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You may have seen something about taking surveys online at least once or twice. It can seem like a bit of a scam unless you go through a reputable site. While you might not be able to buy a mansion by taking surveys, there are real rewards that can be had.

With Kantar survey rewards, you can experience those live and in person. There is a lot to know about Kantar surveys, what they have to offer, and what kind of rewards you can come to expect by participating.

What is Kantar?

There are plenty of different survey sites out there, but not all of them are legit. Part of the issue with taking surveys online is that you don’t really know whether it is legitimate until well after you have put the time into it.

But Kantar TNS Service Measurement is there to help businesses of all kinds to improve their services. The idea is to engage people all across the world, garnering different opinions on products, businesses, and services of all kinds.

It does not matter whether you are a business customer or private individual, joining the right panel of survey takers can wind up paying off in the end.

Survey Rewards

One of the main reasons to partake is Kantar survey rewards. Some of the panels offered are a great way for individuals to earn rewards, all for simply giving their opinion in an effort to improve services. These services are provided by businesses to both the public as well as their customers.

Even better, it is quite easy. Some of these surveys are interesting enough to keep individuals engaged, and some of the surveys can even be shared to show the impact that they have had as a contribution to the business.

But what people are really looking for when they take surveys are rewards. Active panelists through Kantar can gain access to a variety of different rewards, all for simply participating in the surveys that are put forth.

Rewards can include things like cash transfers, shopping vouchers (both in person and online), entries into prize draws that are held regularly and for big cash prizes, and even some of the latest and greatest in technology like phones, laptops, and iPads.

A Different Standard

The most important question that is asked is what makes Kantar different from all the other surveys out there. You know the surveys—they are a big chunk of time committed to answering questions only to be rewarded with $0.10 or some other meaningless prize.

What really makes this a different experience is the desire to run continuous measurements over the long-term. What does that mean? Well, it means building long-term relationships with each panelist. This is not some fly-by-night, cheap information. All of the information recorded, daily and weekly, is meant to help improve the businesses that the surveys relate to.

That prolonged relationship, knowing that panelists are not having their time wasted, can really make the difference. Being able to earn rewards over that period of time can also be a nice factor for the panelists, knowing that their time is valuable.

Currently, there are a number of panels that help to measure services within the automotive, transport, tourism, financial, postal, and business sectors, and so much more.

Why Do Surveys Matter?

First and foremost, surveys provide the hard numbers that businesses look for. Kantar survey rewards provide benefits to those who provide necessary feedback and information to the relevant businesses that these surveys help.

Surveys, particularly in a customer service format, can give a business a better idea of how their product or service is performing. Customers can talk about their own experience or knowledge pertaining to that product or service. This is a great way for businesses to gauge the experiences and views of that individual, forming a larger picture of the market.

When they are done the right way, surveys can give hard numbers on the opinions and behaviors of the people. It can also be used to help make important decisions on which direction the product will move in. There is no better way to gauge how well a product or service is doing than to find out directly from the customer themselves.

Surveys Tell Businesses “Why”

Perhaps the most important reason for surveys is because they can tell businesses the “why” behind all of the data available. “Big data” is huge these days, but there can also be major limits. This largely has to do with data that comes from observing and analyzing the behavior of others, largely in an online setting.

With so much data, there are also flaws that come from that data. Consider something like the Amazon recommendation engine. It can do so much, but it also is not able to really predict what the customer wants to a more accurate degree.

To determine those things, there is something needed called “explicit data” that complements the various algorithms that companies use. It is information that has been fully revealed without any of the ambiguity or vagueness that can come with it. That “explicit data” is crucial to any business and can make the difference when it comes to offering certain products to certain customer bases.


Though there are no surveys out there that are going to make you rich, it does not mean that there isn’t a lot to be gained through taking surveys. You just have to know where to look to find the best types of rewards.

Before long, you can earn things like shopping vouchers, entries into prize drawings, stamps, cash transfers, and even some of the latest and greatest in technology like laptops, phones, and even iPads. Start taking your surveys today.


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