What to Know About Using Magnetics with a Microwave?

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Nowadays, microwaves are a staple in every household. While most people don’t think a lot about using them, sometimes you may be told to take a few precautions. When it comes to using magnets around or near a microwave, people do wonder if it’s safe or not.

To get to know a machine better, you may want to know the basics, so we will let you know a little bit about how things exactly work in a microwave.

How Does it Work?

The most basic component of a microwave is the magnets inside it. There are respectively two magnets installed in the microwave which allow it to heat food. These magnets are installed inside the microwave and are hidden from the naked eye.

Once the microwave is turned on, these magnets take the energy from the electricity and turn it into radioactive waves. These waves penetrate the food and make the water molecules vibrate and create heat, which then in turn heats the food.

The magnets in a microwave are pretty strong and are essential. These are referred to as Megatron, which might sound like a character from a movie but is the term used to describe the field inside. To get to know more about how a microwave works you might want to read into it personally or simply watch a video. It’s a detailed process that is rather simple for someone who knows their magnets.

Why Is My Food Not Heating up Properly?

You need to understand that microwaves work in literal waves and they also make use of water particles. For example, if your food has a very low amount of water content, it is more likely that your food will not heat up properly.

Also, a fun fact about microwaves is that you won’t be able to melt ice very easily. The ice has its molecules closely packed and won’t vibrate enough to heat up, hence it won’t melt.

Take this in theory and apply it to your food. Your food won’t heat up if it does not have high water content. Physically making your food wet with a little water might just help you achieve a great hot meal without having it run dry.

This is also a reason why your food may feel a lot drier when you reheat it in your microwave. The water particles have evaporated and been used up to heat your food, hence leaving your food dry.

Should You Remove the Megatron Magnets From Your Microwave?

You should certainly not try this unless maybe if you are a scientist and need huge magnets for a science experiment; then maybe you should think about it.

Even if you do think about it, make sure that you’re experimenting with a place where everything is monitored and safely inspected. You don’t want things blowing up just because you wanted magnets to experiment with.

Magnets in a microwave are not something you should play around with. They are very carefully placed inside the microwave and are attached very tightly. You should never fool around with things that you do not have enough knowledge of.

Can You Put Magnets on a Microwave?

If you like having magnets on your appliances and your fridge is running out of space, you might as well use the microwave as a new surface. Attaching magnets to a microwave may not have any serious consequences and may even be safe. They are not reported to interfere with the mechanism of the microwave.

In fact, there is no scientific claim that stops you from doing so. The steel that surrounds the microwave is a wall barrier that stops the waves produced from inside of the microwave from getting out. These walls act as a barrier between the inside workings of a microwave and the outside world.

What you certainly shouldn’t be doing is putting any sort of metal or magnet “inside” the microwave. This may potentially cause your entire house to burn down and may even cause an electrical short circuit. If you want to learn more about why you should put metal inside a microwave, you should refer to some other articles, videos, and movie scenes where they tell you to not go through with it.

Can You Bake with a Microwave?

Microwaves are versatile and the best things to be invented. They can be used with almost any food and this certainly does apply to baking things in the microwave. Now in all fairness, you will need to alter your recipes to fit the requirements needed to bake things in a microwave. Other than that, you’ll be good. As time passes, there are recipes online for baking bread in a microwave too. Though they don’t look all too pleasing, hey, you have bread.

Simple and quick recipes for mug cakes and mug cookies have recently become popular and they’re some of the most delicious things that one can cook up. They’re quick and simple. With just a few ingredients, you’ll have a delicious snack to munch on. However, make sure that you add enough liquid to keep it moist and delicious.

You can get a lot of recipes online. They’re simple and quick. You can search up a few words and voila! You’ll have a good recipe pop up in no time.

What to Know About Magnets and Microwaves

Now, to get to the simpler things that make a microwave what it is now. It was first sold in the market with the name “Radarange” in 1946. It wasn’t until 1970 that it was used for residential purposes. The microwave was far too expensive in the early ages to be used by the general public. After years of affordable technology, it finally made its way into homes and food businesses around the world.

Also, a fun fact about a microwave is that it was created after World War II with the use of the newly found radar technology.

These are a few things that you should know about a microwave. They’re simple machines on the outside but have complex matters on the inside. They’re just like any other invention that was made to bring ease into residential homes. If you have ever thought about can you put magnets on a microwave, the simple answer is you can. However, it is a good idea to be careful and avoid interference with the magnetic fields that make it work.


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