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Marketing is a prevalent part of daily life at this stage. Nearly every form of media that we consume has advertising and marketing of some kind, all in an effort to deliver a message or reach a specific target audience.

But what are the effects that we feel from marketing? How does it play a role in our daily lives? These are the important questions to ask about marketing and the impact that it can potentially have.

Examples of Marketing in Our Daily Life

Though we may not think much about it or even realize it, marketing is in our lives on a daily basis. One of the most important questions when thinking about how does marketing affect your daily life is where you see examples of it happening.

Marketing is a lot more than advertising and selling. It also plays a crucial role when it comes to providing consumers with their needs as well as the goods and services that can satisfy those needs.

There are almost too many examples to list because marketing is so prevalent in daily life. For instance, you might see different discounts given or products offered based on the time of the year. This is in an effort to move a certain product or to drive up business at that given time of the year.

We encounter marketing in newspapers, on websites, on television, on the radio, and just about anywhere that we look. It is how companies are able to separate themselves from one another in any meaningful way.

What are the Effects of Marketing?

Whether you realize it or not, marketing has a tremendous impact on how we think and behave. It even has the potential to change some of our habits and influence the ways in which we spend money. It is estimated that the average child sees more than 10,000 advertisements per day.

Among those ads, there are those that have catchphrases, keywords, and logos that are meant to get the target audience’s interest and attention. Now, marketing is a mainstream fixture throughout the world. Companies spend billions upon billions of dollars each year to promote their products to the audience they feel is most likely to spend money with their company.

Among the most susceptible groups are teenagers. Marketing has a way of influencing them to become more susceptible to buying whatever is the current trend. This can be in games, music, movies, clothing, and more.

Additionally, teenagers are more than likely going to rely on peers to influence where they go out to eat, what movies they see, what clothing they wear, and more. Even if a teenager isn’t directly impacted by the marketing they see, they may wind up spending money with that company because their friends have.

Psychological Impacts of Marketing

There are a number of different psychological effects that can be felt as a result of marketing. There is the foot-in-the-door effect is to make a person more likely to agree to a bigger request if they have already made a smaller request.

Think about it in terms of retail chains that work in the inverse. They put items near the cash register in hopes that you will think nothing of the small commitment involved in buying them. Do that enough times, and it really begins to add up.

There is also a form of cognitive bias known as the framing effect. This is where the presentation of an option can change how it is perceived. We see this a lot, particularly within the political realm. The goal is to take an existing perception and to turn it into a favorable one.

The mere exposure effect is one of the most straightforward impacts. This is where the more you see something, the more you like it. This is why you may see a particular ad several times during a show or even several times in a row.

The idea is to get the product in front of the consumer as often as possible, often times in a row. It helps to imprint the message of the product onto the consumer in a more effective way. Having the right data is crucial because putting it in front of the right people can make it easier for businesses of all kinds to reach their target audiences more effectively than ever before.

What Can Be Done as a Consumer?

If you stop to think about things such as how does marketing affect your daily life, it might come as a shock. Marketing is subliminal enough that it can feel like it is not directly appealing to you even when it is doing just that.

All of this means that you, as a consumer, need to be aware that companies are not necessarily putting your best interests at heart. They are promoting their products first and foremost, hoping to drive sales and move those products.

Some of these companies can alter information or perception about their company, giving the impression that they are your friend when really they are just concerned about the next quarter of sales.

Be aware of spending habits, and make sure to stay away from any unnecessary items that will cost you. This is especially true for those who only buy for short-term satisfaction and ultimately wind up regretting that decision to buy.


Marketing is everywhere around us. No matter where you look, no matter what time of day, there is a good chance that you will see some form of marketing. It is the effort of the companies around us to get our business.

Some marketing can be particularly impactful whether we realize it at the moment or not. Marketing has the ability to subconsciously influence us, steering our interests in a certain direction to get us to spend money.


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