jail is because they go against the law and get caught so the joke takes that account and puts a humorous spin on it. It makes light of the fact that Pepper committed a crime and went to prison. It was charged for A-SALT (assault) and everyone knows that salt and pepper always go together but it seems that pepper was having some issues, which is why it assaulted salt.

Salt and pepper are usually seen with each other on the table so the scenario in the joke where pepper assaults salt makes a lot of sense and the word play makes people laugh until it hurts.

A dwarf who can talk to ghosts escaped from prison. The police alert said, “There’s a small medium at large.”

You might not get this joke in the first read but once you read it again slowly, the punchline will sink in and this joke will become your new favorite joke to crack. In the joke, a dwarf escapes prison and it also has the ability to speak to ghosts so when the police are informed, they alert the people by saying, “There’s a small medium at large.”

The sentence used by the police is bound to confuse a lot of people so here’s what it means: when the police say “small” they mean the size of the dwarf, and “medium” means “a means through something is expressed” and since the dwarf could speak to ghosts, he was a medium between the real world and the ghost world.

Lastly, the term “at large” means “escaped” as the dwarf managed to break out of the prison. This joke doesn’t only fall in the prison jokes category but it also falls in the dwarf jokes category.

A prisoner was told how he’ll be executed. Needless to say, he was shocked.

For heinous crimes the punishment is execution and there are many ways to execute the guilty so when the prisoner was told how they would execute him, he was shocked.

The word “shocked” here suggests the emotional state of the prisoner and it also lets the reader know about how the prisoner will be executed. This is one of the short prison jokes that takes no time to crack but leaves the audience laughing for hours.

People often underestimate the importance of laughter and go days without laughing, which is pretty destructive for their mental health. Moreover, if you have a fear of prisons, then reading prison jokes can be one way to get rid of that fear and these jokes can also be a great way to relieve stress.

Now, whenever you meet an ex-prisoner or have a day off, pull out these golden jokes and get a good laugh that everyone deserves every once in a while.


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