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If we spend about six to eight hours in slumber, it is only reasonable for us to want to spend our sleep time with someone we love or want to meet. Many ask the question how to appear in someone’s dream? or how can we manifest a dream we want to see.

However, it is a question that has not been answered very clearly, but it does not mean that there are no tricks or tools to manifest the dreams we really want to see or enter someone’s dreams.

Don’t Lose Hope

Even if you have not successfully manifested your loved one in your dream, it is perfectly okay since you can make it happen in the right ways. A dream is never random as it is a collection of things that are happening to you at present. Once you realize the truth of your consciousness, you will learn it is very complex.

You can dream about anything because the key is in your hands, as you are the director, creator, and screenwriter of your dreams.

How to Enter Someone’s Dreams

If you want to know how to appear in someone’s dream, you will need to follow some instructions to manifest in your loved one’s dreams successfully.

Be Clear On Your Motive

Before you start to manifest yourself in someone else’s dream, it is important to know what your goal is. Cleanse your energy and start focusing on your intentions. Find a safe space in your home and practice meditation.

Think and Think

When you are sitting in the room, you must not be distracted by anything. You must think about the person. Your efforts will work if the other person is also working together with you. It is best if you choose a time together to meditate with utmost focus.

If the person is not aware, it will take more hard work.


According to an expert, Layne Dalfen, there are many ways which can help you enter their dream.

You could either meditate in front of them or meditate with their photo in front of you. You must put yourself in their shoes and experience how they might be feeling about you; however, it is important to note that you keep your feelings aside.

If you love someone, it is important that you do not perceive that they love you back and feel the same as you do.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone?

The only way you can start to dream about someone intentionally is first to understand your subconsciousness. You must look for all the variables in your life that can lead to your loved one showing up in your dream.

Fixate on Something

One of the ways that you can manifest someone in your dream is to make them a fixture in your subconsciousness. Once someone is placed in the depths of your mind, the brain will start to show you the thing that is dominating your mind during your sleep. It will play a set of designs and will build its own story for you.

Remember the time when you were in college and were worried about your exam? Most of the time, in such events, students dream of going to college without a calculator or having come across a very difficult test that rewarded them with a bad grade.

The exam meant a lot to you; hence it took its manifestation in your dreams as all you were thinking about during those days was your test. When you focus on something, they are more likely to visit you in your dreams.

Have a Conversation with Yourself

Before going to bed, it is important that you have a conversation with yourself with regards to the person you want to see. For example, if you want to see your late grandmother in your dreams, it is advisable that you sit and chat with yourself, imagining her company for at least five to ten minutes.

Once you are done doing that, it is advisable that you go to bed and not speak to anyone else. Lots of people ask what it means when we dream about someone? Dreams have a way of showing up in our sleep.

Usually, when we sleep, we only think about the one thing that is important to us or bothering us. Hence, we often manifest those things that we think about right before sleeping.

Draw Pictures

One of the best ways to manifest something in your dream is to draw it on a piece of paper carefully. When someone draws a particular object, it often takes much thought and care to sketch it perfectly. During that time, your mind is storing the image of the object in your mind.

This way, the picture sits in the deepest corners of your subconsciousness, and it becomes highly probable that the same picture you drew on a piece of paper appears in your dreams in some shape or form.

Hence, experts always recommend that you spend time drawing in a quiet room without any distractions, as this increases the chances to see someone or something in your dream.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Repeatedly?

There might be times when you are lost and are trying very hard to find that someone in your dream. However, after repeated tries, you are still unable to manifest that certain thing. Experts say that it is advisable to never lose hope and look harder at your dreams during such times.

When we wake up from our deepest slumber, it is possible that we don’t remember it all. For example, if you want to dream about getting rich but are not able to manifest it, it is possible that you did see the dream, but you did not see it as you wanted to.

In such a case, if your dream showed you gold coins or abundant food on the table, it is the dream’s way of manifesting your richness. The language of your deepest subconscious is the language of metaphor. Not everything appears to be very straightforward.

Sleep and Affirmations

When you are about to fall asleep after your meditation, it is important to think that you are now “them.” Just like an actor takes on the role of another character, you have to think of yourself as that person in question.

When you are about to sleep, you have to repeat affirmations such as “I will not appear in her dreams” and “I will crossover his dream universe.” Keep repeating these affirmations until you fall asleep, and once you wake up, you must ask them if they saw you in their dream.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a state of being awake while at the same time you are half-asleep. You can redirect your dreams into their dreams during this state by believing that you are entering their subconsciousness through a portal.

The portal does not have to exist in reality. Still, the belief should be present that there is a connection between you and the person and that you both are connected on a spiritual level.


The right answer is that you can manifest dreams yourself by repeatedly thinking of your loved one. The other reason why you might see someone repeatedly is that there is a chance that they are entering your dreams purposefully as they want to connect with you again.


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