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Most vehicle owners have faced the problem of repeatedly cleaning bird poop from their car. It’s common to experience these difficulties while parking at a shopping mall, workplace, or grocery store. Bird poop on a clean or recently washed car might make people quite frustrated.

Not only does it make the car look dirty but can also damage the paint on the car. If you’re wondering how to stop birds from pooping on my car, we’ve listed some of the best ways to prevent this once and for all.

Why Birds Might Be Attracted to Your Car

There are many different reasons why birds might be attracted to your car. Since they are fairly unpredictable, it is difficult to pinpoint one reason why birds may be attracted to your car. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Bright Colors

Several studies conducted by Halfords show that birds are attracted to cars with red paint. If your vehicle has a bright color, there is a higher chance of birds pooping on it than those automobiles that are pale or dark in color.

Resting Space

A car parked next to a tree may attract birds to perch on its roof more. Even when there’s a tree nearby, birds find resting on car roofs more suitable.

Tips for How to Prevent Birds From Pooping on Your Car

If you are thinking about how to stop birds from pooping on my car, then you are in luck. There are quite a few useful tips that you can apply to prevent it from becoming a frequent occurrence.

Hide the Mirrors

Birds are attracted to shiny surfaces, the side mirrors or top of a car could result in such a response. They may find the reflection distracting and could end up pooping on the car as a defense mechanism against an intruder. When you park your car for a long period of time, keep the side mirrors covered with a cloth, plastic bag, or even cardboard.

Avoid Trees

Wherever you see trees, you will find birds in a close distance. This means that it could be difficult to prevent them from pooping on your car. Try to avoid parking your vehicle near trees, regardless of how big or small it is. Make sure that you don’t leave your car parked under or near a tree for an extended period of time.

Invest in a Durable Cover

Usually, car cover sheets are customized to the type of vehicle so that they fit well. They help to keep cars free from debris and dust, and also help to keep off the rain. You can use car cover sheets to protect your car from bird poop. Invest in a durable covering if you don’t want bird droppings to ruin the finish of your car.

Plant a Decoy

You can use decoy predators to stop birds from pooping on your vehicle. Get a rubber snake and place it on your car’s roof. If you have two, place one on the roof and the other on the bumper.

Remember to change the position of the decoys at different intervals of time as birds can detect them.

After some time, they could get used to seeing the same decoy in the same place and might not stay away.

Park Away From Buildings

There is a high probability that birds will poop on your car if it’s parked near a building or high-rise. Look for a designated lot or space further away so that your vehicle is at a longer distance and may not be easily detected.

Build a Carport

Carports may be quite useful for regions that see a lot of snow during the winter. Not only will you protect your vehicle from bird droppings, but the car will also avoid wear and tear from external weather conditions.

A carport can simplify your life and save time spent on cleaning poop or snow. You won’t have to clear snow from your windshield before you leave for work. Unpacking grocery bags in the rain after shopping is no problem.

Keep Away From Wires or Cables

Since birds prefer to perch on electric wires and poles, parking near these areas can cause you problems. So, avoid parking close to these areas to reduce the likelihood of bird droppings on your car.

Use a Garden Shade Cloth

A shade cloth is an affordable and flexible fabric manufactured from nylon. It can be found in a wide range of colors and weave densities, but it is usually available in darker shades.

Your vehicle will be kept clean and cool by shade cloth. It will help prevent bird poop and extensive damage from sunlight as well. Use the cloth to build a shelter that could offer protection to your car from rain and other harmful elements.

Use an Ultrasonic Device

Birds can be kept away from trees near cars by ultrasonic pest control equipment. If installed on roofs, telephone poles, or other peaks, these devices can work effectively. You can use this device to keep the birds away from your car and prevent them from pooping on it.

Scare Tactics

Birds tend to be afraid of reflections, so why not use them to your advantage? Set up a pyramid structure with old compact discs and attach a strong magnet (such as a speaker magnet) to the base.

How to Clean the Bird Poop Off Your Car

When the damage is done, remove the bird poop from the car as soon as possible. It may have the potential to cause long-term issues and impact the appearance negatively. Diseases and airborne particles are another reason why birds can be harmful. Their poop can wear down enamel and cause streaks or uneven spots. You can use drop wipes as they are to remove bird poop from cars. It is also useful for wiping water spots and other imperfections caused by liquid or debris.

While birds may pose a lot of problems with their presence, the droppings could create persistent issues. They contain uric acid, which can damage a car’s paint. Make sure you wipe any bird droppings off your vehicle immediately if you find them.

By following some of the tips above, you can easily prevent birds from pooping on your car and make sure that it is protected in the future as well. This way, you can save money on frequent maintenance and avoid the cost of repainting too.


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