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Life is complex and stressful for everyone, which is why we need things to entertain ourselves. We would go crazy if we didn’t have things such as movies, music, and jokes. Humor is not something that just makes us laugh, it also genuinely makes us happy, if only temporary. But humor has also been polluted by offensive jokes. As a result, people think that they must avoid jokes on certain topics altogether.

Inoffensive Nun Jokes

There are many people who dedicate their whole lives to their religion. Nuns belong to the same group of people. They make a religious community of women and live their lives by their vows of chastity and obedience.

Whether you are religious or not, you should not make fun of someone’s beliefs. But you can find inoffensive nun jokes that don’t target anyone’s beliefs and share them with your friends.

Praying Is Important

For people of faith, prayer holds a certain power. They turn to prayer to find peace and comfort. Although praying is mostly a solitary activity, people can also pray together. In churches, priests, nuns, and the people of a parish often pray together.

So, in honor of people who love to pray, here’s a pun about praying:

“What did the priest say to the nun at the salad bar?”

“Lettuce pray.”

Who can know the importance of prayer better than a priest and a nun? That’s why they are praying even while standing at a salad bar.

The Catholics

If you are not familiar with Christianity, you would not know the meaning of terms such as Roman Catholics and Protestants. But what you need to know is that Roman Catholic is the largest religious denomination in Christianity. Nuns also belong to the Catholic subgroup of Christianity.

So, here’s a pun about a Roman Catholic nun:

“What do you call a sleepwalking nun?”

“A roamin’ Catholic.”

Hah, what a classic, right?

Don’t Interfere and Don’t Judge

Many people make fun of religious communities. If a priest or nun is outside of a church, some people would try to pick on them. Sometimes, nuns and priests leave the church and decide to live the life of a working person. Even then, they should not be made fun of. Here’s a joke to drive this point home:

“What do you call a holy woman who works in your office?”

“Nun of your business.”

Hopefully you noticed the pun. But also, remember to leave religious women alone if you see them outside church.

It’s the Color Black

There’s something about the color black that makes everyone love it so dearly. No one can deny the appeal of a black dress. In fact, everything looks perfect in black whether it is shoes, a bedsheet, or even a mug. But when someone starts wearing all black, others make fun of them. In truth, all black minimal dresses look very beautiful.

“My favorite way to dress is in all black.”

“My sense of fashion is second to Nun.”

If you wear all black, you automatically become super cool, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else outshining you.

The Clothing

Religious leaders such as priests and the pope have their own clothing that they have to wear before appearing in public, nuns are not so different. The religious habit of every subgroup is different. The Roman Catholic nuns have to wear a habit that consists of different parts including a tunic and a coif.

But can you imagine the possibilities of making pun jokes about the habit? Here’s one example:

“A young boy runs up to a nun and asks: Nun, Nun, why do you always wear that hood thing?”

Nun: “It’s a habit.”

This is a quality pun, and it is one of those puns that you can use in a number of jokes because it is such a common word.

The Times Are Hard

The year of 2020 was a pretty tough year. Although this year has not been any better, everyone felt they were at their lowest in 2020. It wasn’t even a personal thing since the whole world was falling to pieces. The global pandemic alone would have been easier to cope with but we also had fires and whatnot.

Here’s a joke to remember the horrible past year by:

A priest, a nun, and some random dude walk into a bar.

They ask for a few Coronas, hurricanes, and fireballs.

The bartender says, “that’ll be 2020.”

Now, nothing can define 2020 better than this joke. Hopefully, no one has ordered more Coronas, hurricanes, and fireballs this year.

Favorite Cheese

There’s hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t love cheese. Even lactose intolerant people end up tasting it from time to time despite knowing the damage it can cause to their bodies. What can we say? There’s something about cheese that makes it so special. But cheese has different types and each type has its own taste.

What this means is that everyone has their own favorite type of cheese. It all depends on your taste and what you are looking for in your cheese.

“What is a nun’s favorite type of cheese?

“Swiss cheese, because it is holey.”

You may still not know what your brother’s favorite type of cheese is but you can tell everyone what a nun’s favorite type of cheese is.

If you want to make offensive jokes about a topic, then you should not be making jokes at all because laughing at someone else’s expense is not the right thing to do. Inoffensive jokes, on the other hand, can make people laugh without targeting an individual. The nun jokes listed above are harmless and use puns and wordplay to make people laugh. They won’t be hurting anyone’s beliefs or life choices. So, if you want to make nun jokes, these are the kind of jokes you can tell at gatherings. You won’t be offending anyone with these jokes.


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