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You just came home from a service station and your car is shiny and clean. The family is ready to go on lunch or a trip. Suddenly, you see a bird pooping on your car. It is not pleasing at all. Now, you must want to know everything about how to keep birds from pooping on your car.

Why Do Birds Poop on Your Car?

Like everyone else, you must wonder why birds poop on the cars? Birds poop on the cars both intentionally and with no purpose. Because of the shine and brightness of the car’s paint, birds can see their reflection on it. When they see their reflection, they think of it as another bird from their species. They become enthusiastic or nervous that makes them poop on your car and leave a sign behind.

But this can be with no intention, like if you parked your car under a tree. A bird sitting on that tree might poop without knowing that your car is parked under it. Some birds can poop while flying and for sure, they would not know that their poop will land on your favorite car. Birds do not sweat and urinate like other animals; therefore, pooping is the continuous and only way to excrete.

Well, both conditions are undesirable and disturbing. Nobody wants to drive a car that showcases the variety of bird poop. Before jumping into knowing the ways to keep birds from doing this, you must understand what attracts birds to your car.

What Attracts Birds to Your Car?

Many factors can attract birds to your car and make them poop on it. Some of these include:

Parking Space

Your car is likely to be a pooping place for birds if it is parked under a tree or edge of the building which may have nests of birds. Chances of birds sitting on your car also increase if it is parked under the tree or near to the trees. This makes your car an easy target to be pooped on by birds.

Color of the Car

Your car can frequently get visits from birds because of its color. Some specific colors of cars can attract more birds. For example, if your car has a crimson color, chances of getting pooped on by birds can increase.

Finishing and Shine

If your car has a shiny and clean finish, which most of the cars have, it appears more striking to birds. Since they can see their reflection, they might be tempted to poop on the car that has been recently cleaned or polished.

Five Ways to Keep Birds From Pooping on the Car

Now you know why birds poop on your car and what attracts them towards it. Bird poop contains acidic material which can be harmful to your car. It can damage the wax of your car and even the paint. It is very expensive to get this repaired and fixed; instead, you can prevent your car from the poop of the birds. Here are the ways for you to know how to keep birds from pooping on your car.

Cover the Car

A car that is parked with a car cover doesn’t appear attractive to birds and they keep away from it. Even if your car gets pooped on by a bird, it will remain on the covers. It is easier to wash a fabric than to wash a car or get it painted. This is the immediate and most simple solution to save your car from bird poop. Now you don’t have to learn how to clean bird poop off the car.

Avoid Trees and Buildings

Trees are the homes of birds and they like to sit on branches of trees. Avoid parking your car under any tree, no matter if it is small or big. Birds can even sit on a tiny branch of the tree and who knows if they sat there just for pooping?

Birds often sit at the edges and corners of buildings, such as on the balcony or grill. A car parked near the edges of the building is more likely to get pooped on by birds.

Cover the Mirrors on the Side

Birds can clearly see their reflection in the side mirrors. They like to sit on side mirrors thinking of their reflection as a fellow bird. As long as they will sit there, the chances of them pooping on side mirrors are there. So, keep the side mirror covered or closed while parking for a long time to keep birds from pooping on your car. For covering side mirrors, you can use a plastic bag, piece of cloth or cardboard.

Use Rubber Deterrents

Birds are afraid of some animals, such as foxes, snakes, or coyotes. These animals prey on birds. You can use this fear of birds as a strategy to keep them from pooping on your car. Rubber toys in the shape of these animals are commonly available in the market.

You can use these as deterrents for birds and attach them to the roof or bumper of your car. Birds will not come near your car because of the fear of getting captured by these animals. This is an easy and cheap strategy to keep birds away from your car.

Hang Old CDs

Using CDs on the computer has gotten out of date, but you can use CDs to keep the birds away from your cars. Tie CDs to the end of ropes and hang them in your parking area. Reflections caused by these CDs will keep birds away from the parking area. Birds will fear the intense reflection because of CDs and get scared.

This is very important to know how to keep birds from pooping on your car as it can cause damage to your car’s wax and paint. These simple and easy ways can help you keep birds away from your car.

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem and they will remain so. It is better to take preventive measures to keep your cars safe from bird poop. Try to wash and remove bird poop from your car as soon as possible before it starts damaging the car’s paint.


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